1. bconrad


    Used twice. Looking to recoup some of my cost. Asking $40 shipped in the lower-48 for both. The KZ has the upgraded cable and extra noise canceling earphone tips.
  2. Woody85

    Outboard rack gear

    Alesis microverb iii- classic reverb and delay. Comes with power supply. Great live, in the studio, or with a guitar rig. Behringer 4 channel expander and gate. Perfect for drums. Comes with power supply. Picks available upon request. Feel free to ask questions or make an offer on one or both...
  3. Z

    Please help me choose a Beginner's Electronic Drum Set

    Hello :) As an absolute beginner, I'm looking to buy an Electronic Drum Set. The most important attributes I'm looking for are quality, durability, and most importantly - compact size (as I don't have too much room). I live in Israel, so I am forced to buy from Local shops where the prices are...
  4. E

    BEHRINGER PA for Hybrid Kit

    Hi guys, Setting up a hybrid kit in my house and looking for the best amp system for home use and gigs. Set up will include DW drums, powerply heads, Roland triggers , Roland cymbals and TD30 module. Looking for the best sound system for home use (good sound at low volumes) and gigs (good...
  5. A

    Behringer U-Phoria UMC Series Interfaces - Good or not?

    I'm looking to buy a Behringer UMC404HD for recording a 4 mic drum setup. The interfaces are quite cheap, so I wonder if they'll hold up? Anyone else using them? Thanks!