black beauty

  1. B

    Brad got a Black Beauty (hooray)

    I'm going to be fiddling with this snare a lot and I don't want to post a dozen different threads about it. Nobody wants that. I got a 5x14 Black Beauty and I've only had an hour or so to play on it, but I like where it's going. I'm going to be going for a low/medium universal...
  2. Sammybear

    *SOLD* Ludwig 14 x 6.5 Black Beauty LB417 with Imperial Lugs

    For Sale: (1) Ludwig 14 x 6.5 Black Beauty with: Imperial lugs Remo Ambassador Hazy Snare Side Puresound30 Remo Controlled Sound P88AC Throw Off & Butt Plate Some light playing at home only. Purchased new March 2021, but some circumstances have changed. Ships from Omaha. Thx for your...
  3. GiveMeYourSmallestSticks!

    Die Cast Hoops on both sides?

    I have two snare drums: A 6.5"x14" hammered Ludwig black beauty with triple flanged hoops, and a 5.5"x14" Gretsch Brooklyn maple/poplar snare with 302 hoops. Both have 10 lugs. I recently decided to order myself a single Ludwig die cast batter side hoop, and will be receiving it soon. This...
  4. bconrad


    Asking $549 plus shipping and Paypal, or hit me up with an offer. Thanks for looking. https://rvrb.io/2017-black-beauty-pmvkb6
  5. Darrick

    Long Lost: Ludwig Black Beauty 14" x 5" 1970's #1647XXX

    Hi all I am new to the forum. I am curious to find where an old black beauty has wound up after 10 years and if there has been any new history that has been added. I've always loved vintage gear and hearing the history behind an instrument. The drum was bought new in 1976/77 by Tommy Davitt (a...
  6. bconrad

    sold keeping

    Can do $799 shipped in the lower-48. Thanks for looking https://rvrb.io/2020-lb546-limited-8idl1y
  7. D

    Sold 90s black beauty engraved

    Have a 90s black beauty engraved. Individually numbered and in excellent condition. Has the case and key for the locks. 1500 or best offer. Will ship at buyers expense. Will also consider trade for mint slingerland 12/14/20 modern jazz set with slingerland snare. Located in CA
  8. Josh Vibert

    I've never been quite so happy with my drum sound as I am with this.

    Despite doing my best to be a well-rounded musician and dabbling with jazz, latin, and other genres; home base for me is really somewhere in the middle of rock, blues, and soul. A nice solid 4/4 backbeat with some ghost notes and a little swinging hop is heaven. 60's was good, 70's was ok too...
  9. WGMitch

    SOLD - Ludwig Black Beauty - For Sale - 6.5 x 14 - SOLD

    Ludwig Black Beauty - Excellent condition. Blue and Olive badge I am the second owner and I have never played this drum. $525 shipped to your door, lower 48
  10. Sammybear

    SOLD...Ludwig Supraphonic 5 x 14 Black Beauty (LB416)

    For Sale: Ludwig 5 x 14 (LB416) Supraphonic Black Beauty Snare Drum w/ Imperial Lugs & Ludwig P85AC Atlas Die Cast Throw-off. $489 + Shipping (lower 48 only) SOLD
  11. YourDrumSound

    Ludwig Black Beauty: Modern Vs. Vintage comparison

    Hi all! Here are 2 videos where I compared a Modern Black Beauty 5x14 with a Vintage 1977 Black Beauty 5x14. In the first video you'll see a Modern BB as it comes out from the factory compared with a 1977 BB. In the second video I took off the hardware from the Vintage BB and set it on the...
  12. tradrad

    20's ludwig 5x15...heavy 2 pc brass shell, horn 'gold' lacquer

    this is it...THE drum that has THAT sound! heavy 2 piece brass shell ludwig, often referred to as the 'theater model' by the 5x15 size. i have a bunch of these 20's/30's brass drums, and while i really love the real estate of a 15" head, and the 5" depth belies it's size in bigness of...
  13. drumrtommy

    Ludwig Black Beauty *SOLD*

    I am looking to sell 5x14 Black Beauty $480 shipped Drum In great condition, stayed in cases when not gigged and still have original heads though have some new aquarian on now. Looking to downsize and move into a different direction. Putting a feeler out. Open to trades depending though dont...
  14. Vanhalen1984


    ***SOLD*** Thanks
  15. Vanhalen1984

    ***SOLD*** Ludwig hdw

  16. The_SupraPhonic

    How i spent this Sunday afternoon!

    I recorded this today, i love my black beauty snare!
  17. S1militudo

    My small Ludwig Snare Drum Collection

    Hello, since this is my second thread, here are some gear pics, more precisely pictures of my three Ludwig snare drums. All bought used because these drums are going for ridiculously high prices here. All Wires got changed, either by me or the previous owner, which also goes for heads top and...
  18. T

    5x14 Ludwig De Luxe/Black Beauty

    For sale is a beautiful late 20s floral engraved Ludwig Deluxe. It is a 10 tube lug 12 point floral engraved version. The shell is fantastic shape structurally. The black lacquer has worn off but the floral engraving is still vibrant. Two of the clips have broken, but the remaining 18 are still...
  19. drumrtommy

    5x14 Black Beauty *SOLD*

    5x14 Black Beauty, new model, excellent condition, moving to fund a vibraphone. asking $380 shipped.
  20. NoBuddyRich

    1920's Engraved 14x6 Black Beauty Value

    What kind of numbers do you think this piece will bring? http://roanoke.craigslist.org/msg/5902716069.html