black galaxy

  1. Ddrummer23

    DELETE:Acrolite Black Galaxy 6.5x14 snare (blackrolite)

    If anyone has a Ludwig 6.5x14 Black galaxy (acrolite) snare that you no longer use or are looking to sell/trade let me know...Thx
  2. BCautsDrum


    Tall order but in need for a Ludwig Black Galaxy Sparkle Club Date floor tom. 14x14. Cash ready.
  3. R

    Ludwig Black Galaxy Alternative?

    I have a batch of mixed Ludwig shells coming my way; it'll be a bit of a project, including rewrapping. I've always wanted a set in Black Galaxy Sparkle, so of course if I had that option I'd totally do it. But as far as I know, BGS isn't available as an aftermarket option. Is Black Sparkle a...
  4. markrocks68

    Bucket List kit no more: 1962 Ludwig Super Classic in Galaxy Pearl

    On June 7th I celebrated being booze free for 5 years. So I thought this was the BEST way to celebrate how much better life has gotten. ​High on the bucket list was a kit I looked for & longed for...well, for a long time. So when I saw the kit in Donn Bennett's Drum Vault, I decided it was time...
  5. markrocks68

    Looking for Ludwig's 60's Black Galaxy snare

    Hi all I'm looking for ANY 1960's Ludwig Black Galaxy Sparkle snare to complete a kit. Jazz Fest, Pioneer, Super Classic, etc Does not matter what model. BUT it would be great if someone had a pre-serial Jazzfest or Pioneer. Please PM me with if you have one to sell. I have MANY snares to trade...