blue label

  1. KLC

    Paiste 14" 602 Blue Label Extra Heavy Hi-Hats (Trade or Sell)

    Hi: I have a pair of Paiste 14" Formula 602 Blue Label Extra Heavy Hi-Hats for trade or sell, preferring to trade, but will entertain cash offers. TC: 1231g #523473 BC: 1247g #523472 Normal wear from play. Some fading on top logos. There are a few rough spots on top cymbal, see pic. I had...
  2. KLC

    Paiste Sound Creation 13" Dark Heavy Hats & 14" Dark Hats for 602 Blues

    I am seriously looking for 602 blues and I have two Paiste Sound Creation hi-hats I might be willing to trade for the right stuff. Let me know what you have and maybe we can work something out. See below for details & pics. I also have SC 14" Dark Mediums and SC 14" Dark Sound Edge that I...