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  1. & You Dont Stop

    Is There a Name for This Style of Drumming?

    Is it simply the style of the current generation of jazz cats? The drummers are often featured in bands that play standards....but the drumming approach is far from standard When I think of Chris "Daddy" Dave I think of a drummer who exists almost entirely alone in his own musical space. Dave...
  2. C

    Quintuplet and Septuplet Drag Beats Explained

    Just finished this video, let me know what you think! &lc=z131wrepwlrdu34ij04cetojsmz0cx4hod4 Thanks Alistair
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    Chris Dave & The Drumhedz @ Tollhaus Karlsruhe, Germany

    Hi everybody, the fabulous Chris Dave and his Drumhedz will be playing a show at TOLLHAUS Karlsruhe in Karlsruhe, Germany on 27th October. For more information and tickets please visit
  4. pearl snare kit

    pearl snare kit