1. Normandy Drums

    Custom Drumhead Art on A Chrome Starfire Head

    Forum member Tim at Kickprints made this for me. I spent over two hours standing in his driveway talking drums and life while picking up the finished product. Really great guy who knocked this project out of the park, check out his work! Original Logo Illustration by Miguel Camilo, who is...
  2. V

    Gretsch Catalina Rock in discontinued finish

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent set to pack around locally and for practice. I like the sizes of the Catalina Rocks, and am interested in a couple of harder to find finishes. Let me know if you have a used Catalina Rock in Mirror Chrome or Copper Sparkle you'd like to sell. Thank you
  3. KRASH

    Pearl Export EX Chrome 6-piece

    This is a Pearl Export EX in a chrome wrap. The shells are made out of poplar wood and the finish is quite durable. Price: $500 (before shipping) Sizes are: 22, 18, 16, 13, 12, 10 Comes with everything pictured which includes: both long and short tom arms, I.S.S. mounts for the rack toms, and...
  4. drumsargeant

    F/S: SOLD! Premier 12" 6-hole Die-Cast Hoop (Chrome) $55.00 plus ship

    For sale is a very nice Premier 12" 6-hole die-cast hoop. The chrome on this hoop is beautiful with very minimal marking. The ears have hardly any wear, as you can see by the clear photos. I would rate this one an 8.5/10 and I am asking for $55.00 plus shipping (No Lower!) I only accept...
  5. M

    Soap scum residue after soaking hardware?

    Hello all, I am very new to drum restorations - this is my first time actually working on cleaning a kit and making it look its best. As per instructions on many drum forums, I soaked the hardware overnight in a mixture of water and Dial soap. I poured the dial all over the hardware and then...
  6. davengmusic

    Camco by Tama "Silver Platinum" wrap...worth it?

    Hi all, There is a "Silver Platinum" (looks like a chrome-o) Camco by Tama kit on CL for $300. Standard sizes (except for power rack toms). The badge looks like an early 90's Tama Rockstar kit. I can't find anything about this particular badge or model online. Does anyone have any insight...
  7. B

    Staining TAMA Swingstar

    So I decided to take the wrap off my TAMA Swingstar and to stain it a brown/red color (don't remember the exact name) and I think with the chrome and black bass rim it looks sick! I actually made a video of it with pictures of the process, so take a look, it looks amazing! Link...
  8. GoJaskill

    Removing rust and white residue – What are my options?

    I have a hankering to submerge a chrome bass drum hoop in a tub full of CLR, but I'm figuring that you guys may have good reasons to NOT DO THAT. The hoop has a wrap inlay as well, so I'd obviously like to protect it. What do you guys suggest? As you can probably tell, I'm completely new to...