classic maple

  1. bon viesta

    classic maple bearing edges: roundover vs standard 45

    i’ve been sort of planning the ins and outs of what i want from ludwig later this year, and after first settling on legacy maples i soon realized that it’s just too expensive for not a good enough reason. so, i’ve now decided that classic maples are just more reasonable and also resemble the...
  2. codydee12

    Talk me off the ledge - have a Ludwig. thinking Gretsch Broadkaster...what is the difference to you.

    Update as of 8/22: a comparison of the two (I had the two kits to make this about a month after my original post): Alright, fellow drummer here chasing a sound in his head - I have a beautiful Classic Maple with all roundover edges. It is a killer kit. No complaints....but I have really be...
  3. digovii

    Mod Orange love

    I have always been a huge John Densmore/Doors fan so when I had the chance to pick up this Classic Maple in Mod Orange, I couldn’t pass it up. I think Ludwig did a really great job recreating this wrap imo. Looks killer and can’t wait to take it out to play with!
  4. digovii

    New Gretsch Brooklyn's - Wow!

    Picked up a set of Brooklyn's from Maxwell's in IL this weekend and wow. I am have always been a die-hard Ludwig guy but these sound incredible! I threw some Vintage Ambassadors on the batters and these drums have such a great body and warmth to them while also maintaining great projection. A...
  5. J

    New Ludwig classic maple bearing edges

    Hi This is my first post so please be nice :) After a lot of thinking and late night web searching I have decided to order a new Ludwig Classic Maple in Bonham sizes ( 14x26 10x14 16x16 16x18 ). Large classic lugs, curved spurs, classic floor tom brackets, cast keystone badges, gold sparkle...
  6. pat.crash

    WTB: Ludwig Black Cortex Power Toms with Classic Mount

    Wanted to buy: Late 70's/Early 80's Ludwig Black Cortex Power Toms with Classic Mounts. Specifically looking for the following sizes: 12" x 11", 13" x 12", and 14" x 13". No concert tom conversions—No modular mounts—Thank you.
  7. Sammybear

    SOLD: Ludwig Classic Maple Tom 10 x 8

    For Sale: Ludwig Classic Maple Tom 10 x 8 Model: LT882 Year: 2011 (1 owner) SOLD $275 plus shipping
  8. Heyleuck

    Ludwig Classic Maple BEST ERA?

    Hey there I have been thinking about picking up a Ludwig CM snare for a while now, and I have seen a few from the the mid 2000s early 2010s and brand spankin new. My question is does anyone know if there is quality/sound difference in the years? Is it worth springing for a new one with the P88...
  9. alanolynn

    Font and Center

    Picked up a new Alesis SamplePad Pro (Thank you Zzounds.com) and I've been enjoying it so far. I had an older version of it before, so I figured it'd be just as good if not better. Easy to use, responsive, and yes the sensitivity needs to be adjusted, but you can say that for most multipads...
  10. Chicago.Drum.Exchange

    Green Sparkle Classic Maple Special @ CDE

    Hey Gang, So I have this 3 piece FAB kit in Green Sparkle that has been here way too long. I am willing to let this guy go for $1600 shipped anywhere in the US. Its also tax free if we ship outside Illinois. If you wanna snag it, shoot me an email at [email protected] We only...
  11. sonortony35

    Used Ludwig Classic Maple 4pc Drum Set Silver Sparkle

    This is a very lightly used silver sparkle Ludwig Classic Maple kit in EXCELLENT condition! These have been well taken care of and only have some slight signs of wear on the bass drum batter hoop (see photos). The sizes are 22x16/10x7/12x8/16x16 and two clamp on tom arms are included. *Double...
  12. christianallard

    Does Ludwig Classic Maple = Fab 4?

    Hi there! I'm brand new to this forum, so hi! My name is Christian and I've been playing drums for just over 5 years now. I play in a band called Aviv and I also play at my church. So I've recently purchased a "Ludwig Classic Maple" according to the online seller. I've come to realize it's not...
  13. Chicago.Drum.Exchange

    Ludwig Month!

    Hey gang! Diego here from the Chicago Drum Exchange! For the month of March I will be offering some exclusive pricing specials for Ludwig Drums! Whether it be something we have in stock or something we have to special order, I just want you to have some killer Luddy's! Check out what we have...
  14. Vanhalen1984

    ***SOLD***Ludwig Classic Maple 11x13

  15. Vanhalen1984


  16. Vanhalen1984


    ***SOLD*** Thanks
  17. Vanhalen1984

    SOLD Ludwig

  18. FloydZKing

    PICS ADDED - Ludwig guys - is this CM set desirable? 2009 Arctic Glitter

    I came across a large set of Classic Maples (18x22,5x14,8x6,8x8,9x10,10x12,11x13,16x16) the other day and am wondering if they are particularly more desirable than usual. It's a matched set from February 2009, Ludwig's centennial, and the finish was a short run - something like 4 years I...
  19. David Hunter

    SOLD - Ludwig Twisted Salesman 6.5x14 Classic Maple Snare Drum

    This was a Limited Edition model, and it is my understanding that only 250 of these snares were made. This particular drum has only been tuned up and lightly tapped on in my home. Stock Ludwig heads show no wear at all, barely even a stick mark. Asking $385 (plus $15 shipping, lower 48). 7-Ply...
  20. drfills

    SOLD: Beautiful Custom Order 2006 Ludwig Classic Maples 13/16/18/22 in Gold Lacquer

    These are now SOLD. Thanks! For sale are some Beautiful Custom Order 2006 Ludwig Classic Maples 13/16/18/22 in Gold Lacquer. Monroe keystone badges. This was a custom order from Ludwig placed by yours truly in 2006. They were my main gigging kit for 10 years and were handled with the utmost...