1. Robert Hau

    To Click or not to Click? A thread for debate ;)

    I have been going without a click for several performances now (we used to use backing tracks) and I feel so relieved now. The thing is, I dont think I would feel that relief if I did not work with a click for a good long time. Anyone else sorta feel this way? I know there are vastly differing...
  2. IJR

    Achieving "Click Grip" or "Click Technique" on the Ride Cymbal

    Hi! I just joined the forum. I am a big fan of Bill Stewart's drumming. I saw him live in Little Rock last month- it was awesome! There is a distinctive "woody"/"clicky" sound when he strikes his cymbals. I've noticed it in some other players as well. I have seen very few mentions of the...
  3. Demonslayer

    How do you set up for playing along tracks live?

    Starting a new band that requires playing along sequences. How do I set up to hear the click on my headphones ONLY and still have the sounds come out on the PA? Suggestions welcome.
  4. StiGy

    Did you play with metronome on live gigs?

    Hii! i ask for your opanion about playing with a click while in live show or gig? maybe it depends about the Genre or the Mood of the music - cause i know that a lot of good tracks didnt recorded with click for the little human out of tempo.. Whats your opanion? remember that there a lot of...