1. G

    Hi hat Clutch setting

    Hey everyone!! Wanted to know how you guys setup the top hi hat. Is it supposed to be extremely tight or quite loose. What are the pros and cons of both the settings. I've been experimenting a lot on this and can't figure out which suits me yet. Let me know yaalll Thanks
  2. dwdave

    Double pedal and clutch advise

    Hey folks, I have a few questions. I played double pedal many years ago, I had the 1st DW model with the bent beater and the spot to add your existing pedal. I was fairly fast and managed 3 pedals on my left foot. So fast forward to today, I picked up a DW 5000 on ebay and look forward to...
  3. dwdave

    Squeaky clutch?

    Hey folks, The church kit has a Pearl high hat stand and clutch. Over the past few months I've been getting a squeak from what seems like the clutch. I'm kinda heavy footed, bouncing my foot on the hat pedal, so it's REALLY annoying me. Has any of you folks had the same problem? what did you do...