1. rock roll

    Bass Drum Pedal Collection, Any Other Collectors Out There?

    After reading a vintage bass drum pedal thread , I got to wondering , everyone here has drum kit collections but does everyone that collect kits , collect vintage hardware? So for this thread I'll just keep it to bass drum pedals. ----- bass drum pedals ------ Crowell.(selmer) 40's 50's bass...
  2. rock roll

    My Cymbal collection..what's yours?

    ------- hi hat cymbals -------- 9 7/8 " Victor la Page jazz hi hats 1940s .. Large cup bottom cymbal 10 1/4" lowboy brass hi hat cymbal 20's? .... Large cup . Brass 12" no name - vintage sock/lowboy hi hats ... Cheap 12" zenjian hi hat cymbals 60's? vintage (Italy) ... (pair) center hole...
  3. Slingerland Six Lug Snare Drum Collection

    Slingerland Six Lug Snare Drum Collection