1. mikepmcde

    vintage wrap discoloration

    it’s always fun taking a vintage piece apart and see the parts of the wrap that havnt seen the light of day in 50+ years. I was curious if anyone has a secret on how to bring the color back? Might be a little different on the vintage astro ludwig standard wraps because it’s a strange material...
  2. sixplymaple

    Ludwig’s Recent LE Metal Snare Drums - Thouhts?

    What does everybody think about the last few limited edition brass snares from Ludwig? One is red, one is white, and one is blue. I actually love the red, but it’s only offered in 8-Lug, so that kills it for me. In general though, I love the idea of the colored metal Ludwig snares. I think they...
  3. C

    Do colored heads affect sound?

    I know colored heads are over the top and not needed, but I wanted to add a little extra to the looks of my drum kit. I am using Ambassador and Emperor heads and am looking to use their Colortone and Ebony heads, but only as long as they don't change the sound of my kit. Has anyone experienced...
  4. L

    Cerakoted bells

    I Cerakote for a living. If you never heard of it, it’s a ceramic based coating that is applied at .005” thick. It is extremely corrosion resistant and stands up to a lot abuse. The company introduced some metallic colors finally and so I dug out some old bells from the early 90’s to coat. The...
  5. twigdrum

    1948 Gretsch paint color?

    Hello fellow Gretsch fans.. I am trying to determine the actual color of this 1948 Gretsch set. The set consists of a single tension 24" x 14" bass drum, a 14" x 6" Broadkaster snare with rocket lugs, and a 12" x 8" single headed tom with rocket lugs. Wondering if anyone would know the actual...
  6. bongomania

    Decorative staining/tinting an Acro shell?

    Hi all, I have a grey '68 Acro, and love the sound, but don't love the dull grey color. I am not sure I want to go to the extreme of having it powdercoated, and I imagine that might alter the sound too. I was idly thinking, what about some sort of light stain? Give it an old patina'd...