1. inaglasscage

    Gretsch Rosewood Kit 80's

    New user here trying to find out more info on a kit I just purchased. This is a USA Custom Rosewood kit from the eighties I scored last month but I have yet to receive any information as to the exact year. Sizes are 10, 12, 14, 16, 20. I've included a photo of the serial number and model number...
  2. J

    Best quality brands???

    Hey guys was wondering if any of you have tried to drum wraps, planned on stripping some extra shells I have and starting a little project. What wrap companies do y’all know of that are best quality and are most visually appealing? Also what companies have the largest variety of parts (hoops...
  3. Drummers & Dragons

    We made a custom guitar pedalboard from a broken record player.

    It was for my wife. She loves playing her guitars and organizing. Cords! Reminds me of my nightmare Roland days. But this was cool, and she can close it up and keep the cats out of it. They chew skinny cords like phone cords. It's our fault because we play with them with string.
  4. D

    Yamaha CLUB CUSTOM Wanted:

    I'm looking for a Yamaha Club Custom set - preferably 20" 12" 14" in dark wood finish. That said, sizing and finish somewhat flexible. Reach out if you're selling!! Thanks!!
  5. brya0125

    DELETE/SOLD My Heartbeat Cymbals for your Zildjian

    I have a set of Heartbeat Cymbals that I have for sale over in the for sale section. i'm interested in trades for any newer Zildjian cymbals. Let me know what you have. Here's the link to the for sale ad...
  6. dunnenrb


    Selling my first love - I will miss her. I have a 12/14/20 C&C 12th & Vine Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany shell pack that I am reluctantly selling but I need the cash to fund a Sonor Vintage kit I just got :) The 12th & Vine series features a 5 ply shell with a Poplar Core, 7 Ply Maple Reinforcement...
  7. tmc333

    Tama shells

    Pictured below are some shells I have acquired over the past decade or so and just trying to move out. I want to see if there are any offers/trades for cymbals , snares, bongos, whatever. I don`t want to take the badges off but they may be worth more than the shell itself. SOLDCherry Granstar...
  8. Bulldog1967

    6 Piece Yamaha Recording Custom Drum Kit "Sunburst" MIJ

    Up for sale is a very rare Yamaha Recording Custom shell pack in stunning Antique Sunburst finish. This kit was made in the mid 1990's and is in great shape with a few lacquer chips on the 10 and 12 toms (pictured) and typical wear on the hoops as the only real visible flaws (the chips are on...
  9. Hater

    Custom length tube lugs? (Or adjustable length?)

    Anyone know of a company that will make custom length tube lugs? Or by chance is there a company out there that happens to make adjustable length tube lugs? (Hey, one can dream) If you know of any companies out there doing this sort of stuff, have you used them? Was the product worth the price...
  10. Vanhalen1984

    ***SOLD*** Ludwig hdw

  11. S

    C&C 12th & Vine Drum Set MPM 22,13,16

    C&C 12th & Vine Drum set .. 22x14, 13x9, 16x16 .. born September 2016 in near mint condition. Maple Poplar maple shells w/ re rings in a dark walnut stain .. will come with new Evans G2 heads on toms and a set of protection racket cases! $1200 + actual shipping via paypal gift or add 3% .. no...
  12. vaquilina

    WTB Yamaha Tour Custom (modern) 10" Tom

    Seeking a 10" modern Yamaha Tour Custom tom in Sakura White to add to my existing kit. I've been keeping an eye on reverb and ebay but have yet to see one come up -- hoping for the best here!
  13. cs1422

    Shine USA custom kit

    FS/FT $1000 - Beautiful USA Shine custom kit. 10,12,14, 22 . Powder coated lugs. Maple. New heads. Can deliver in the DC/Balt/Philly corridor. Buyer pays shipping CONUS only. Trade interests: Vintage Gretsch, Ludwig, Slingerland
  14. drumrtommy

    Suitcase drum set

    Anyone have one for sell?
  15. seven_7days

    20" Yamaha MCAN Bass Hoop Wood Cherry

    I have this 16x20 Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau Bass Drum win Wood Cherry finish that I want to sell but it has a cracked front hoop. I'd like to replace it first. Anyone? 512-540-1183 Mark
  16. jeffh

    Long time no drum photos

    As usual, I've been busy in the shop and not on the computer, so I'm way behind in posting drum porn. Here's a fairly recent one, an 8x14 Padauk stave snare. This drum is a beast -- a great combination of plenty of power with beautiful tone. The shell is 1/4" thick with integrated rerings, beds...
  17. dunnenrb


    I have a 17" Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash that isn't getting played anymore. No cracks/keyholes/funny business. SOLD
  18. The Whale


  19. dave.robertson

    Review of Custom Fiberglass 14x14 Drum

    Thanks to my DFO friends, I have made a great new friend in custom builder, Lane Kennington. Some of you know I had been looking for a 1970s Pearl fiberglass 14x14 floor tom. (They are not so easy to find.) When I learned that Lane was capable of making what I would call a "Pearl style" F/G...
  20. drumrtommy

    Adding plies to a kit?

    Hey everyone, I have a kit with Keller shells. I feel like the toms are too thin, I believe they are 4 or 5 ply. The kit sound great and sustains well, that however is not the sound that I'm looking for or the "feel". I'm curious to see if I can plies to make the shell thicker? And if anyone...