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cutting down

  1. bon viesta

    cutting down a shell: how much will leave the spacing even?

    i’m wanting to send precision drums a 15x14 floor tom to cut down into 15x12, but im wondering if that size will lead to the lugs on the reso side being too close to the hoop. if that’s the case, would something like a 15x13 down to a 15x12 leave it even? i think of john bonhams thermogloss...
  2. Man minus label

    Options for a marching snare? Cut or convert?

    So I have my old 15x12 Rogers dynasonic marching snare that I have no practical application for and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. In my younger days I took off the dynaframe and threw it away stupidly so now it's basically just an old marching snare. It seems like it's sacrilege...