cymbal modification

  1. IJR

    Edge Cut Out Cymbals

    Mel Lewis had a famous A Zildjian ride with a cutout that darkened it. I've seen other drummers such as Antonio Sanchez with rides with cutouts. I have a 17" crash that was given to me that I repaired that has been one of my favorite cymbals for years. The cutout lowered the pitch, improved...
  2. dtk

    Midwest Customer Cymbal Repair (a review)

    I've been remiss in writing a review of my experiences from this fall. I have a moment so here goes. BACKGROUND: I've owned cymbals made by the late great Johan and had had Heather Stine modify a 22" Roctagon as well as a 16. STARTING POINT: I acquired two 14" Cloctagons. Sabian says...