1. bconrad


    A custom lathed Sabian ride cymbal: 21 inches, weighing in at 2980 grams. It has a great bell. It's drilled for two rivets. Check the photos for how it looks. Looking for Bosphorus cymbals, particularly some jazz hihats.
  2. Ddrummer23

    SOLD: Sabian AA 16” extra thin crash $55/reduced price

    Very good condition Sabian AA extra thin crash 16"...some fingerprints and fading on the ink but otherwise there are no cracks or keyholing. If you look close you can see the Canada stamp. If you have any questions or would like more pics just let me know. I will ship at buys cost. Thx for...
  3. dunnenrb


    Got a great 22" MTL weighing in at 2532g. Some slight patina and light stick marks - beautiful cymbal here. $350 plus shipping
  4. drums147


    Hey gang! I have a chance at a good deal (I think) on some Saluda cymbals . . . I know nothing about them . . . are they any good . . . junk, beginner stuff, mid-level . . . what? Thanks . . . NAD
  5. rock roll

    My Cymbal collection..what's yours?

    ------- hi hat cymbals -------- 9 7/8 " Victor la Page jazz hi hats 1940s .. Large cup bottom cymbal 10 1/4" lowboy brass hi hat cymbal 20's? .... Large cup . Brass 12" no name - vintage sock/lowboy hi hats ... Cheap 12" zenjian hi hat cymbals 60's? vintage (Italy) ... (pair) center hole...
  6. A

    Black/green spots on Paiste 2002 ride and paiste Alpha hihats/crash

    Hi all, As you can tel from the title, my cymbals have developed this blackish colored layer on them, ever since i (stupidly) cleaned them with a generic metal polish. The 2002 ride also has got some green spots on it.. Can this be cleaned/fixed? Will paiste cymbal cleaner work? Are there...
  7. dunnenrb


    Hello all! I have here a beautiful Istanbul Agop 22" 30th Anniversary Ride weighing in at 2006g. Can you say paper!? It is extremely full and warm for something this light and has an amazing crash. It can stand alone as a crash. It has never been played out - only in my home studio. Asking...
  8. VintageDrummer

    SOLD Kingston 20" PAPER thin crash ride & 18" Beverley crash ride

    85 shipped to USA ... PAPER thin beat to hell but not cracked... Kingston Pro Line 20" crash ride Kingston Pro line is Made in Taiwan. Kingston (regular) is made in Japan. From what I have gathered ... These Kingston pro line are thinner , lighter weight and alloy color, .and larger bells...
  9. Sammybear

    *SOLD* Zildjian 22" K Con Med Thin Low (2496g) cymbal- New *Reduced*

    For Sale: Zildjian 22" K Constantinople Medium Thin Low (2496g) cymbal-Brand New! Great sounding cymbal, great weight. Brand new! Some stick marks may be present due to sampling. Works great as a ride or crash! $385 + Shipping SOLD
  10. Josh Garside-Meyers

    Zildjian K Con Medium Thin Low 22"
  11. M

    can any tell me any thing about this 12" cymbal?

    have no idea, it has a unique stamped indentions all over it. anyone know the mfg name cymbal name and value?
  12. Samhain183

    Sabian Ozone

    In my search for a China I’ve come across the sabian Ozone series. Now they are made in the HHX and AAX series but, I’d probably be most interested in the XSR as that’s what the rest of my set is comprised of. How do you see these Ozone’s being used or have you used them yourself? As a China...
  13. Samhain183

    Looking for my first China

    Greetings. I’m in the market for a China. I prefer the dry, quick decay or the trashy cymbal sound in a China. I am a Sabian guy with XRS cymbals but, slowly working my way toward a Zildjian A Custom setup. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  14. Josh Garside-Meyers

    Why did drummers of the 70's and 80's set their cymbals so high?

    This question has always been in my mind and I think it is a very interesting discussion topic. It was such a trend and then it seemed to die off. Drummers that played with the high cymbals angled in toward them 30-40 years ago can now be found setting up lower and flatter. Both set ups have...
  15. d.heine

    New Ride Cymbal

  16. BNK

    Anyone using PVC Tubing on their cymbal stands?

    Found a great alternative to constantly replacing the plastic sleeves on my Yamaha cymbal stands... PVC tubing (vinyl). I cut the sleeve portion off the stock black plastic tilt sleeves and slide a 2" piece of PVC tubing over the threaded portion of the tilter. On average the PVC tubing lasts...
  17. jndittmar

    SOLD Istanbul Agop 24" Joey Waronker Ride

    Hey everyone, I'm selling my Istanbul Agop 24" Joey Waronker Ride. This thing is in great condition. It weighs in at 3130g. I'm selling it because I don't really use it anymore and I'd rather someone play it than it just sit and collect dust. Let me know if you're interested. Asking $450 +...
  18. sonortony35

    Used Paiste Dark Energy MK1 Ride Cymbal 21" - Video Demo!

    This is a very lightly used Paiste Dark Energy MK 1 ride cymbal. There are no dings, no cracking or key-holing of any type. It weighs 2607 grams, and sounds awesome. Asking $375 plus shipping, new these are going for $555. Let me know if you have any questions on it! Here is a video demo so...
  19. drumhead

    Bosphorus 22" Turk china - like new

    Gotta sell off some gear to pay medical bills, so: For you consideration is a 22" Bosphorus Turk china. I love this thing, but can't afford luxury items at the moment. Loud but not overly loud; trashy but still musical; almost buttery for a china, and the size gives it a great feel and some...
  20. brya0125

    SOLD! Mint Istanbul Xist 24" Medium Brilliant Ride

    I'm selling my mint condition Istanbul Agop Xist 24" Brilliant Medium Ride. I bought it new in November and only used it a little. It has some fingerprints and stick marks, but it's mostly clean as a whistle. It weighs 3,878 grams. I've got it for sale on, but message me if you want...