1. bconrad

    Sakae flat base cymbal stands for sale

    I have 5 available. All are in good shape but one has a stripped post that still seems to work for a cymbal wing nut. Asking $30 ea. plus actual shipping.
  2. G

    Hi hat Clutch setting

    Hey everyone!! Wanted to know how you guys setup the top hi hat. Is it supposed to be extremely tight or quite loose. What are the pros and cons of both the settings. I've been experimenting a lot on this and can't figure out which suits me yet. Let me know yaalll Thanks
  3. NoNutsPercussionBill

    New Shell Color Matching Option

    No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves not only speed up setups and tear downs for gigging drummers, provide cost savings for schools and universities, we are now providing them in colors to match your shells and school colors. For performance advantages, you need to also read up on the CymRings. The first...
  4. bconrad


    Asking $250 plus shipping and fees. Good condition. No real issues, just shows use.
  5. codydee12

    Sold - Dream Bliss 20” Ride - 1973g

    Was $170 plus shipping for DFO! NOW $150 plus shipping! In good condition. No flea bites or key holding! Weighs 1973g. Sound file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/as8bjy8zk61qlj6/20%22%20Bliss%20Ride%20Sound%20File.wav?dl=0
  6. Hugh Jass

    Poll: Your most important considerations when buying a cymbal (select all that apply)?

    PLEASE SELECT ALL OPTIONS THAT APPLY TO YOUR DECISION MAKING PROCESS What information do you need prior to buying a cymbal? Poll options are limited to ten, thus responses like "celebrity endorsement" didn't make the list. The "Make, model, and size" response implicitly includes considerations...
  7. L

    Sold! Cyber Monday wins! Zildjian 20" K Custom Dry Light Ride 2422grams

    Price reduction! The stick is so dry, you could choke on it. But that definition is so cool though. It looks as though this has been discontinued, which is surprising but maybe just not a hip sound anymore. Either way, this is a ride I haven't used in a couple of years so it's time for it to...
  8. dunnenrb

    24" Istanbul Agop Joey Waronker Ride

    Help me fund a Jenkins Martin kit Cymbal Sale Istanbul Agop 24" Signature Joey Waronker Ride. I purchased this cymbal new in 2016 and have moved away from larger cymbals in general. This is an extremely nice sounding specimen. It has a great glassy attack with a dark undertone. No keyholing...
  9. sixplymaple

    Paiste Cymbal Cleaner - What Would You Pay? (Poll)

    You come across one brand new, unopened bottle of Paiste cymbal cleaner. What would you pay for that one bottle? What’s this stuff worth since it’s no longer in production? I’ve never tried the stuff…
  10. sixplymaple

    WTB: 22” Paiste Pro Cymbal Bag - White

    Looking to buy a Paiste 22” Pro Cymbal Bag in white. Model #: AC18922. They aren’t available for retail sale here in North America, but they are available in Europe. I’m looking to buy one in great to new condition. If somebody in Europe can help me order & ship one directly from Paiste, I’ll...
  11. IJR

    Music City Drum Show Cymbalsmith Booths

    I went to the Music City Drum Show in Nashville on August 7. It was my first time visiting individual Cymbal Smith booths. My favorites (not in order): 1) Bronze Pie / Koide Cymbals / PGB Artisan Cymbals A couple of Birk's Works Cymbals were probably my favorite at the show...
  12. sixplymaple

    My Paiste Novo Mini Collection

    I’m officially a Paiste 2002 Novo China addict. I have some other chinas, but the 2002 Novos are by far my favorites. So when the opportunity came about to buy the Custom Shop 16”, 22”, & 24” Novos this year, I couldn’t say no. So now I own 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, & 24” 2002 Novos! :) lol 16”...
  13. scole

    Fighting cymbal stand vibration

    I'm getting that mid to low vibration hum from my cymbals & I'm looking to get rid of it. I'm aware of the Cymbal Resonance System (CRS) and was reading up on it. This thread on here had a discussion about it and a wider discussion on the topic in general and made mention that this issue crops...
  14. sixplymaple

    WTB: Paiste Signature Heavy China 22” or 24”

    Looking for a 22” or 24” Paiste Signature Heavy China. I’ll pay around $400 depending on condition. I already own an 18” and 20”. Thanks!
  15. sixplymaple

    OT: Reverb Suspension - Dazed & Confused

    I have been selling on Reverb for a little over a year with no issues until now. I am 100% honest and transparent on every item that I list and sell. I have nothing but positive feedback and happy customers. That’s why I was very confused to find my account suspended the other day. Reverb sent...
  16. MelvinJones

    Diril Janara - Copper cymbals

    Hi all, I was doing my usual (obsessive ) cymbal browsing and came upon the Diril Janara rides. The description mentions they are an (all?) copper cymbal? the audio files are fantastic! I thought I might see if anyone has owned/played one and could give a proper review? thanks! Diril Janara...
  17. B

    Jesse Simpson Cymbals

    Hey everyone, So I am heading to New York in a couple weeks and while I am down there am planning to get a second ride cymbal since I only have one at the moment. I know Jesse Simpson is down there and makes fantastic cymbals so I was talking with him and planning on giving him a visit if...
  18. sixplymaple

    SOLD - Paiste 16" Signature Thin China Cymbal (USED) - SOLD

    Paiste 16” Signature Thin China Cymbal (USED) This cymbal sounds absolutely fantastic, but the tone doesn’t match my current setup. This cymbal is still in great condition with tons of life left! The attached video features this exact china cymbal. Please forgive the poor audio as it was filmed...
  19. sixplymaple

    USED Paiste Signature/2002/RUDE Bottom Hats or Mint Condition Top Hats

    Most of my current hi-hat pairs are made up of 2 different models for top & bottom. Some pairs are even from different types of bronze, but go together well. I usually buy based on certain weights and combinations of top/bottom weights. I am always on the look out for Paiste Signature/2002/RUDE...
  20. bconrad


    $40 shipped in the lower-48. Paypal fees appreciated. Good condition, minus the usual signs of normal use. Everything works well.