1. J

    NEED HELP! What do you look for in an effects cymbal or cymbal in general?

    I'm trying to sell some effects cymbals that I make in the shop, they sound great, but most of them aren't selling. I want to see what kind of operation I can get going here to maybe make a few dollars. I know a large percentage of drummers don't even use effects cymbals, but for those who do I...
  2. Mattthorner

    Cymbal crack in less than a month

    A few years ago I purchased the zildjian 19 hybrid china cymbal. It was one the best China's I have ever played despite the fact that it started to crack within two weeks of playing the thing. Has anyone ever had this unfortunate experience?
  3. J

    Cymbal Transforming

    I have discovered that I can really transform/enhance cymbals to make the sound I need out of cheap cymbals by turning them into ozone cymbals, taking out cracks, sandblasting, or hammering them. What if I could take people's broken or boring cymbals and turn them into something great for just a...
  4. R

    Price check or trade - Paiste 2000 20" power crash

    Any idea what this is worth? Looking to sell or trade for a big, dry ride cymbal, like a Zildjian A Sweet Ride, 23" +/-. I've also got an Avedis Zildjian 18" Medium Ride, same question, also looking to sell or trade. Looking for a bright, fast crash, and/or Sabian HHX or AAX Crash 18"
  5. dunnenrb


    Got a couple of Sabian AA Marching Splash cymbals here. They will CUT through just about anything on their own, but I was using the pair as an extra hi hat combo for a while. Taking up space, don't need 'em. SOLD
  6. dunnenrb


  7. andyu11

    22" OMNI AAX Sabian Ride/Crash Cymbal

    Look for a 22" OMNI AAX Sabian Ride/Crash Cymbal to use at smaller venues/gigs. Not looking to spend more than $200 or so. Thanks!
  8. ScottGunshore

    - SOLD - Paiste Signature Power Hi Hat Bottom 14 inch 1388g

    Here's a no brainer option if you want to super charge a top hat with some crisp Paiste goodness. 1388g. Strong logos. Typical patina ring around edge. Fingerprints. That's it. What more could you need? Oh yeah, a top hat. **SOLD**
  9. drfills

    SOLD: Vintage 1950s / 1960s Pre-Serial Paiste Formula 602 21 Inch Cymbal 2757g

    For sale is a Vintage 1950s / 1960s Pre-Serial Paiste Formula 602 21 Inch Cymbal 2757g. Minimal flea bites on edges and very, very slight keyholing - see photos. Some engraving on underside. Otherwise great condition overall. Asking $295.00 $275.00 $250.00 or best offer including shipping to...
  10. elliottnjames

    Safest way to clean cymbals

    Ok, so here's the kind of discussion I don't keep up with as much as I should. In your opinion, what's the best way to clean cymbals up? I play almost all Zildjian, mostly dark Ks, some As, etc. I haven't used a polish from them or another company in years, mainly because it takes all the...
  11. Austin__Taylor

    Thin 14" Cymbal

    I'm looking for a thin 14" cymbal to use as a hi-hat top. Looking for darker sounds or vintage. Let me know what you have sitting around.
  12. Sammybear

    Zildjian 19" K Constantinople Crash Ride

    SOLD!........One gently used (home use only) 19" K Constantinople Crash Ride Cymbal, some stick marks, but pretty clean overall (see pics). Thanks for your interest. Beautiful cymbal!
  13. Ben Corbitt

    Meinl Byzance Series Appreciation / Review Thread

    This thread is to post your experiences with Meinl's Byzance series. I find the Byzance series to have some of the most characteristic sounds of any cymbals i've ever played. Here's my review of one. Please post yours! Meinl Byzance 22" Dark Ride. After looking around for a very versatile...
  14. akselfs

    What cymbals should i pick? Need answers fast!

    Hello! This is my first post here so far. The reason im posting is because i have to make a huge choice, and im not sure what to pick. Im about to buy my first cymbals. The ones i have been looking into is the "Paiste RUDE" and "Meinl Classics Custom Extreme Metal" series. The price is exactly...
  15. cymbalplanet 12% Discount Coupon!

    Hey drummers! Here is a 12% discount coupon for you from Cymbal Planet! You can use this coupon not only for a single product, but on your whole order! To activate your coupon, simply type the code DFO12CP during checkout on If you want to checkout with Paypal instead of...
  16. JimmyFloydHasselbaink

    SOLD -- Paiste Signature Cymbal Set -- FREE SKB Cymbal Vault included -- SOLD

    SOLD Hi, I have a set of Paiste Signature cymbals for sale. The cymbals are all in good condition with no keyholing, dents or dings. All the cymbals show stick marks, fingerprints and a light scratch here and there from normal playing and usage. Please see the pictures below. Here is what is...
  17. lowchizo

    Istanbul Agop 20 in Medium Ride

    Hello There, I have an Istanbul Agop 20inch Medium Ride for sale. It weighs roughly 2450 grams and it is in mint condition. I bought this cymbal brand new about a month ago and it has less than a hour of playing time on it. These go for $334 (without shipping and tax) brand new and I'm asking...
  18. liamfoscapalooza

    What is the value of this cymbal?

    So im planning on selling my almost-new Zildjian Z Custom Mega Bell Ride and i have NO idea how much i could sell this go to guitar center and get a quote but they do NOT give you a fair price whatsoever. I might even get some cymbal cleaner and clean it up a little just to give it the...
  19. dunnenrb


    Great condition Joey Waronker ride cymbal that has barely been played in the past year. It's massive and weighs in around 3100g. Nice ping and an interesting darker undertone if you use a stick with a smaller tip. Let me know if you have any questions. SOLD
  20. jmpd_utoronto

    Big band cymbals?

    Sat in with a big band for the first time in a while today and it got me thinking about big band ride cymbals. For me they are a bit of an elusive beast - I want something not too bright and with some character, but often nice sounding "jazz" cymbals may not cut through a loud-blowing horn...