1. sixplymaple

    Awesome Bosphorus Oktoberfest Deal

    Memphis Drum Shop is offering an awesome deal on Bosphorus cymbals this month! I’m actually pretty sure most Bosphorus dealers are honoring the deal this month, but I just happened to see it on Memphis Drum Shop’s site... Buy 1x cymbal (20”+ ride or 13”+ hi-hat) and get 2nd cymbal (8”-18”) at...
  2. Z

    Jazz Beginner and Hi Hat Size and Weight?

    Hello Community, I am brand new to drumming. I am interested in learning to play drums for jazz fusion and folk rock. With jazz fusion being top of mind at the moment, I am trying to hone in on the right hi hat size and weight. My drum set is quite small: a Tama Club Jam Mini--just a bass drum...
  3. RustyNails

    Affordable Jazz Cymbals? Zildjian K Alternatives?

    Hi there, I'm new to jazz drumming and I'm looking to get some cymbals, mainly hi-hats and a ride to practice some bebop and swing grooves at home. I love the sound of Zildjian K cymbals, but they're super expensive, even used. I'm not gigging, just playing alone in my room, so I don't need...
  4. C

    SOLD: 14” Hi-Hats

    Sold thanks.
  5. 0

    Cymbals on a budget

    Greetings, I’m looking for a budget cymbals set for recording and live performances. 1. It must consist of hi-hat, crash and ride. 2. Under $200 3. I’m looking for a bright and thin hi-hat like the first one in this video What are your suggestions? Thanks.
  6. V

    Ludwig Elements Cymbals- Why can I not find any info on these cymbals?

    Hey everybody, I have these cymbals I got when my parents purchased a drum kit for me when I was little. The drum set was a black Ludwig Element Series. Drums are fine, however these cymbals that I got with them are... well to say the least terrible and I upgraded recently to some better...
  7. M

    Experimenting with old cymbals

    So my question is basically told in the subject. I have 4 cymbals which are pretty cheap and I am not afraid to destroy them. I wanted to ask, if anyone have the experience in this. For example drilling holes, cuting small bells or splashes.. maybe even stacking them on top of themselves?
  8. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Cymbal Art

    Back when I finished painting "2 & 4".
  9. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Giant Open Hihat

    What do you guys think about this giant open hihat I painted? A guy bought a 3ft by 5ft art print of it. I'd really like the opportunity to do more like these. I'm open to commissions!
  10. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Percussion Inspired Paintings!

    What's up? My name is Kiana and I paint original percussion-inspired paintings using oilpastels. All of my original paintings as well as my art prints are hand signed by me and come with my certificate of authenticty (to protect my work as an artist). My art prints are limited edition and I...
  11. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Last Hihat Art Print Available!

    I have 1 more limited edition art print of "2 & 4" from my series of percussion inspired paintings. 15" x 9" - $150 All my original paintings as well as my art prints are hand signed by me and come with my certificate of authenticty (to protect my work as an artist). I actually have a few...
  12. Ddrummer23

    Zildjian crash 14” or hi hat - SOLD

    Vintage Zildjian crash 14” in VG condition physically. Cosmetically there are some marks on the underside which may come off if cleaned, I have not tried. This cymbal can also be used as bottom hi hat cymbal. If you look closely at the pics you can see the ink mark “Crash”.. This is a 60’s 3 dot...
  13. danpetersdesign

    SOLD: Istanbul Agop 16" Traditional Light Hi-Hats

    16" Istanbul Agop Traditional Light Hi-Hats. I don't have weights on these, but they feel and sound great. No problems with these at all. I just play my 30th anniversaries a lot more. $400 shipped CONUS. 16" Agop Traditional Light Hihats by danpetersdesign posted Mar 3, 2019 at 4:24 AM
  14. T

    Just landed in LA. Suggestions?

    I've been here quite a few times, but never checked out any music stores. Any suggestions for a good selection on cymbals (looking Paiste) I'm curious to see the difference, if any between NY, and LA.
  15. Medellin

    Paiste 2002 or Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials or....?

    Hi guys! I just joined the forum and would appreciate some wisdom and advice i regards to choosing new cymbals! I am looking to purchase a whole new set of cymbals to use for recording and gigs. The style of music I play is hard rock and blues. Yes, the easy choice here would be to just...
  16. Erin Tarket

    I want to be a cymbal smith

    My dream job that I want to get education for starting this year and throughout college to be is a cymbal smith, be it an independent smith or a member of my favorite cymbal company MEINL. If anyone here knows the basics into getting into cymbal smithing and wants to share that knowledge with...
  17. JMSpider

    Interesting hi hats at a church I was at.

    I was at a local church for a Boy Scouts meeting and I saw a set of Pearl hi hats that appeared to be made out of B8 bronze. I thought that Pearl only ever made those cheap brass cymbals that come with drumsets so I found this interesting.
  18. beatsmith8

    Blind Recording - Paiste v Ist Mehmet

    I bought a whole bunch of Istanbul cymbals on amazon blowout pricing. Tried to set up somewhat equivalent setups between my existing Paiste and the new Mehmet. 15" hats for both, 2x18" crashes for both, a 19" crash in Ist setup vs 20" crash in paiste, and similar weight rides (21" in paiste vs...
  19. J

    Is this chick serious?

    think I just found a steal, can anyone tell me if this is a c&c kit or just c&c head??
  20. Burps

    Love/Hate Cymbal Relationships

    Do you have a cymbal that you both hated and loved at different times? I love it when you go from not liking a cymbal to really loving it once you get to know it better. But sometimes the opposite happens and you may end up disliking a cymbal that you thought you'd love forever. Has this...