1. M

    Saluda Cymbals

    I play Saluda cymbals, and have been quite happy with them for about 4 years now. I read a lot of people recently calling them crap... or say that they suck because they don't make their own blanks, instead buying from China. Now, my questions are, have the naysayers actually played Saludas...
  2. JuHiZz

    Impression Cymbals

    What u think of Impression cymbals..? http://www.impressioncymbals.com/ I'm planning an cymbal renewing soon.. My present cymbals: - Meinl Classics -series 10" Splash, 12" China, 14" Crash, 15" Crash Temporary loan from my friend: - Paiste PST3 14" Crash and 20" Ride - 14" Paiste Alpha hats...
  3. coindrummer

    K ZILDJIAN CONSTANTINOPLE 22" Renaissance Ride

    Here's my latest cymbal purchase (early February 2015) - K Zildjian Constantinople 22" Renaissance ride (following is reprinted from the Zildjian on-line catalog) Developed in conjunction with renowned jazz drummer Adam Nussbaum, the 22” K Constantinople Renaissance Ride is a versatile...
  4. lododrumguy

    Weekend Cymbal Sale—18% off all cymbals larger than 18˝

    Happy weekend everyone! I'm overloaded on large cymbals right now so I thought I'd do a weekend long cymbal sale—18% off on 18˝ or larger cymbals until this Sunday, February 8th at midnight (Colorado time). Use the coupon code DFOEIGHTEEN2015 when you check out to get 18% off. If you need some...
  5. jmpd_utoronto

    Dream Cymbals at PASIC

    Just found out from my friends at Dream that they are going to be taking a bunch of B-stock/one-offs/prototypes/oddities to PASIC and will be selling them for $3/inch (16" or less) or $4/inch (17" or more). That is a pretty solid deal for some pies. Don't know what exactly they'll be bringing...
  6. LudwigZildjian

    Rush - Subdivisions Drum Cover

  7. LudwigZildjian

    Check Out My Video.....

    Hey everyone! I just uploaded a video and would like your feedback on my new video. It's a cover of Rush - Subdivisions.... https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=734184566661983&set=vb.137660829647696&type=2&theater
  8. Max Senitt


    I love my Paiste Dark Energy cymbals! Here is a recent video where you can hear their amazing sound. 14"hats, 18 + 16" crashes and a 21" ride, all Dark Energy Mark I series. ?list=UUSYpT1UFZnnmkFGiF1XKMDA
  9. P

    Overheads vs Underheads with K Zildjians?

    Underhead/Overhead help! So, I've been wanting to get rid of my overheads in my bands studio (and when we play concerts), but I cannot figure out how. I recently noticed that Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders uses them. IF anyone could tell me where to purchase them, I'd would appreciate it...
  10. My Kit Overview

    My Kit Overview

    Pretty bad photo of my drum kit. Gretsch Catalina Jazz Kit Drum Kit: 14" Snare 18" Kick 12"Toms 14" Toms Cymbals: 13" Bosphorus Antique Hi-Hats 18" Istanbul Samtraya Crash 20" Bosphorus Antique Ride
  11. M

    Turkish Cymbals

    Hey guys, just wondering about the TURKISH cymbal line, as they are not too well known around the world and if there are any Turkish users out there, what do you think of the quality, personally I love my Classic series cymbals.
  12. doctorcomedy

    Super-Ludwig 401

    Hey, everybody! This is my first post. GO EASY ON ME, OKAY? I believe I came into possession of a Super-Ludwig 401? The badge is yellow & blue. I've never seen a tag quite that color in the hour or so I've been researching my new friend here. I assume this is from 1958-1959? There's no serial...
  13. D

    OT- 3rd Musicians Swap meet on L.I.

    3rd NY Musicians Swap Meet (LONG ISLAND NY) Event Date: September13th, 2014 Time: 11am-4pm Location: The American Legion, 22 Grove Pl, Babylon, NY 11702 2blks from the LIRR Babylon train station If you are looking for new or used equipment or want to trade come on down! If you know someone...
  14. C

    TRX Cymbals

    Many great artist are starting to recognize TRX and their handmade cymbals, they sound great (in my opinion) but I would love to hear from anyone who has owned/played or even know some good information on them, pros and cons please, thank you!
  15. amazish

    MyCymbal.com ships international using fedex only?

    Hello all Have you heard of this? I noticed and was explained to through emails that memphisdrum/mycymbal will now only ship international with fedex due to "size restrictions". This makes almost all purchases [22" rides...] very very expensive and unreasonable. They used to offer usps...
  16. D

    Sabian AA Closeout specials

    Hello Everyone, We have a whole bunch of brand new discontinued Sabian AA Cymbals on special thru our eBay site. http://www.ebay.com/usr/mugan_music_group We have some crashes from $139.99 all free shipping included. Thanks, Joe
  17. D

    Jo Jo Mayer Signed cymbals from the Chicago Drum show clinic

    Hello Everyone, I got some of the cymbals used and played my Jo Jo Mayer himself from the Chicago drum show. Jo Jo also signed them as well, Just selling them at MAP prices, the Jo Jo signatures will be an incentive for the buyer to have to collect or play. I have these models, 19" AA Holy...
  18. cashmanbashman

    How to fix old cymbal logos

    I have more then a few old cymbals with the logos worn. The outlines are there on some and I would love to re ink them but can't get the ink to stick? It just beads up and runs. They stamp them with ink from the factory so what am I missing? I did a good non paste wash so there is no sealant...
  19. Mel Lewis personal Avedis 22" Swish Knocker

    Mel Lewis personal Avedis 22" Swish Knocker

    ..one of Mel's 22" Avedis Swish Knocker, late 1970's, 3055 grams (Lennie DiMuzio-Collection)
  20. G

    Information on my vintage Zildjian cymbal?? HELP!

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I see a lot of well-informed drum gurus here and I have a mystery cymbal I know nothing about! This cymbal came with a drum set I bought awhile back and I got it for next to nothing, as it was an addition to the set. I had a friend tell me that it is a...