1. K

    Wanted: Yamaha 60's kit (C-200, D-20)

    Hey! I've been trying to get a hold of a Yamaha 60's kit in any wrap (though mainly golden dragon, willow, or blue thunder), in at least decent playing condition. I know some of these have kits have reinforcement rings, would definitely prefer that. Snare or no snare. I'm in Philadelphia ...
  2. 6topher

    Yamaha Y Badge Restore

    Woke up early one Saturday with a decent payday burning a hole in my pocket from a good gig the night before, was cruising DFO & saw richm's thread about some 20/12/14 blue willow yamaha's on CL he was looking at but couldn't get to. So, I called the guy - struck a deal off of his CL pics...