1. bongomania

    Hammering for a specific result

    I have an oldish ride that I’d like to get a bit more crash sound from. More trash and hiss, less gong. I’ve been experimenting with hammering cymbals, enough to be comfortable doing it, but not enough to know what kind of results I’ll get. Any tips for more crash?
  2. J

    Best quality brands???

    Hey guys was wondering if any of you have tried to drum wraps, planned on stripping some extra shells I have and starting a little project. What wrap companies do y’all know of that are best quality and are most visually appealing? Also what companies have the largest variety of parts (hoops...
  3. Drummers & Dragons

    We made a custom guitar pedalboard from a broken record player.

    It was for my wife. She loves playing her guitars and organizing. Cords! Reminds me of my nightmare Roland days. But this was cool, and she can close it up and keep the cats out of it. They chew skinny cords like phone cords. It's our fault because we play with them with string.
  4. BNK

    Anyone using PVC Tubing on their cymbal stands?

    Found a great alternative to constantly replacing the plastic sleeves on my Yamaha cymbal stands... PVC tubing (vinyl). I cut the sleeve portion off the stock black plastic tilt sleeves and slide a 2" piece of PVC tubing over the threaded portion of the tilter. On average the PVC tubing lasts...
  5. P

    Custom Build Project

    Hello all, interested in building a custom set of drums for my self but dont know where to start Sizes i want to do are as follows (depth x diameter) Rack Toms 8 x10 8x13 Floor Toms 12x14 12x16 Bass drum 22x24 Snare drum 7x14 Id like the shells to be either maple or birch going to source...
  6. Gumi_____

    DIY (acoustic drums to) E drums vs Roland TD 30KV/2Box Drumit5

    Hello everyone, I am new to the E drums world and have been playing acoustic drum in the past years````` But recently I am running into the problem of playing drums in apartment, and I am thinking of buying a set of TD 30KV, then I found some post about Roland vs 2Box, Pros and Cons, and DIY...
  7. Woody85

    Need some advice (bass drum hardware)

    Ok so I'm currently in the process of building a 12"x16" kick drum to complete a Gretsch bop kit. I've got the shell drilled for lugs already, but I can't decide on what spurs/tom mounting hardware To put on the kick. I've narrowed down my options to the following - but I am completely open to...
  8. M

    DIY Foot drum, Stompbox, percussion

    Hi all I am a musician I mainly play Guitar and Bass, in church and sometimes go busking. I have been intrigued by foot percussion for some time. At the moment I am interested in cajon drums. I have a small wooden wine box i intend to make into one. I have a few things to work out 1. I will...
  9. drummerboyfitz

    Solid reso head bass drum

    A new entry on my drum blog - check it out! My home made bass drum with a maple resonant head. Solid reso head bass drum I've been playing with the snare off to the side and it is awesome! No crossover to get to the hi-hat.
  10. SubKick


    Basic Homemade Subkick my friend and I made. Added together with a D112 and/or a SM57 gives some really good Sub bass frequency and packs a real punch to a mix (after you flip the phase).
  11. Demonslayer

    My Weekend Project: DIY Hardshell Case Lining

    I'm sure my ability as a craftsperson ranks well bellow most forum members, but I'm rather proud of this, so I'm sharing, hoping it will help someone who might be interested in doing something like this. Enjoy! [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:798]
  12. Man minus label

    Starting the year right. Making a house for my snares.

    Cleaning up the basement, there were some storage cabinets that were emptied, so I took the wood and reused it to make a cabinet for my snares. Now they have a nice house and aren't just stacked on each other or laying around randomly. Good old oops paint at Home Depot for $2. Blue stain...
  13. dave.robertson

    DIY flight case or road case

    (Apologies if this is covered by a recent topic. I searched and did not find any.) While I am interested in building light-weight flight-style cases for single drums, any DIY case building advice is welcome! Do you have any advice on or experience with DIY flight- or road-worthy cases? Where...