1. olmanbenny

    ‘68 Ludwig Psychadelic Red shell pack Hollywood

    Vintage ‘68 Ludwig Hollywood shell pack in rare Psychadelic Red. 12/13/16/22. For sale are the shells only…I’ll include the remaining lugs on the rack tom and the muffler on the floor tom because I’m lazy. In great shape, except for the bottom of the interior of the bass drum, which has some...
  2. T

    60s/70s 20/12/14 Ludwig Downbeat w/ Acrolite

    Hi all! For sale is an immaculate 20/12/14 downbeat outfit with a 60s Acrolite. The 14x14 and 20” kick both B/O badges while the 12” rack has a keystone badge. The serial numbers are as follows: 12x8 515866 14x14 767919 20x14 785698 5x14 Acrolite 584438 Cosmetically there are very few...
  3. artvandalaye

    *Price Drop* Ludwig Legacy Maple Downbeat Kit 20/12/14" Sky Blue Pearl

    Hi everyone! I'm offering up my Ludwig Legacy Maple Downbeat Kit for sale 20x14 / 12x8 / 14x14 (no snare) Beautiful Sky Blue Pearl Wrap 3-ply maple/poplar/maple with reinforcement rings Vintage build: rail mount, gull-wing spurs, vintage Keystone badges, T-Rods on the BD No paper tags on the...
  4. drfills

    SOLD: Vintage Early 1970s Ludwig Downbeat 12/14/20 in Champagne Sparkle

    This is now SOLD. Thanks. For sale is a really nice Vintage 1970s Ludwig Downbeat 12/14/20 in Champagne Sparkle in great players condition. All three ply shells in great condition and in-round with factory edges. The 12 and 20 shells have the sixties painted white interior, while the 14 is the...
  5. markrocks68

    1960 Ludwig Transition Badge Downbeat Outfit No. 988P in Oyster Pink Pearl

    Id like to share with you all how I celebrated 8 years of being booze free. This kit is my personal "holy grail" set and as a Ludwig collector/player is pretty much at the top of the vintage list and falls, as I was told, under the "go and try to find another" category. FINALLY I have a 1960...
  6. 1967 Ludwig WMP Downbeat Kit In attic play room

    1967 Ludwig WMP Downbeat Kit In attic play room

    This is my 1967 one-owner Ludwig 12/16/20 Downbeat kit in an attic that my family and I converted in 1998 into a playroom for our 2 boys. Now that they're both grown it's become my man cave. We stapled 2 large colorful parachutes (if it doesn't work, simply bring it back for a full refund) to...
  7. 1967 Ludwig WMP Downbeat specs

    1967 Ludwig WMP Downbeat specs

    Critical information for the Ludwig WMP Downbeat set ordered in 1966 and 1667
  8. 04-04-67 Drum Key receipt for Ludwig WMP Downbeat

    04-04-67 Drum Key receipt for Ludwig WMP Downbeat

    Receipt for the Ludwig WMP Downbeat set I ordered from The Drum Key in Springfield, MO on 4/4/67.
  9. E

    SOLD Ludwig Club Date SE - 2012 - Downbeat

    Ludwig Club Date SE in Ruby Sparkle Excellent condition! $550 obo
  10. 1967 Ludwig catalog excerpts Page 04 05

    1967 Ludwig catalog excerpts Page 04 05

  11. Drums

    (SOLD) USA Vintage set to trade for my Yamaha Club Custom

    I'd like to trade my near perfect orange swirl Yamaha Club Custom drum set in downbeat sizes (20-12-14), ideally for a Rogers Delta (single lug Tower) complete set or another Club Custom set in Swirl Black. Ludwig Club Dates, Camco, Gretsch, Slingerland Stage Band? Who knows- whatcha got? Best...
  12. markrocks68

    Seeking 1960's Green Sparkle Ludwig Kit

    Hi all Anyone have a vintage green sparkle Keystone kit for sale? The nicer the better. PM me if you have any leads. I'm located in SoCal & can drive for the right kit to not deal with shipping. Thanks
  13. drfills

    SOLD: Vintage 1970s Ludwig Blue Sparkle Downbeat with Jazzfest

    THIS IS NOW SOLD! For sale is a Vintage 1970s Ludwig Downbeat configuration 20/14/12 with matching 8 lug Jazzfest snare in blue sparkle. Great players condition! All shells in-round and feature original bearing edges in great shape. Interiors are all granitone except for the 12 with is clear...
  14. B

    Lugs for '65 Ludwig Downbeat snare drum

    NEEDED! Three (3) Ludwig Downbeat snare drum lugs. I found five...there has to be three more in this world!!!
  15. markrocks68

    Vintage 1966 Ludwig 14x14 Downbeat Floor Tom in Black Diamond Pearl

    Hi all Up for sale is a VERY nice vintage 1966 Ludwig Downbeat model floor tom in the 14 x 14 size. SN-369099 There is what looks to be a date stamp but unreadable. SN dates to August 1966. The drum is all original. No extra holes or mods. The Black Diamond Pearl wrap is vibrant and has NO...
  16. markrocks68

    Restoration complete: 1965 Ludwig Downbeat in Sparkling Burgundy Pearl

    Hi all Thought I would share this treasure I was able to acquire here in SoCal. I bought this kit from a fellow drummer in town. I actually gave him 100 dollars more than what he was asking & I think you all know why. (His phone was ringing off the hook). It's an ALMOST matched kit (BD & Tom...
  17. timbo

    Ludwig Lug for Downbeat or Piccolo / 13" 6-Lug Snare Hoop

    Hey folks. I'm working on a Ludwig Piccolo for a friend. It needs one new lug. Anyone have one that they'd be willing to part with? (pic below for reference) In addition, I need a 13" snare-side, 6-lug hoop for this snare. Doesn't need to be period. It can be modern, as long as it's triple...
  18. 1967 Ludwig WMP Downbeat Drum Set

    1967 Ludwig WMP Downbeat Drum Set

    Completely disassembled, detailed and reassembled in 2012. No modifications whatsoever and no imperfections on any chrome. It's INSANELY clean with just a hint of even green fading. The kit was ordered new on 4/4/67 from Dave Bedel (my drum teacher & local jazz drummer in Springfield, MO)...