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  1. Chicago.Drum.Exchange

    Dream Cymbal Flash Sale @ CDE!!!

    Hey gang! CDE is doing a flash sale today on Dream Vintage Bliss 22" Crash Rides and 20" Bliss Crash Rides! Since you are forum members I will extend this sale to all dream cymbals! Email diego@chicagomusicexchange.com for more info!
  2. Chicago.Drum.Exchange

    Dream Cymbals

    Hey gang! We just wanted to start a thread to get your opinion on Dream Cymbals. We move a lot of them here at the shop and most the feedback is pretty great, but we always are looking for some perspective. Let us know what you think about particular series, cymbals themselves, or the company...
  3. SteveDilksDrums

    22" Dream China - Mislabel

    Hey everyone, Last night I picked up this beautiful 22" Dream China. Funny part is, although it is clearly a China cymbal it is marked as a Crash Ride. Perhaps a rare factory mislabel? Either way, I've been collecting Dream stuff lately and thought this was interesting. I also picked it up for...
  4. E

    Some advice upgrading my cymbals online (I have no other option)

    Hello there, I'm looking to upgrade my cymbal set. I don't have much experience with hardly any cymbals except Zildjian and Sabians and I don't have access to test cymbals or anything since I live in a somewhat resource-lacking part of Mexico. I do have a way to get things shipped though. So...
  5. Arizona DRUM Shop

    All In-stock Dream Cymbals - 25%-off for one week.

    Hey Everyone, ...this one-time offer expired awhile ago. Thanks for looking and call if we may be of service. 480-947-2222
  6. Crush

    My introduction, and a look at my '66 Leedy in BDP.

    Hey everyone. I've been a lurker on this forum for a few years now, but I've never really introduced myself or posted anything. My name is Taylor, but the dudes in my band have been calling me Crush for a couple years, hence my username. Not to be confused with the drum company of the same...