1. The Whale

    Sabian HH EQ 14" hats for somthing darker w/ more wash

    These Sabian HH EQ hats are getting harder and harder to find. They sound so crisp and musical. They really are fantastic hats, I'm just looking for something with less volume and more wash. Need something light. Not picky about brand. These do have a very small crack on the bottom hat...
  2. Chicago.Drum.Exchange

    20 - 25% off cymbals @ CDE!

    Hey gang! Diego here from the Chicago Drum Exchange! Just want to give you a heads up that we are doing a pretty massive cymbal blow out sale. We really need to move some inventory to get some new stuff in here so the discounts range between 20-25% off select cymbals. Shoot me an email or give...
  3. Chicago.Drum.Exchange

    Dream Cymbal Flash Sale @ CDE!!!

    Hey gang! CDE is doing a flash sale today on Dream Vintage Bliss 22" Crash Rides and 20" Bliss Crash Rides! Since you are forum members I will extend this sale to all dream cymbals! Email diego@chicagomusicexchange.com for more info!
  4. Chicago.Drum.Exchange

    Dream Cymbals

    Hey gang! We just wanted to start a thread to get your opinion on Dream Cymbals. We move a lot of them here at the shop and most the feedback is pretty great, but we always are looking for some perspective. Let us know what you think about particular series, cymbals themselves, or the company...
  5. FloydZKing

    Soultone rides to swap for Dream Bliss or similar

    I have liked every Dream Bliss cymbal I've played and I want to check out their rides. The Soultones are all EC+, pretty much like new. Looking for swaps, will sell though, prices included: 21" Soultone Latin...
  6. Ryandrummer26

    Dream Bliss 22" Crash Ride

    Hey guys, i'm selling my dream bliss 22" crash ride. It's in very good condition, no cracks, chips, etc. When i got this cymbal a few months back i took a peak at the edges going around the cymbal and this must've been an early model of the Bliss and were trying different hammering techniques...
  7. benjamin

    Dream Bliss 20" Crash Ride $100

    Bliss Crash ride. Seriously great cymbal. Plays to me like a buttery Zildjian medium crash. Some tape residue, but other than that is in great shape. Works well for lighter stuff as a ride, and also seriously one of the best rock crashes I've used. Only selling because I prefer bigger cymbals...
  8. C

    Snares, cymbals, and some hardware FT/FS

    Got a list of stuff I'm looking to trade or sell. If you see something or things that you like shoot me a message. Everything is used, if there's any marks to note I've taken pictures and mentioned them but if you have questions or want more pics don't hesitate to ask. I don't have a scale for...
  9. jmpd_utoronto

    Dream Cymbals at PASIC

    Just found out from my friends at Dream that they are going to be taking a bunch of B-stock/one-offs/prototypes/oddities to PASIC and will be selling them for $3/inch (16" or less) or $4/inch (17" or more). That is a pretty solid deal for some pies. Don't know what exactly they'll be bringing...
  10. dunnenrb


    Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 18" Crash/Ride Near mint condition. I bought this back in April/May, and have literally hit it less that 20 times. It looks brand new. SOLD Dream Bliss 13" Hi Hats These are a few years old, but have barely any playing time on them. Never gigged. Great set...
  11. BennettDrums

    SALE! - New 24" Flat Ride $199

    We currently have just 5 left in stock, you'll want to move fast. 24" Flat ride cymbal with small bell by Dream Cymbals & Gongs (made in Wuhan) ON SALE for only $199! All of our drums are always available to be played and purchased in store at Donn Bennett Drum Studios. Come on down and try...