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    Cult of Personality

    This song just kicks major arse! Even after over 30 years of being released it still just gets my drum blood pumping! I tried some new editing both video and audio... I feel it's my best one ever! So please, give it a watch and let me know what you think! All comments welcomed (good or bad)...
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    Hand of Sorrow - Within Temptation - drum cover

    Had a fan request for this song... I gotta say her voice is amazing and powerful! Never heard the band until now but I'm a fan! Anyone else know Within Temptation? If this is your first time, enjoy!
  3. S

    Slayer - Raining Blood : Happy Halloween Drum Covers!

    Did any of you do a fun Halloween drum cover? Did you decorate or dress up for it?! Post them up lets see what you did! Here's my fun Halloween cover of Raining Blood by Slayer!
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    Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache

    So I worked really hard and dialing in my sound. My focus was making sure everything was in phase and man what a difference it makes!!! I still have a LONG way to go and learn... but slowly but surely it's getting better. I'm finally pretty happy with the snare sound now that it's all in phase...
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    Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane

    Another friend of mine who is also an amazing drummer requested a did Breaking Benjamin - Diary All feedback/comments welcomed! Thanks for watching
  6. S

    Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll - Drum Cover

    Recently I did a cover of Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song and one of my students requested I do a cover of Rock and Roll. He really wants to learn the intro so I said no problem! And here we are! All feedback / comments welcomed. I didn't play the main song note for note, I just had fun and went...
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    Siren's Call - Live

    This song was requested by a viewer after watching my video of Lakini's Juice. I had personally never heard this song... but once I heard it I was in love. I think this is my new top favorite Live song. I marked out a couple of areas that are my favorite. Like around 2 minutes and the small...
  8. S

    Highly Suspect - Little One - Drum Cover

    This song helps my cope with the loss of our Zoey Rose... She was our family Akita and my daughters best friend. It's been a struggle for me and I miss her so much. But she'll forever be in our hearts and she'll never be forgotten. This is my newest drum cover. Little One by Highly Suspect...
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    Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

    Had a request for something Led Zeppelin... so I choose Immigrant Song cause this song just gets me moving! A fun 2 minute adrenaline pumping song. All feedback and comments welcomed, good or bad! And yes I know, it's not note for note at all. This is more or less if I were to record the song.
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    Chicago 25 or 6 to 4

    Youtube finally released my original cover I did. It kept getting blocked and I had to change the tuning down to get around that but it sounded awful. So finally now I can post this Rock version cover. This is done in my style. I absolutely love Chicago and had a blast covering this song. All...
  11. Michael Benohr

    Drum video to No One Knows (QOTSA)

    Hey everyone in the forum, I wanted to share with you this video drumming along to No One Knows on the new Roland VAD506. I use addictive drums for recordings. I hope you enjoy it. The are lots of more videos on my youtube channel. Have a great easter break!
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    Lakini's Juice - Live

    Absolutely one of my personal favorite songs. It just puts me in a state of trance and I just want to close my eyes and jam out to this song! What song does that for you?! All feedback and comments welcomed! hope you enjoy it as much as i did. Thank you for watching!!
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    Megadeth - Hangar 18

    I absolutely love this song. Such a powerhouse blast to play on the drums. Nick Menza was a killer drummer! I played this more my way but still wanted to keep his vibe alive. I feel I also really dialed in my drum mix the best so far on this cover! I'm not using any plugs in, just standard EQ...
  14. S

    Alice in Chains - Check My Brain

    Any Alice in Chains fans?! This is one of my favorites from them. When i first heard this I fell in love with the dark bending guitar riffs. Just a killer song for me! Hopefully I did this one justice! All feedback welcomed! Thanks for watching!
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    Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Drum Cover)

    My newest video. I really enjoyed playing this song! Was a lot of fun to just have fun! All comments/Feedback welcomed! Thanks for watching!
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    Quiet Riot - Cum On Feel The Noize

    This song came out the same year I was born lol Just a straight up great song to jam on. Lots of fun! One of my old students dad requested this one I really love my up down fill at 3:40 that turned out pretty cool IMO Anyways, all feedback welcomed!
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    Golden Cobra - Limp Bizkit

    Not a lot will admit it.. but I'll say! I love Limp Bizkit hahaha Golden Cobra YA'LL.....!
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    Tears Don't Fall: Bullet For My Valentine

    Any Metalcore guys still around?! This song was one of the tops for me! It's an absolute blast to play. The Moose is an awesome drummer \m/ Hope you enjoy, all comments welcomed!
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    Who Are You... The Who... new camera angle

    So I tried something new with this video. I taped my cell phone to the ceiling to do an overhead shot lol Minus my camera being dirty from my daughters playing with my phone and me neglecting to notice or clean it until after shot..... I think it turned out pretty cool. I'll make sure on the...
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    You Really Got me - Van Halen - Drum Cover

    had a friend ask me to cover a Van Halen tune. Choose You Really Got Me which was actually a cover Van Halen did of a song by the Kinks. Anyways, all comments welcomed good or bad! Let me know what you think!