drum head

  1. A

    Looking for some help (inked by evans)

    Hey guys, Just got a drum head pack that came with an Inked by Evans card. I went to checkout with the design I wanted but there seems to be no way to apply the code. Do they no longer accept them? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. JMSpider

    Old drum head on new drum.

    This is my first post here. I was wondering if it would sound good if I took the Remo Emperor off of my cheap snare drum and put it on a new snare drum or if I should just buy a new head when I get a new snare drum?
  3. Josh Garside-Meyers

    Kangaroo vs. Calfskin

    I'm sure many of you have heard of the Kentville drum head company in Australia responsible for making Kangaroo hide drum heads. I have never played these before, but I have played calf and really enjoyed it. I was wondering if anyone has experienced Kentville drum heads and if there is a...
  4. The_SupraPhonic

    Coated Emperor vs Clear Emperor?

    Is there really any differance between the two? I can't seem to hear any differance in this comparison video.
  5. The_SupraPhonic

    Coated Emperor vs Clear Emperor?

    s there really any differance between the two? I can't seem to hear any differance in this comparison video.
  6. scvmeat

    Small or "Boutique" Drum Head Manufacturers

    So, we all know the main brands out there...Remo, Evans and Aquarian. I am curious and interested in companies that are much smaller and may have a niche or something that is "their thing" in drum heads. Who can get me up to speed on other manufacturers?
  7. maxb2k

    Wanted-Ludwig Weathermaster smooth 12

    Fellas- ISO 1- blue ink vintage Ludwig Weathermaster smooth 12". If anyone has one they can part with, would be excellent! Thanks, Max
  8. Mattthorner

    Vintage drum heads

    I recently purchased a vintage Evans chrome reso bass drum head for my 20" slingerland. I love how it looks and sounds. Anyone ever wish Evans would bring back a modern chrome series of heads?
  9. N

    Average Drum Head Life for Hard Hitters?

    Hey, so I am just curious, how long do most drum heads go before breaking for hard hitting drummers? I have a sound percussion kit. The snare lasted me all but 4 days, and I tore through it. Here is the thing, I think I hit really hard--I pretty much put all I can into each hit on the snare...
  10. NicGlumsic

    Where should I order a custom kick head for my band?

    I have looked a couple places and checked out various prices... Anyone have any direction to point me in? I have been playing percussion for 15 years and Drum Kit for eight years. I use a Pearl Vision, the kick head is 22" I have art that can be used for the drum I just need to know what site...