drum lesson

  1. K

    Steve Ferrone groove lesson

    I recorded a drum lesson of one the most complicated Ferrone grooves, So Misled by Duran Duran. Also included is a clip from my lesson with Ferrone and it's at the end of the video. It's a challenging groove for challenging times like these...
  2. C

    Quintuplet and Septuplet Drag Beats Explained

    Just finished this video, let me know what you think! &lc=z131wrepwlrdu34ij04cetojsmz0cx4hod4 Thanks Alistair
  3. L

    Master Quintuplets in 5 Days.

    Hi Everyone! I'm now offering a Free 5-Day Email Course on How To Master Quintuplets, for a period of time. Click Here to Sign Up Now: eepurl.com/cmSAtD Why You Should Sign Up: You're an intermediate player that's struggling to execute Quintuplets correctly, incorporate them into your...
  4. K

    Ed Greene / Shake Your Body lesson

    Hi guys! I recorded this short video to demonstrate Ed Greene's overdubbed parts from The Jacksons Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground). Hope you'll learn something :)
  5. Christos Asonitis

    Christos Asonitis - Sticking Coordinations

    On this drum lesson i play different stickings above a paradiddle ostinato on the feet. Independence, self concentration, dynamical and rhythmical balance between hands and feet and polyrhythmical training are the main benefits of these exercises. Video link: At the video's info click the...
  6. QeVoZ

    How to play simple fills! [Video]

    In this video, my girlfriend shows how to play simple fills that sounds cool! :) Any kind of feedback appreciated!
  7. Demonchops

    Demonchops Improve Your Technique Faster

    Wasup guys, Just trying to spread the word about Demonchops new online lessons. The lesson at the moment are 30 second snippet lesson's of combined rudiments to help increase speed and technique. I post the lessons currently on Instagram(@demonchops) and I am looking to build a good...