1. S

    WTB Gretsch round badge bass drum badge and grommet

    On the hunt for a gretsch round badge bass drum grommet and badge. Please reach out if you have one for sale.
  2. D

    Metronome Practice please Help?

    Hey everyone, I really want to take my drumming to a whole different level. I’ve been practicing my rudiments and hand techniques really slow so I’m really perfecting my techniques. I’ve been tracking my progress and setting myself goals every month so I’m constantly Working towards getting...
  3. cgrutledge

    22x14 or 24x14 shell for Gretsch kit

    I have a 24x16, 13x9, 16x16 gretsch renown maple red glass glitter kit i have loved. But I’m ready to switch things up and get into my favorite bass drum sizing and possibly rewrap. If you have anything i may be interested in please let me know!
  4. F

    Gretsch and Ludwig snare drums

    Brand new Gretsch custom rosewood gloss 20 lug 6.5x14. Micro sensitive strainer. Canopus leather washers added. Includes Gretsch deluxe logo bag. $700 Modern Ludwig 5x14 chrome over brass snare. Upgraded with chrome over brass hoops; Canopus leather washers; Canopus snare wires; Canopus snare...
  5. J

    1965 Ludwig WMP 13” Tom

    Great drum. Bought to piece together a matching set but it has been very difficult to find matching drums. I have a blue oyster pearl kit from the same year. Would be willing to trade for blue oyster Tom 13”. No other trades considered. Thank you for looking! Missing the internal mute. I think I...
  6. M

    WTB (8) 85mm or 80mm Tension Rods

    I’m restoring a Gretsch Energy drum set and I am missing 8 bass drum T-rods. They are 85mm, which I can not find for sale anywhere. If anyone has any new or used T-rods that are 85mm or close to it, or know of a place that carries them, please let me know. Thanks!
  7. L

    I Sing and Play Drums on this Beatles cover video!

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted here in a while. Just wanted to share this video of me singing and playing drums, guitar and bass to "Come Together" by The Beatles. Hope you enjoy! :) Lindsay
  8. Big Beat

    For Sale: Premier, Olympic, Vox, Trixon vintage drum parts

    Assorted British drum parts for sale. Unknown snare drum strainer assembly. I believe this is c. 1950s Premier but it is NOT marked. Interesting piece, I have never seen another. If you can identify it for sure, please do. $50 Bass drum spur mounts, spring loaded. Marked Premier, c. 1960s...
  9. J

    Best quality brands???

    Hey guys was wondering if any of you have tried to drum wraps, planned on stripping some extra shells I have and starting a little project. What wrap companies do y’all know of that are best quality and are most visually appealing? Also what companies have the largest variety of parts (hoops...
  10. J

    Some advice...

    so I stopped into a random pawn shop out of town, going back by there today will post a photo then, anyway came across a snare, pretty sure it’s a Ludwig acrolite, blue/olive badge, serial: 2159111. With their current discount they offered $52.00, good buy or no???
  11. dunnenrb


    Selling another lightly used A&F Raw Brass Snare 5x14" - it has not been gigged, only played in my home studio. These drums sound GREAT. I just have had some unexpected expenses come up and need to let it go. Please keep in mind these snares are all hand made, so you should expect...
  12. dunnenrb


    I got this early this year, it is a KILLER snare drum for the money. So unique and fat! I just got a new stave AND a brass snare so I need to let this one go sadly :( I have never owned a snare that is this well built. Also including the special drum key that comes with it that can lock in the...
  13. M

    Wanted Rogers Drum Mufflers & Collet

    I'm looking for 3 Rogers mufflers for a vintage Holiday kit. I'm also looking for a collet for the tom holder and 1 floor tom leg. Please let me know if you have any. Thanks!
  14. D

    Sonor Designer Maple Light 22" Bass Drum - Green Stain

    Hi Everyone, We have a baby arriving fairly soon, so I am needing to sell some things to create space in the house. This is a Sonor Designer Maple Light 22"x17.5" (I believe 17.5") bass drum with a "green stain" finish. Based on the serial number, it was probably made in October of 1996. I'm...
  15. sonortony35

    Used Acoutin Solid Ply Osage Orange/Stainless Snare Drum 14x6.5

    I am letting my amazing Acoutin Custom snare drum go... The shell is a one of a kind solid ply osage orange/stainless steel hybrid and it is STUNNING. There are a few finger prints here and there, but overall this drum is near mint! I have an INDe on there now, which is great, but I will include...
  16. J

    SOLD: Premier Percussion 6000 Bass Drum Pedal

    In excellent condition: https://www.ebay.com/itm/112951835225 I tried posting a picture.. it uploaded but didn't post. Hmmmm....
  17. scottpep

    Roland TM-2 Bass drum setup video - settings

    I made this video to give to people who ask me what my Roland settings are, or if they are having issues with double triggers and miss hits. I go over all the settings, what they do, and what ones to use. Copying my settings is not good as we all have different drums and play differently...
  18. scottpep

    Top ten rudiments

    Here are the top ten rudiments I use in my day to day playing. You can change the accents, subdivisions, add flams, etc, and these could keep a person busy for years and years without working on the other 30. I'm not saying don't learn the others, but for new students I teach these first...
  19. J

    SOLD: Premier Genista Birch Toms and Bass Drum

    Selling my Premier Genista (newer version). I now just have 2 drums left. One tom, and bass drum. 12x8 birch tom: https://www.ebay.com/itm/112787743336 22x18 birch bass drum: https://www.ebay.com/itm/112950643073
  20. Bulldog1967

    6 Piece Yamaha Recording Custom Drum Kit "Sunburst" MIJ

    Up for sale is a very rare Yamaha Recording Custom shell pack in stunning Antique Sunburst finish. This kit was made in the mid 1990's and is in great shape with a few lacquer chips on the 10 and 12 toms (pictured) and typical wear on the hoops as the only real visible flaws (the chips are on...