1. sixplymaple

    Show Me Your Drumhead Stash!

    I starting thinking about this after I saw this little 15 second clip of Thomas Lang showing off his drumhead stash… I thought I had too many heads in my closet, but jeez. Anyways, I’d love to see your personal drumhead stashes! I’m sure some of you older guys on here have a ton of them...
  2. dunnenrb


    Help me fund a Jenkins Martin kit Tom Sale I bought these last year off of Ulysses Owens Jr. on reverb (see screenshot) who got them from Steve Maxwell Drums in NYC. They sound so so so good. They are pretty clean overall, obviously the lugs on the 13" are not original. Paint is not as good on...
  3. sixplymaple

    -SOLD- Ludwig LB545 5”x14” LE Bronze Black Beauty Snare Drum -SOLD-

    Ludwig LB545 5”x14” LE Bronze Black Beauty Snare Drum (LIKE NEW) Basically brand new Ludwig snare drum. I like the bronze, but it’s a little to dark for my tastes. I just switched it out with a COB. I’ve barely played this snare. The only issue is the inside sticker. It was peeling off when I...
  4. A

    Need advise for storing and protecting my drum kit

    I am new to drumming, still learning with a long way to go, and a few months ago I bought my first drum kit. It's been kept in the basement because that's the coolest area in the house and it's not exposed to straight on sunlight, but, unbeknownst to me, it turns out that there's a high amount...
  5. sixplymaple

    Ludwig’s Recent LE Metal Snare Drums - Thouhts?

    What does everybody think about the last few limited edition brass snares from Ludwig? One is red, one is white, and one is blue. I actually love the red, but it’s only offered in 8-Lug, so that kills it for me. In general though, I love the idea of the colored metal Ludwig snares. I think they...
  6. Anthony84

    Outlaw Drums Bandit Series Blue snare 14x6.5 Stave Maple Mint

    This is essentially a brand new snare. It’s been sitting in my closet for some time now. I’ve never actually hit it with a stick let alone mount it on a snare stand. It does look like it’s gotten a few hits probably from people at the shop I got it from. I just have way too much gear and I’m...
  7. Bojangles1594

    Help Wanted, New Snare Drum Project (Fade + Gloss Coat)

    Hello Drum Forum! Just joined yesterday and I’m already excited to get to learn from y’all and apply that knowledge to my future projects. I have decided to modify a snare drum I don’t use anymore. It is a Shine, Definition Birch, 14x6, in Candy Apple Red (doesn’t look like that color, but I...
  8. sixplymaple

    OT: Reverb Suspension - Dazed & Confused

    I have been selling on Reverb for a little over a year with no issues until now. I am 100% honest and transparent on every item that I list and sell. I have nothing but positive feedback and happy customers. That’s why I was very confused to find my account suspended the other day. Reverb sent...
  9. sixplymaple

    -SOLD- Pearl 6.5”x13” Reference Snare Drum 20ply 6-Lug RF1365S/C102 (Rare) -SOLD-

    Pearl 6.5”x13” Reference Snare Drum 20ply 6-Lug RF1365S/C102 (Rare) I rescued this drum from a pawn shop in March 2021. It had the wrong hardware attached to it and it needed some work, but the shell and finish were in great shape. The drum is now factory correct and looks like new! It has 2x...
  10. sixplymaple

    Pearl 6.5”x13” Reference Snare for Ludwig 5”x14” COB?

    Pearl 6.5”x13” Reference Snare Drum 20ply 6-Lug RF1365S/C102 (Rare) I rescued this drum from a pawn shop in March 2021. It had the wrong hardware attached to it and it needed some work, but the shell and finish were in great shape. The drum is now factory correct and looks like new! It has 2x...
  11. B

    Project concert shells

    4 concert style drum shells 3 white wrap 10x6.5, 15x12, 16x14 1 black wrap 12x8 No bottom lug holes or bearing edge Shells need cleaned up and edges need work 1 metal snare shell 14x5 Shipping available
  12. sixplymaple

    New LE Noble & Cooley Solid Texas Pecan Snares

    I was just perusing CymbalFusion‘s site and found some new Noble & Cooley snares. The snare’s are solid Texas pecan. Only 15 were made in honor of CymbalFusion‘s 15th anniversary. It’s pretty neat considering CymbalFusion is located in Texas. I’m just sharing because I thought they were...
  13. sixplymaple

    Need Help - Ludwig Throw Off ID?

    I never noticed that these Ludwig throw offs were different. I‘ve bought three different Ludwig metal snare drums this year. I thought all three drums had the new Ludwig Atlas P88AC throw offs, but one of them is not like the other. I need help identifying what the oddball throw off is… This is...
  14. A

    Sleeved Washers or related products, do they really work?

    I know that this kind of products work for several purposes, but to be honest, I only want to use them to eliminate the detune of the tension rods, in my case I'm going to use them for the snare. Now I only have the metal washers that came with it, so I'm planning to add the sleeved washers...
  15. sixplymaple

    I Need Help Identifying A Mic

    Does anybody happen to know what make and model this drum microphone is? It isn’t written anywhere on it. It’s the standard internal MAY drum mic from a 2005 DW bass drum or woofer? Its still brand new. I just took the extension arm off and fitted it to the mic stand attachment pictured here. My...
  16. R

    Been offered 2 snares

    I recently bought a ‘60s Yamaha D-20 shell and tried to find the matching snare somewhere. Some friend of the guy I bought the kit from has these 2 for about $282 usd ($200.000 clp according to google). Is the price right, should I ask for a lower price?
  17. sixplymaple

    My First 6-Lug Snare, Show Me More!

    I recently bought this 20ply 6.5”x13” Pearl Reference 6 Lug Snare on Ebay for a mere $215 including tax + shipping. The lugs, tension rods, and hoops were all horribly cheap aftermarket parts. I thought the drum looked super ugly without the factory hardware, so I tracked down the stock Pearl...
  18. sixplymaple

    Vacuum Drum Storage?

    I recently purchased some large Space Saver vacuum bags for storage at the house and realized they might be awesome for long term drum storage. I figure if the drums are vacuum sealed, the bags should slow oxidation of the chrome? So I tried it out and included a silica packet in each one. I...
  19. codydee12


    Beautiful condition! It seems like the 6.5 is hard to come by. This drum sounds huge and has a great warmth to it. Still has mostly original hardware. No issues tuning, holding its pitch, or keeping tension on the snare wires. There are a few spots worth noting (all are pictured) that the drum...
  20. sixplymaple

    -SOLD- SQ2 7”x14” Heavy Beech Snare -SOLD-

    Sonor SQ2 7”x14” Heavy Beech Snare - Special Order I custom ordered this snare drum through Memphis Drum Shop on 6/29/20 and the drum just arrived today on 3/1/21. It took so long that I no longer need it. This is your chance to own a special order Sonor SQ2 Snare with unique finish. It looks...