1. R

    Been offered 2 snares

    I recently bought a ‘60s Yamaha D-20 shell and tried to find the matching snare somewhere. Some friend of the guy I bought the kit from has these 2 for about $282 usd ($200.000 clp according to google). Is the price right, should I ask for a lower price?
  2. sixplymaple

    My First 6-Lug Snare, Show Me More!

    I recently bought this 20ply 6.5”x13” Pearl Reference 6 Lug Snare on Ebay for a mere $215 including tax + shipping. The lugs, tension rods, and hoops were all horribly cheap aftermarket parts. I thought the drum looked super ugly without the factory hardware, so I tracked down the stock Pearl...
  3. sixplymaple

    Vacuum Drum Storage?

    I recently purchased some large Space Saver vacuum bags for storage at the house and realized they might be awesome for long term drum storage. I figure if the drums are vacuum sealed, the bags should slow oxidation of the chrome? So I tried it out and included a silica packet in each one. I...
  4. codydee12


    Beautiful condition! It seems like the 6.5 is hard to come by. This drum sounds huge and has a great warmth to it. Still has mostly original hardware. No issues tuning, holding its pitch, or keeping tension on the snare wires. There are a few spots worth noting (all are pictured) that the drum...
  5. sixplymaple

    -SOLD- SQ2 7”x14” Heavy Beech Snare -SOLD-

    Sonor SQ2 7”x14” Heavy Beech Snare - Special Order I custom ordered this snare drum through Memphis Drum Shop on 6/29/20 and the drum just arrived today on 3/1/21. It took so long that I no longer need it. This is your chance to own a special order Sonor SQ2 Snare with unique finish. It looks...
  6. A

    Slingerland snare 1-ply maple or 3-ply? Possible Radioking?

    Hello drum fans! I came across this little fellow, going for $150 it stopped me in my tracks after seeing a photo of the inside. Is it 1ply maple or 3ply? It’s a 1960’s 6-lug Slingerland snare. Here are some photos, from what I know the Radiokings could show up in different maple configurations...
  7. sixplymaple

    My Playing From 2012

    I came across this video from 9 years ago when I was only 20 years young. It’s me playing the kit for a contest. Only a minute long. It’s really cool to look back at stuff like this just to see how much I’ve progressed. It’s also fun identifying my old habits and limitations on the kit. I’ve...
  8. bconrad

    Sakae Nickel over Brass Snare Drum 14x5.5" 2017 SDM1455BR

    Asking $299 plus shipping and PayPal fees. https://rvrb.io/2017-nickel-over-b-wbq34t
  9. sixplymaple

    DW Collector’s Exotic Snare - Like New - SOLD

    DW Collector’s Exotic Santos Rosewood over VLT Maple Snare 14x6.5 Timbre Note - F SOLD I purchased this snare new from Fork’s Drum Closet about 5 months ago. I absolutly love it, but I just bought a DW/Cymbal Fusion 100% Rosewood snare and don’t want 2 snares with Rosewood exteriors. The drum...
  10. A


    Hi! I need help with what kit i should buy. It`s between PEARL SESSION STUDIO SELECT and PEARL MASTERS MAPLE COMPLETE. I`m going to travel a lot with the kit since i`m going to use it for touring , So i need something with good quality that will last and take a lot. I play and hit very hard...
  11. sixplymaple

    Pearl Icon Curved Rack

    Pearl Icon Curved Drum Rack $450 Used, but in great shape. It isn’t scratched up badly and the chrome isn’t pitted. The only thing missing is 1x plastic pipe end cap. Included are all 3x sides of curved rack, all 4x posts, and all 4x feet. The feet on this one are special in that they are...
  12. sixplymaple

    Evan’s/D’Addario Player Circle Points

    FYI: On the inside of all current Evan’s drumhead boxes there is a 19 character code that you can redeem for points on the Evan’s/D’Addario website. You just need to sign up for their “Player’s Circle” program/account. I think it’s pretty cool. If anybody has some extra boxes with codes laying...
  13. P

    Beginner Drummer

    I am a beginner at drumming and I will be happy to take suggestion regarding how to build a routine for drumming practice for a monthly basis or other. I have played drums before and know some basic drum beats and fills.
  14. S

    WTB Gretsch round badge bass drum badge and grommet

    On the hunt for a gretsch round badge bass drum grommet and badge. Please reach out if you have one for sale.
  15. D

    Metronome Practice please Help?

    Hey everyone, I really want to take my drumming to a whole different level. I’ve been practicing my rudiments and hand techniques really slow so I’m really perfecting my techniques. I’ve been tracking my progress and setting myself goals every month so I’m constantly Working towards getting...
  16. cgrutledge

    22x14 or 24x14 shell for Gretsch kit

    I have a 24x16, 13x9, 16x16 gretsch renown maple red glass glitter kit i have loved. But I’m ready to switch things up and get into my favorite bass drum sizing and possibly rewrap. If you have anything i may be interested in please let me know!
  17. F

    Gretsch and Ludwig snare drums

    Brand new Gretsch custom rosewood gloss 20 lug 6.5x14. Micro sensitive strainer. Canopus leather washers added. Includes Gretsch deluxe logo bag. $700 Modern Ludwig 5x14 chrome over brass snare. Upgraded with chrome over brass hoops; Canopus leather washers; Canopus snare wires; Canopus snare...
  18. J

    1965 Ludwig WMP 13” Tom

    Great drum. Bought to piece together a matching set but it has been very difficult to find matching drums. I have a blue oyster pearl kit from the same year. Would be willing to trade for blue oyster Tom 13”. No other trades considered. Thank you for looking! Missing the internal mute. I think I...
  19. M

    WTB (8) 85mm or 80mm Tension Rods

    I’m restoring a Gretsch Energy drum set and I am missing 8 bass drum T-rods. They are 85mm, which I can not find for sale anywhere. If anyone has any new or used T-rods that are 85mm or close to it, or know of a place that carries them, please let me know. Thanks!
  20. L

    I Sing and Play Drums on this Beatles cover video!

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted here in a while. Just wanted to share this video of me singing and playing drums, guitar and bass to "Come Together" by The Beatles. Hope you enjoy! :) Lindsay