1. B

    WTB: Drumcraft series 8 kit

    I’m on the search for a drumcraft series 8 kit. Preferably 10 12 16 22 in black satin finish. Been looking for a while now and hoping I can find a lead on one.
  2. WGMitch

    DrumCraft 6.5 x 14 Aluminum Snare - SOLD

    DrumCraft 6.5 x 14 Aluminum Snare - For Sale Excellent condition! Cast aluminum, brushed satin hardware. Very heavy drum. I am the original owner. $250 shipped TYD, lower 48.
  3. WGMitch

    DrumCraft Series 7 Maple - 14" x 6 1/2" - For Sale - SOLD!

    DrumCraft Series 7 Maple - 14" x 6 1/2" - Liquid Lava Excellent condition! Shells made from the finest quality hand-selected Maple 14-Inch x 6.5-Inch Snare Nickel Drumworks Throw Off 2.5mm Projection Hoops enhances tuning stability Remo USA Heads I am the original owner Shipped in original...
  4. WGMitch

    DrumCraft Lignum Beech Snare 14" x 6" - SOLD!

    DrumCraft Lignum Beech Snare 14"x6", Natural Gloss Excellent condition! Features: Manufacturer: DrumCraft Shell Hardware: Chrome Number of Lugs per Side: 10 Shell Thickness (mm): 2.5 Number of Wood Layers: 12 I'm the original owner Shipped in original packaging $225 $200 TYD, lower 48 No...
  5. B

    Drumcraft aluminum snare 6.5x14

    I'm in search of a drum craft aluminum snare 6.5x14. I've been looking every where for close to a year now with no luck. Any info is greatly appreciated
  6. R

    New PDFOP CD available

    For those who may want to hear some recent studio work in an original fusion/prog context, kindly go here (&list=UUuHL9ky7kRGC2-KlJg4gBEg) and open the PDFOP sampler.