1. Laco

    God made me funky - The Headhunters //cover//

    Hello everyone, Mike Clark is one of my favorite drummer.I transcribed 12bar of his playing and try to play it.
  2. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Drum-inspired paintings!

    What's up guys, just want to put it out there that I'm an artist and I'm currently taking commissions, if there's a special drum-inspired painting you would like to have done, let's chat! I like to recreate different textures, especially drum hardware. The chrome and metal gets me everytime...
  3. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Giant Open Hihat

    What do you guys think about this giant open hihat I painted? A guy bought a 3ft by 5ft art print of it. I'd really like the opportunity to do more like these. I'm open to commissions!
  4. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Last Hihat Art Print Available!

    I have 1 more limited edition art print of "2 & 4" from my series of percussion inspired paintings. 15" x 9" - $150 All my original paintings as well as my art prints are hand signed by me and come with my certificate of authenticty (to protect my work as an artist). I actually have a few...
  5. K

    Krystal - KZedan

    Here's a vid of me playing to a track I composed, there's a drum solo in the middle as well, let me know what you think.
  6. scottpep

    Slow motion video of technique and blastbeat

    I recently had a request for a slow motion video of my hand technique while playing blast beats. I did warn the guy my technique was not great but he still wanted to see it. It is kind of neat doing this as I can see some issues that I never noticed before while playing. They don't seem to...
  7. Francis

    Jeff Porcaro Grooves

    Hi folks, I want to introduce my new work: "Jeff Porcaro Grooves" is my personal dedication to Jeff Porcaro, one of my favorite musicians. The book (48 pages) includes a biography and eight transcriptions of some his most memorable performances, playing with artists such as Toto, Boz Scaggs...
  8. I


    How should a beginner drummer practice knowing where they are in the tune? I mean; if you take eg honky tonk women you play the first drumbeat over and over for a long time. I really find it difficult to know where I am in the tune. If I were to play piano there would at least be some chords who...
  9. I

    Train beat

    What are your experiences with playing train beat on a digital drumset versus a real drumset and a practice pad?
  10. I


    I've been thinking a lot about stomping. As a piano player I stomp when playing a tune with drums/basss eg. Good hearted woman. What is the correct or best way to stomp your feet? How is this conneted to drum technique? I wouldn't call the wayI use me feet when drumming as stomping but there...
  11. czarthedrummer

    Can we talk about endorsements?

    Hello DF, To anyone with endorsement experience, how do you go about getting endorsed? And should you shoot for smaller companies when you're first trying to get endorsed? I play for the University of Houston's Basketball Band and I think it would be a good opportunity for a company to endorse...
  12. Fernandogdrums

    Drum Video For Original Song "Home"

    Hey guys! last year I posted a drum video of a track I wrote called "Subconscious" that would become the first song on my debut album "Catharsis" Here I am a year later with the finished product! The album consists of 7 songs two instrumentals and 5 vocal tunes ranging in various styles from...
  13. czarthedrummer

    Should you push to learn how to read music?

    I started teaching a 7 year old and I am not sure how I will approach learning new music. For now I started with basics like: how to hold sticks downward stroke single stroke roll and a rock beat I think being able to read music can open more opportunities as a musician but I don't want to...
  14. czarthedrummer

    Drumming Hacks

    I recently punched a hole through my bass drum and so I wanted to know if anyone had any "hacks" to patching up broken/damaged heads? I know I could just go and buy one but until then I would like to see if anyone had any head remedy. Post any other drum hacks you guys might have. For...
  15. czarthedrummer

    Beautiful guitar chords?

    What are the best guitar chords you have heard? For me it's been a Gm11 It's so soothing to the ears.
  16. The_SupraPhonic

    Drumming Behind Plexi Glass 2

    Hi everyone, I started a thread about playing behind Plexi Glass a few days ago. Heres a closer look of a different gig at the same venue. You might notice how light I was hitting the cymbals because the sound was bouncing back so bad I could barely hear the 18'' monitor which was very loud...
  17. S

    Please help! (survey)

    For my school project I need to get people to answer my survey to gather information. If you could answer it, I would really appreciate it!! if not no worries, thanks!!!! Please follow the link to fill out the survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/XVZ32KT
  18. Fernandogdrums

    Drum video for my original song "Subconscious"

    Hey guys here is a video I made of myself drumming along to my original composition "Subconscious". It is the first song on my album coming out in the summer! let me know what you think! -Fernando
  19. FabioVitielloDrum

    Drum improvisation!

    Hey my friends! Yesterday was my birthday and I decided to upload my new drum video! The drumming is improvised, I wish you like it! If yes, share with friends! :) Thank you :)
  20. ShowOneApp

    New iOS app for backing tracks

    Wanted to spread the word about a live backing tracks app that we created for iOS called ShowOne. It’s got an automatic click track, ability to change track tempo, pitch, and more, and it works in a 4 channel mode with certain audio interfaces and doubles as a great backup or practice tool. You...