1. Ben Corbitt

    How did the understanding of another instrument affect your drumming?

    An ability to think melodically is the first that comes to mind. With that, come's a much more sympathetic approach to group composition and simply a more whole understanding of music. I'd love to hear others' experiences.
  2. FabioVitielloDrum

    Have you every try left handed playing? - My new video!

    Hi friends! :) My new video is out, I wish you like it! Enjoy and let me know!
  3. R

    Default Working on a research project, could you complete this 1 minute survey for footwear + injuri

    https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G6PJBMT Hey guys, Big fan of your huge community. Looks like there is a wide range of talent on there. I am here in hopes of gaining some of your feedback regarding what your wear on your feet while drumming, as well as what types of foot injuries you guys...
  4. M

    New to this forum. Feedback on my drum solo would be appreciated

    CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO Been playing 9 years. Have Yamaha set up with Zildjian and Sabian cymbals. Would like some feedback on my drum solo video, thanks!! :headbang:
  5. maxadrums

    Pearl Jam - Go (Drum Cover)

    Hey guys! I uploaded a drum cover of Go by Pearl Jam last week. Such a fun tune to play! Any feedback is greatly welcome.
  6. M

    Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars Drum Cover 100% GoPro

    Hi guys, I think this is my best video so far. I'd really love to know what you think, please let me know. The more feedback I get back, the better my future videos can be. As a side note, this video was recorded by 4 GoPro cameras and was done in one take. Also and of course, if you like my...
  7. A

    AMBIDEXTROUS drum covers! (Multi-cam/H.Q sound)

    Hello! I'm Ambidextrous Drummer from Barcelona I hope you can check some of my covers! New cover/lesson every 2 weeks!Check my channel! and give me feedback please:) Also I do guitar and cajon covers, here you have some of them: If you like it subscribe please:)...
  8. Fernandogdrums

    Me & Tim "Figg" trading some fills

    Hey guys heres a new video! Me and my friend Tim "Figg" Newton, you guys might know him from the gospel chops videos. Me and him are both from San Diego and we jam all the time.. This is a clip of us playing under a freeway. -Fernando
  9. Dave_jl

    Davide Lorenzetti - Italian Drummer

    http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrLz_R5FhSq0SEYJAq4beOg https://www.facebook.com/pages/Davide-Lorenzetti/397018437090964?ref=hl
  10. Fernandogdrums

    My ATTEMPT at a multiple location drum video

    Hey Guys heres a groove I came up with, and used to record in a few different locations around San Diego. Its an Experiment to try and have the drumming flow as smoothly as possible. Let me know what you think! :) -Fern
  11. D

    Jamming out

    I have been away at school for a little bit so I recorded myself. Let me know what you guys think. I understand that this track is in no order, it bounces around. https://soundcloud.com/danielfreeland
  12. Fernandogdrums

    Afro-Cuban, Funk/R&B, Jazz

    Hey guys check out this short demo i made earlier this year... It shows me playing in a few different musical styles...enjoy! Let me know what you think! :) feel free to check out my other videos on my youtube channel -Fernando
  13. JasonLech

    In person lessons VS. Online Lessons

    Hello everyone! My name is Jason and I'm brand new to the forum. I've been a private drum instructor in PA for several years now and I was wondering how you all feel about In Person drum lessons(Private one on one, Group, master class) Vs. Online Lessons(skype, video download, live stream) 1)...
  14. Bongo John

    Electro-Acoustic Drum solo

    &feature=share&list=PLD81AC6E6E87E68C5 HD High Quality Audio/Video - Utilizing Roland Triggers with sampling technology via acoustic kit.
  15. J


    Hey everyone! Check out my drum solo video! I wrote and produced the music myself! Hope you like it!
  16. Bongo John

    Bongo Enters The 4th Dimension

  17. Samm3x

    Groovy double bass drumming

    Hey everyone, I just thought I'd share this video with you guys. I'm thinking of the beats as I go, just impro and fun! One of the most fun jams I've had I believe. Tell me what you think , feedback is appreciated. If you like it, subscribe to my channel! Cheeers! Samuel
  18. Bongo John

    Bongo John On Percussion

  19. J


    Hey everyone! I'm new here so thought I'd introduce myself with my relatively new drum promo vid! Check it out and tell me what you think! I wrote and produced the track myself :) See y'all soon! Josh