1. sixplymaple

    Vacuum Drum Storage?

    I recently purchased some large Space Saver vacuum bags for storage at the house and realized they might be awesome for long term drum storage. I figure if the drums are vacuum sealed, the bags should slow oxidation of the chrome? So I tried it out and included a silica packet in each one. I...
  2. sixplymaple

    My Playing From 2012

    I came across this video from 9 years ago when I was only 20 years young. It’s me playing the kit for a contest. Only a minute long. It’s really cool to look back at stuff like this just to see how much I’ve progressed. It’s also fun identifying my old habits and limitations on the kit. I’ve...
  3. S

    Help on deciding what drum set.

    Hello, I’m very new here and I joined to see if I could get help on what drum set I should choose- First off, I think I should say that I have a really low budget. I currently have around $250, but I know I will have to save up more. I was looking at a few drum sets that I think I’ll be able...
  4. Medellin

    FS: Canopus RFM Red Sparkle w/ brass lugs 18" 14" 12" (FREE BAGS)

    Extremely Clean Canopus RFM Drum Kit. Hi thanks for looking. I am the second owner of this kit. It has been kept in a climate controlled recording studio its entire life and has not been gigged with - I have a separate kit for that. All of the kit's edges are in brand new condition and it was...
  5. A


    Hi! I need help with what kit i should buy. It`s between PEARL SESSION STUDIO SELECT and PEARL MASTERS MAPLE COMPLETE. I`m going to travel a lot with the kit since i`m going to use it for touring , So i need something with good quality that will last and take a lot. I play and hit very hard...
  6. P

    Can you tune a snare electronically?

    Hello, I'm a pop producer and most of the time use MIDI for my productions, especially my drums. There was a particular snare that I heard from a YouTube video online that I would like to learn how to duplicate on my own - electronically. Is there a way I can tune a similar sounding snare that I...
  7. K

    Restoring “Ludwig” Kit Bought for $50

    Hey guys. I’m new to the forum. I bought an incomplete “Ludwig” drum kit off Facebook last week in the hopes of restoring it and having it be playable. I intend to use the kit to record some tracks eventually. I’ve attached photos of the kit in its original condition with cracked black wraps...
  8. R

    New Channel and some programming/content...

    Hey All, I started (or rather re-started after a decade) a YouTube channel. Inspired by our current situation, it is called, for now, “Quarantine Music” (I’ll need something better when this is all over!). Lots of short clips with lessons, how to’s, instrument demos, photo essays and visual...
  9. R

    Some of my drums and percussion...

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I looked for a “show your gear/drumset” thread, but couldn’t find (just) one. If a mod needs to move this, no problem and sorry again... Here is my main drum kit and some of my percussion (so much all over the region with stuff in the classroom, in storage...
  10. B

    Lots of Vintage Drum Parts, Drums and Cymbals for Sale.

    Hey guys, Just letting you know I am selling my vintage drum collection. I have several awesome kits and tons of parts for sell. I have created a YouTube channel to help me sell these items. I will be uploading new videos every week that feature lots of hard to find vintage drum parts as well as...
  11. Medellin

    WANTED: Canopus Kit

    Greetings! I am looking to but a Canopus kit in either 20/12/14 or 18/12/14 sizes. If you are selling a kit, please let me know. Thanks
  12. Medellin

    Ludwig Legacy Maple Gold Sparkle 26/14/16/18 + Drum cases included

    Custom Ludwig Legacy Maple Bonham 4-piece. Bass drum heads: Ludwig Heavy resonant - Remo Coated Emperor batter All tom heads: (Resonant) Remo coated ambassador - (Batter) Remo Vintage Coated Emperor Felt strip on front and rear bass drum head. *MESSAGE ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE A DEMO VIDEO OF...
  13. dunnenrb


    I have a beautiful Vintage Gretsch 'Progressive Jazz' kit in 12/14/20 sizes that is the perfect players kit that I acquired from Spongebob earlier this year. Looking to fund another kit so it's got to go. All three drums are 3ply shells made in Brooklyn, NY between 1952 and 1956. All parts and...
  14. maxdis


    This new song was built starting from some patterns played with the Steel Tongue Drum, which constitute the skeleton of the entire composition. The xylophone, bells, drums and bass were added to them. Listening with headphones/earbuds is recommended.
  15. N

    Please, rate the work of a novice musician!

    Hello! Please, rate the work of a novice musician! Bebe Rexha - Last Hurrah (drum cover) Thanks a lot! :)
  16. ANR

    Camco Floor Tom Legs Reproduction

    It's about time... Camco 17" Strait or 18" Splayed Legs are finally available folks. I bought a set of each and they are amazing. Just about identical and affordable - Check out the links for all the specifics...
  17. foreveraftermusic

    Looking For 13in Drum Hoop w/ 5 Lugs

    Have been looking for a few days now and I can’t seem to find any drum hoops(rims) that are 13 inchs and have 5 lugs(holes). If anyone can help me find something that is decent and not cheep or my ideas that’d be great. Thanks!
  18. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Drum-inspired paintings!

    What's up guys, just want to put it out there that I'm an artist and I'm currently taking commissions, if there's a special drum-inspired painting you would like to have done, let's chat! I like to recreate different textures, especially drum hardware. The chrome and metal gets me everytime...
  19. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Giant Open Hihat

    What do you guys think about this giant open hihat I painted? A guy bought a 3ft by 5ft art print of it. I'd really like the opportunity to do more like these. I'm open to commissions!
  20. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Last Hihat Art Print Available!

    I have 1 more limited edition art print of "2 & 4" from my series of percussion inspired paintings. 15" x 9" - $150 All my original paintings as well as my art prints are hand signed by me and come with my certificate of authenticty (to protect my work as an artist). I actually have a few...