1. Paul Connor

    Foo Fighters Drum Cover - Monkey Wrench

    Hey guys! Here's my drum cover of the Foo Fighters' classic song Monkey Wrench. Hope you like it!
  2. S

    Tama drum sizes (Early Rockstar)

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Tama made their early (late 80s, I believe--short lugs) Rockstar Drums in 22" by 18"? I've been perusing the catalogues and only found mention of 22" by 16".
  3. S

    A quick Drum Setup Video Tutorial

    I know we all have our own ways of setting up our kits. But I put this video together tonight because I've had so many new students and so many questions about set up. I might make another one now that this one is done with more ideas and thoughts in my head but for now here it is. The Spaz...
  4. J

    Is this chick serious?

    think I just found a steal, can anyone tell me if this is a c&c kit or just c&c head??
  5. dali

    Fender Squire tom holder wanted

    i bought a 50 bucks fender squire drum set for fun and one tom holder arm is missing anyone? I know they are not making these anymore , but anything similar outthere?
  6. scottpep

    A video explaing different stick sizes and types.

    I made this for new drummers or people who haven't experimented with sticks. I own almost every shape and size of stick available and there is a lot of people who don't ever change. It makes a huge difference in your playing.
  7. scottpep

    Stain and clear coat an old beat up kit

    Here is a video I made of the progress on a 1980's Pearl Export kit. It was my first time fixing up a junky kit, the clear coating was a real pain and I'll get better but the outcome was half decent. It was beat up, the wraps were damaged and it was in a near garbage state. (smelt bad, was...
  8. F

    Crazy proggy/funky/rocky Stevie wonder medley :)

    Hey guys, check out our proggy/funky/rocky version of Stevie wonder songs :) We had a blast! Hope you guys like it too!!
  9. BBasiliskritik

    Avenged Sevenfold drum playlist

    Avenged Sevenfold cover playlist on Youtube Songs included : NIGHTMARE (2010) HAIL TO THE KING (2013) WELCOME TO THE FAIMILY (2010) CRITICAL ACCLAIM (2007) Please click the Link to check it out : https://goo.gl/LUuwAa
  10. sonortony35

    Used Ludwig Classic Maple 4pc Drum Set Silver Sparkle

    This is a very lightly used silver sparkle Ludwig Classic Maple kit in EXCELLENT condition! These have been well taken care of and only have some slight signs of wear on the bass drum batter hoop (see photos). The sizes are 22x16/10x7/12x8/16x16 and two clamp on tom arms are included. *Double...
  11. scottpep

    Hi-hat variations and ideas

    This is a lesson on hi hat variations and adding some flare to your hats. I received a request for this video. I am making them a bit more frequently now working on mixing techniques
  12. scottpep

    Tom groove YouTube lesson

    Here is a quick video I made on tom grooves... Still playing around with mixing techniques and figured it would be a good way to hit them lots. I also have a new push to talk button for my mic which will save me a ton of time in future videos. Nothing too advanced here but a fun way to...
  13. scottpep

    Slow motion video of technique and blastbeat

    I recently had a request for a slow motion video of my hand technique while playing blast beats. I did warn the guy my technique was not great but he still wanted to see it. It is kind of neat doing this as I can see some issues that I never noticed before while playing. They don't seem to...
  14. BBasiliskritik

    Pantera - walk

    Hey Guys please check out my drumming cover of walk by PANTERA
  15. D

    Drum Hardware for young kids

    Hello, I have a kid that is starting to really dig the drums. I want to encourage her, but the hardware is really sub standard. Does anyone have any thoughts on drum hardware that fits kids? Especially bass drum pedals
  16. BBasiliskritik

    (High Quality production) Avenged Sevenfold - Critical Acclaim drum/guitar cover by DG PRODUCTIONS

    Hey guys this is a Really good quality production which I proudly participated with DG Productions and my Band's Guitarist. Avenged Sevenfold - Critical Acclaim (Guitar/Drum cover) Find me on social media: Youtube...
  17. rfadouglas

    a drum questionnaire!

    Hi there! My name's Robert and I've been an avid drummer and guitarist since I was seven. I'm also an industrial design student currently in my third year of studies. For one of my large projects this semester I've been designing a new type of hand drum and I'd like some help with it from the...
  18. BBasiliskritik

    Some of my work

    Hey guys I am new here and I am really glad Tobe a member of this forum.... Please check out my drumming channel... New cover Subscribe to my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF2QAdMtAV2Av2Yu9-7wijw
  19. scottpep

    Top ten rudiments

    Here are the top ten rudiments I use in my day to day playing. You can change the accents, subdivisions, add flams, etc, and these could keep a person busy for years and years without working on the other 30. I'm not saying don't learn the others, but for new students I teach these first...
  20. scottpep

    10 minute death metal song

    Here is one of my band Dissolution's new songs that is 10 minutes long. It is an endurance test to play this with no breaks. I know death metal is not everyone's cup of tea but it sure is fun to play. It really picks up around the 2:45 point in tempo. The audio is not CD quality, there are...