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  1. bongomania

    SOLD Paiste Dark Energy Mk II 22” blem discount

    SOLD, a 22 Mk II at 3014 grams. $270 shipped in the US! This price is because it has some flea bites and rough spots on the edge, including one area where there was a 6 mm line that I wasn’t sure if it was a scratch or a crack. I examined with a magnifying glass and couldn’t tell, and it’s not...
  2. sonortony35

    Vintage Zildjian A Light Hi Hats 14" - 1970's

    This is a set of vintage Zildjian A Light Hats in very good condition. There is no key-holing on either cymbal and only the tiniest flea bite on the edge of the bottom cymbal. They weigh 796/943 grams they sound great! I am asking $199 for them plus shipping, but am open to offers. Let me...
  3. sonortony35

    Used Paiste Dark Energy MK1 Ride Cymbal 21" - Video Demo!

    This is a very lightly used Paiste Dark Energy MK 1 ride cymbal. There are no dings, no cracking or key-holing of any type. It weighs 2607 grams, and sounds awesome. Asking $375 plus shipping, new these are going for $555. Let me know if you have any questions on it! Here is a video demo so...
  4. sonortony35

    Used Acoutin Solid Ply Osage Orange/Stainless Snare Drum 14x6.5

    I am letting my amazing Acoutin Custom snare drum go... The shell is a one of a kind solid ply osage orange/stainless steel hybrid and it is STUNNING. There are a few finger prints here and there, but overall this drum is near mint! I have an INDe on there now, which is great, but I will include...
  5. O

    Cornelius Ward Drum early 1800's

    There was a discussion thread about this drum about 5 years ago on here, never really found out an estimate of value, seems to be a bit of a mystery piece. I thought I would try it on ebay and see what happens, thought you guys might want to take a look.
  6. T

    Clubdate Champagne Sparkle 1965/1966 13/14/22 w/festival snare Ludwig Champagne Sparkle Club Date Drum Set 22" Kick Drum and Jazz Festival Snare made Dec. 1 1965 13" Rack Tom Stamped Dec. 4 1965 14" Floor Tom dated Spring 1966 The wrap is in mint shape. The drums are in amazing...
  7. M

    SOLD. Kelly SHU Composite - BRAND NEW IN BOX

    I have a brand new Kelly Shu Composite model, in box. I have not opened the box, this was won at the Chicago Drum Show this year. Sells brand new for $40-$50, Take it for $33 shipped anywhere in the US vis USPS. Paypal only Thanks!
  8. Kcmcc

    20" Istanbul Mehmet, Marmura Onurhan 1799grams

    $180 shipped Labelled "Crash" but is obviously a nice light ride as well. This is a super cool cymbal, I've been using it far right in my blues based project, but I've bought two new snare drums recently, and also have a desire to do some time with just hats, ride, crash for a while. It's an...
  9. stubby42642

    Lots to get rid of..Keller, Pearl, Premier, Peace,

    I have a keller maple 24x24 bass drum that is superb. I have a 10, 12, 13, and 14 black on black EX pearl drums. I have ano excellent 3 peice set of old premiers. The 13, 16 and 20 inch kick. And I have a full 5 peice set of PEACE drums, they're black on black too just like the Pearl EX toms...
  10. DrummersBang

    SOLD - Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator Double Pedal w/case

    Long time no see, DFO! I have unfortunately sold just about of my gear to local friends and bands in need but I could never let go of these, until now. I got them from a fellow DFO member in a trade for my Axis A21 Lazer pedals and have not regretted it since as these are, imo, the best direct...
  11. KingsDrumShop

    Will not let me post in drums for sale section.

    It will not let me post in the drums for sale section and says "you can not start a new topic" Would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  12. maxb2k

    DW Collector's Snare Drum Broken Glass Glitter

    DW 5 x 14 broken glass glitter Collectors Series Maple Snare Drum in Excellent, like new condition! Bought new in 2004, used for recording then put away in the case. Featuring 6 + 4 ply shell, DW truetone snare wires, original factory throw, everything original except lightly used Remo...
  13. stubby42642

    24 Keller bass drum 4sale or Trade

    I hate to get rid of it, but I have 2 and am running out of storage area. And I'm really not using it, so someone should be. I can't handle taking on anymore drums, I done have too much to get rid of but I'll hear trade offers for cymbals, snares, hardware, edrum gear ect. Even PA and recording...
  14. Reality_Check

    SOLD - 13" Hi-Hats - Zildjian A Custom Top AND Sabian AAX Stage Hats Bottom

    Hello Fellow DFO members, As we approach this Holiday Season, it's time to clean out my drum inventory... So, first up is a very beautiful set of hi-hats! For sale is a set of mismatched 13" hats that make a great pair! The top is a 13" Zildjian A Custom and the bottom is a 13" Sabian AAX...
  15. Hater

    Ahead Armor 22" Dia x 18" Deep Bass Drum Bag

    I came into possession of this particular case because it came with a set of other Ahead drum bags that I purchased new. The kit that I was using this particular bag for I sold about a year ago. I've switched to a different gigging rock kit, but the new kit, while the bass drum is still 22" in...
  16. D

    7pc. Tama Rockstar for sale with Zildjian A custom cymbals 750$ Good condition!!!

    Tama rockstar for sale for 750$ with A custom cymbals and two iron cobra bass pedals(double bass and normal) With Snare drum With hardware Star cast mounting system Budd lake NJ. For more info.... Email:
  17. premierplayer

    Evans Hydraulic set, 12, 13, 16

    Clear Glass. Near new, just a few stick marks, no dimples. I used these for a few practice sessions, not my sound. $25 + exact shipping any interest?
  18. DrumKeys

    FS: Pearl GLX Drum Kit with RIMS mounts

    Hi, for sale is a Pearl GLX kit which I've owned for the last 30 years! Here are the details: Pearl 5 Piece GLX Drum Kit (1987) w/RIMS mounts 8x10/10x12/11x13/16x16/16x22 Piano Black Lacquer 6 ply 7.5mm thick 100% maple shells 2.3mm Super Hoop rims and Super Gripper quick release lugs These...
  19. DrummersBang

    SOLD! Axis A21 Laser Double Pedal SOLD!

    SOLD! Hey DFO! I've finally decided that Demon Drives are best suited to my particular playing style and that I'm not using these A21's to their full potential so I'd like to pass them on to someone who will! I bought them new through Guitar Center about 2 years ago and have loved them ever...