george way

  1. bongomania

    WTB: copper snare, 5x14

    Looking to buy a 5x14 copper shell snare. Depth could be from 4.5 to 5.5". Prefer seamless, prefer no bead, but I'm not fixated about that. Prefer MIJ, MIA, MIEurope -- not Taiwan etc. Of course I love Oriollo but I'd be surprised if anyone gives up a Bakar. I definitely cannot afford an AK or...
  2. David Hunter

    SOLD: George Way Hollywood Snare Drum COB 5.5"x14"

    George Way Hollywood in excellent condition. 5.5"x14" COB shell. Mirror-like finish shows no marks of any kind that I can see. Very heavy brass shell: 10.5 lbs. Original heads/snare wires in excellent condition. This drum sounds superb. $440 $400 shipped, lower 48.
  3. lordkoos

    George Way 6.5 x 14" Snare "Studio Maple" SOLD

    SOLD on ebay
  4. Prufrock

    Early transitional Camco silver sparkle kit

    I have just seen a neat Camco kit in Silver (now Ginger Ale) sparkle posted on Steve Maxwell's site and wanted to document it here with some photos. It is an early Camco Oaklawn, Illinois kit (no "U.S.A." on the badges of any of the drums) that shows a number of transitional elements from...
  5. Marquisjohnson22

    George Way Solid snare... with Craviotto shell!

    I just purchased a George Way 6.5x14 solid maple snare with a Craviotto shell! I went into a pawn shop a while back and saw it in there, but it was priced way too high so I waited until the price got as low as it would go and I finally got it. I was surprised when I looked inside the shell and...
  6. Geo Way Duco Snare

    Geo Way Duco Snare

  7. 1959 George Way 8 Lug Duco

    1959 George Way 8 Lug Duco

    George Way 8-lug black/red duco 5.5x14 snare drum. I'm guessing this drum to be about 1959 or 1960 as I do have a matching 22" bass drum and 13" tom tom. Both of those drums have the older Geo. Way lugs with the "caps" that cover the non-used portion of the double sided lug...
  8. Drewdrum

    Camco/George Way 10" x 28" Marching Bass Drum

    Looking for some info on this drum. Is this a Camco or a GW? The shell is in very bad shape but the re-rings should help with identification. I will be listing this for sale and I am willing to sell the lugs and claws separately due to the condition of the shell. If anyone thinks it's...