1. Friendo

    Gretsch Renown or Tama Superstar Classic 2022

    Hi all - I'm a steady-working drummer, have been gigging for years and played mostly Yamaha and Mapex. I'm in the market for a new kit and am struggling! I'd love to find a sturdy working kit, all maple shells, and something that can accommodate any style of music (I mostly play rock / pop, but...
  2. T

    1980's Gretsch - was Cherry Gloss Lacquer a thing?

    Hi all - I am considering buying a drum that the seller has listed as "Cherry Gloss Lacquer". The seller says it was special-ordered, but it looks like Burnt Orange Gloss. I have personally never heard of Gretsch using a "Cherry Gloss Lacquer" or creating special colors for special orders, so I...
  3. bon viesta

    gretsch 20/12/14 for hard rock??

    is such a thing doable? i’m looking to get new drums, and being a bit jazz oriented i’m looking at 12/14/20 configs from gretsch and liking what i see. but my band plays hard rock music, though i’m totally into it and contributing heavily to the heaviness of our sound. granted, i’m not talking...
  4. digovii

    Gretsch Broadkaster 13/16/24

    Hey all, This is a fairly mint Antique Pearl Broadkaster in 9x13 16x16 14x24 Hasnt left my studio and really just looking to downsize to a 13/16/22 Broadkaster in a glass glitter. Local pickup in Chicago. $2500 or trade for what I just mentioned. Lmk if you have questions!
  5. inaglasscage

    70's Gretsch USA Customs?

    It's been a while since I've been on here but I'm curious to hear what you folks have to say about this Gretsch kit I recently acquired. I bought it off a very friendly gentleman here in Los Angeles about a month ago. He explained that he got the kit years ago and originally it had a black wrap...
  6. digovii

    Gretsch Brooklyn 13/16/22 in Twilight Glass

    Hey all, Looking to sell my custom-ordered Gretsch Brooklyn in Twilight Glass. These drums are all in traditional sizes 13/16/22. Not looking to ship right now, so local pick-up in Chicago. Asking $1800 for these. Killer finish and no 10-month wait! Feel free to reach out with questions. Thanks!
  7. NewVintage

    Help with 60’s Gretsch Snare Setup

    I’ve got a 60’s Gretsch snare with the micro-sensitive throw-off. New heads fit fine and the reso even conforms to the beds pretty well (no wrinkle on one side/ slight on the other). Sensitivity is good but I’m having trouble getting the snare wires to disengage all the way. Doesn’t seem to be...
  8. bon viesta

    how good are gretsch/ludwig style telescoping spurs?

    my ludwig bass drum is either going to have 2 sets of heavy duty curved spurs, or 2 sets of gretsch vintage style spurs. will 2 sets of the gretsch spurs hold down a bass drum though? last thing i want is to end up with spurs that don’t even work. i have a heavy foot by the way, but even with...
  9. blue ant

    SOLD! Thanks for reading! Price drop $450.00 + shipping. Gretsch USA Custom Limited Edition Retro 4ply Snare Drum 14x5

    $450.00 buyer pays shipping. firm. Sale is final, instrument is like new except batter head (I have old Slingerland batter on the drum) I love the drum just want to sell some gear. DM me zip code of your location I will get exact shipping cost for your approval. Paypal works or Apple Pay cash...
  10. drummer5359

    Deep thoughts on shallow snares...

    I owned a few shallow snare drums over the years, back then they didn't really do anything for me. They were an additional voice, but not one that I often reached for. Maybe it was me, or maybe it was the snares that I had, but I just didn't bond with them and eventually sent them down the road...
  11. LAViking

    Who Makes Your Favorite Drum Hardware & Accessories and Why

    My vote is for Pearl for 900 & 1000 series stands, booms and brackets, because joints and tubing is solid, design is sleek and not blocky (if that makes sense). For pedals, I like DW, Pearl and Tama, they all have great feel and solid build quality on their mid and top tier designs.
  12. LAViking

    Who Makes Your Favorite Drum Hardware & Accessories and Why

    My vote is for Pearl for 900 & 1000 series stands, booms and brackets, because joints and tubing is solid, design is sleek and not blocky (if that makes sense). For pedals, I like DW, Pearl and Tama, they all have great feel and solid build quality on their mid and top tier designs.
  13. sw532121

    WTB: Gretsch Orphans

    Looking for orphan Gretsch drums. Nitron wraps preferred, but all finishes considered. Currently looking for: 14x22 - USA Custom 14x18 - USA Custom, Broadkaster, Brooklyn 16x16 - USA Custom, Broadkaster 7x10 - USA Custom, Broadkaster Thank you! Evan
  14. M

    ISO nice used Grestch USA parts

    Wanted: original 70's or 80's Gretsch USA or older snare muffler complete with attaching hardware for a COB 4166 model plus the snare snap in drum key holder. Looking for nice parts. Pictures are from the web. Please send me a DM with price and pictures. Thanks.
  15. justensen

    DW Nickel Over Brass or Gretsch Renown Snare?

    I'm currently debating between getting either the DW Design Nickel over Brass 14×5.5 snare, or the Gretsch Renown Maple 14×5 snare. Versatility is the goal, but sound wise I'm going for Stanton Moore's sound. Does anybody have any experience with either of these snares? Any suggestions help, thanks!
  16. D

    60s Gretsch Help-60s Snare? Round Badge

    Hi Everyone- I recently got this 60s Gretsch from a friend who got it from the original owner. The original owner got it for the school band and used it a few times before he quit and put it in his closet (until last week when it was given to my friend). There's a few interesting things with...
  17. codydee12

    Talk me off the ledge - have a Ludwig. thinking Gretsch Broadkaster...what is the difference to you.

    Update as of 8/22: a comparison of the two (I had the two kits to make this about a month after my original post): Alright, fellow drummer here chasing a sound in his head - I have a beautiful Classic Maple with all roundover edges. It is a killer kit. No complaints....but I have really be...
  18. codydee12

    Does anyone have a Gretsch Broadkaster in North or South Carolina?

    I have a pretty funny request (not a “wtb” post…yet). I have been on the hunt to try the Gretsch Broadkaster series out. I haven’t been able to find a kit in the eastern Carolina (north or south) area so I figured I would reach out to the community. I do feel funny asking but does anyone have a...
  19. J

    Help! Broken lightning throw on ~1970 Gretsch Snare

    I have been happily using a Gretsch snare model 4157 for some years, but the other day, when I was adjusting the snare strainer, I think part of the lightning throw-off broke. Gigs approaching, and I don't want to drill new holes into this thing and retrofit a different strainer, so I was...
  20. J

    **SOLD** Tama Star Walnut Mint Green Mist 5 piece relist

    Hi all - I'm relisting my Tama Star Walnut Mint Green Mist kit. I was having issues with my prior email so had to get a new account. Anyway, I've really priced it to move, the only problem is it is local pickup in Northern Virginia. Here is the kit. I'm the original owner, I bought it new so...