1. sw532121

    FS: Gretsch 125th Anniversary Snare 4.5x14 - $599

    For sale is the following snare drum. It is in excellent condition and 100% functional. No trades, please. Gretsch 125th Anniversary 4.5x14 - $599 shipped to the Continental US This drum is #30 of 300. Thank you for looking! Product Details: A very limited edition commemorative snare from...
  2. mlc

    Gretsch Catalina Club Mod "Black Widow"

    ISO: - 10" rack tom - 16" floor tom Black w/ red stripe.
  3. sw532121

    SOLD: Gretsch Bell Brass 6.5x14 :SOLD

    For sale is the following snare drum. It is in excellent condition and 100% functional. No trades, please. Shipping to the Continental US only. Gretsch Bell Brass 6.5x14 - $OLD
  4. dwdave

    Gretsch 120th Anniversary Snare

    Gretsch 5x14 snare. I've had it for about 15 years. Hasn't had much playtime. Sounds great, new head, original wires. The adjustable butt was replaced with new model. The difference is the screw heads in the old one were flat heads. Old butt is included (stripped out center section) The drum is...
  5. M

    Gretsch r4154 snare

    Hi everyone. I am looking to buy a 80s Gretsch snare model R4154. I have found a ton of info on the series including a catalogue from the time but I cannot figure out what the "R" means. Any guru's out there have an answer for me? Thanks!!
  6. Ddrummer23

    DELETE…..Vintage Slingerland 70’s Black Diamond Pearl

    Slingerland mid to late 70’s 3 ply drums with rings. Sizes: 9x13, 10x14, 16x16 & 14x22. The BDP wrap looks beautiful no scratches or dents in wrap shines very nice! The chrome shined up nicely. The bass drum has 4 legs which were an option. All original hardware there may be a tension rod or two...
  7. Awalter05

    Gretsch Catalina Drum Set info

    I bought this Gretsch Catalina Maple drum set used off of eBay in October of last year. At the time, I didn’t really think about the paint. I thought it was cool but didn’t think about that it might be rare. After playing it for a month or so, I got curious and thought to look up the color but I...
  8. jmele2

    Multiple Vintage and unusual drums for sale. Price drops! Only 2 drums left...

    UPDATE x2 Two other drums gone. Only 2 left... UPDATED! Price drops and one drum gone. Make me an offer if you see something you're interested in. Trades also possible... Hey all - Selling some of my collection off as I need some space in the racks - these drums are pretty unusual and...
  9. bconrad


    Excellent condition minus heads and some fingerprints. This snare is very similar to the Bell Brass, but is a 5” spun brass shell rather than a 6.5” cast. Looking for Craviotto, Noble and Cooley, INDE, maybe DW snares, or…?
  10. digovii

    Praise for the Gretsch Broadkaster

    I’ve been playing a Gretsch Broadkaster as one of my main kits on rotation for the better chunk of the last 2 years and every time I play them I just fall more and more in love. Between the pillowy feel and the warm, round, full tones I’m able to pull from this kit - it just works in so many...
  11. digovii

    Gretsch add ons

    Looking for some add on drums for some sets that I have. Modern USA Custom Satin Walnut 16x18 floor tom - standard build 14x24 or 14x26 bass drum - standard build 10x14 rack tom - standard build Modern Broadkaster - white marine pearl 14x24 or 14x26 bass drum - standard build 16x18 floor tom...
  12. digovii

    15 month wait for Gretsch…ouch!

    Just got a quote back from a very reputable Gretsch dealer for some add on drums and was told it was a 14-15 month wait for any new orders. Gretsch was always on the slower side but damn! I know it’s not their fault completely, world is pretty wild right now, but had to pass on that one...
  13. Friendo

    Gretsch Renown or Tama Superstar Classic 2022

    Hi all - I'm a steady-working drummer, have been gigging for years and played mostly Yamaha and Mapex. I'm in the market for a new kit and am struggling! I'd love to find a sturdy working kit, all maple shells, and something that can accommodate any style of music (I mostly play rock / pop, but...
  14. T

    1980's Gretsch - was Cherry Gloss Lacquer a thing?

    Hi all - I am considering buying a drum that the seller has listed as "Cherry Gloss Lacquer". The seller says it was special-ordered, but it looks like Burnt Orange Gloss. I have personally never heard of Gretsch using a "Cherry Gloss Lacquer" or creating special colors for special orders, so I...
  15. bon viesta

    gretsch 20/12/14 for hard rock??

    is such a thing doable? i’m looking to get new drums, and being a bit jazz oriented i’m looking at 12/14/20 configs from gretsch and liking what i see. but my band plays hard rock music, though i’m totally into it and contributing heavily to the heaviness of our sound. granted, i’m not talking...
  16. digovii

    Gretsch Broadkaster 13/16/24

    Hey all, This is a fairly mint Antique Pearl Broadkaster in 9x13 16x16 14x24 Hasnt left my studio and really just looking to downsize to a 13/16/22 Broadkaster in a glass glitter. Local pickup in Chicago. $2500 or trade for what I just mentioned. Lmk if you have questions!
  17. inaglasscage

    70's Gretsch USA Customs?

    It's been a while since I've been on here but I'm curious to hear what you folks have to say about this Gretsch kit I recently acquired. I bought it off a very friendly gentleman here in Los Angeles about a month ago. He explained that he got the kit years ago and originally it had a black wrap...
  18. digovii

    Gretsch Brooklyn 13/16/22 in Twilight Glass

    Hey all, Looking to sell my custom-ordered Gretsch Brooklyn in Twilight Glass. These drums are all in traditional sizes 13/16/22. Not looking to ship right now, so local pick-up in Chicago. Asking $1800 for these. Killer finish and no 10-month wait! Feel free to reach out with questions. Thanks!
  19. NewVintage

    Help with 60’s Gretsch Snare Setup

    I’ve got a 60’s Gretsch snare with the micro-sensitive throw-off. New heads fit fine and the reso even conforms to the beds pretty well (no wrinkle on one side/ slight on the other). Sensitivity is good but I’m having trouble getting the snare wires to disengage all the way. Doesn’t seem to be...
  20. bon viesta

    how good are gretsch/ludwig style telescoping spurs?

    my ludwig bass drum is either going to have 2 sets of heavy duty curved spurs, or 2 sets of gretsch vintage style spurs. will 2 sets of the gretsch spurs hold down a bass drum though? last thing i want is to end up with spurs that don’t even work. i have a heavy foot by the way, but even with...