1. F

    Professional snares and cymbals

    Some great snares and cymbals I am parting with listed on Reverb.
  2. inaglasscage

    Gretsch Rosewood Kit 80's

    New user here trying to find out more info on a kit I just purchased. This is a USA Custom Rosewood kit from the eighties I scored last month but I have yet to receive any information as to the exact year. Sizes are 10, 12, 14, 16, 20. I've included a photo of the serial number and model number...
  3. F

    Gretsch and Ludwig snare drums

    Brand new Gretsch custom rosewood gloss 20 lug 6.5x14. Micro sensitive strainer. Canopus leather washers added. Includes Gretsch deluxe logo bag. $700 Modern Ludwig 5x14 chrome over brass snare. Upgraded with chrome over brass hoops; Canopus leather washers; Canopus snare wires; Canopus snare...
  4. D

    DW, Noble Cooley, Pearl and Gretsch snares for sale - all mint

    hello folks MINT condition for all 4 of these recent snares - some with bundles: Noble Cooley, Solid walnut 5x14" - Rare DW Collector's 12x5 Black Oyster Pearl...
  5. D

    Someone can help me identify this drum?

    Someone know what kind of year and line of this Gretsch? It's a Custom? From wich year? Value? Thanks !
  6. bongomania

    Differences between G stop sign and later round badge drums?

    Are there any structural, material, or other real differences between say a 60’s RB and a 70’s SSB?
  7. ScottGunshore

    SOLD: Gretsch Broadkaster 3pc Bop, Vintage Build, Anniversary Sparkle

    SOLD 18-14-12 configuration with the vintage build out. Finished in Anniversary Sparkle this instrument sings and is inspiring to play. Features the classic 3 ply shell with reverse round over edges and 302 hoops. 14x18 bass drum: Pratt muffler on reso, vintage spurs, rail console, and...
  8. M

    WTB (8) 85mm or 80mm Tension Rods

    I’m restoring a Gretsch Energy drum set and I am missing 8 bass drum T-rods. They are 85mm, which I can not find for sale anywhere. If anyone has any new or used T-rods that are 85mm or close to it, or know of a place that carries them, please let me know. Thanks!
  9. D

    Looking for 1 Gretsch roundbadge leg

    On the hunt for a Gretsch leg from roundbadge era for a progressive jazz kit. I actually need one but I’m open to buying a set as I expected that’s what I’d out there! This would be the style the very slightly flares out at the bottom for a 14 inch floor. PayPal ready. Thanks!
  10. drfills

    SOLD: Vintage Early 1950s Gretsch Dixieland 6x14 Snare Drum in Blue Sparkle

    This is now SOLD. Thanks! For sale is a Vintage Early 1950s Gretsch Dixieland 6x14 Snare Drum in Blue Sparkle in good players condition. The harder-to-find 6x14 three ply shell in great condition and in-round with factory edges. No date stamp present on the clear interior. The wrap is original...
  11. snared

    Gretsch Brooklyn items

    For sale 2, 22" hoops in brand new condition off of a Brooklyn set. I removed the mole skin. $60 each Brooklyn 302 stick chopper rims 2,10"and 1,12" $15 each RIMS style tom mounts 10" and 12" $40 each Bass drum 8 die cast padded claws and tension rods all like new. $50 3-Floor tom legs and...
  12. zulusound

    Gretsch USA Custom 18/12/14 Burnt Orange lacquer 1990's Jasper shelled kit- super nice.

    SOLD. Gretsch Burnt Orange USA Custom kit, Jasper shells, 1990's drums, 8x12, 14x14, 16x18 virgin bass drum. This kit is among the very best sounding drums I have ever played, they are low and throaty sounding with huge sustain and resonance. Drums are in easy 9/10 condition, they are just...
  13. DuplexTim

    Gretsch Cyclops Bass Drum Anchor - When were they introduced?

    Hey All, When was the Gretsch Cyclops introduced? Can't find it in the resources? Thanks, Tim
  14. Sav2319

    Gretsch identification

    hi DFO community, I’m having trouble finding the exact model snare I have and determining if it is the original finish or not. The drum if fitted with a microsensitive strainer and has no interior paper tag, assuming it is mid-late 50s. Finish is black paint/lacquer, wood grain is visible...
  15. cafunko

    **SOLD** Gretsch Broadkaster 6.5x14 Snare Drum, Mint!

    6.5x14 Gretsch Broadkaster drum in mint condition. It could pass as new if it weren't for some light stick marks on the batter head. The snare was ordered with the snap in key holder, internal tone control, and Gold Sparkle Nitron wrap. All 3 options were additional costs. **SOLD** I'll ship...
  16. shuffle

    A Plumber's Nightmare

    Well,no gigs in the horizon so its time to create! 14x20 Gretsch 6 ply shell with Ludwig lugs and mount,originally silver,now ginger ale. A Slingerland 8x12,a 60s,3 ply,blue sparkle A 15" Rogers big R,5 ply fltm,NE white A Boomtheory 5.5x13,6 ply roundovers,DC hoops,blue silk,crackles and pops...
  17. DuplexTim

    Gretsch RB mahogany?

    So I started this Name Band project and I started sanding off the wretched blue paint only to find mahogany! Every Jasper shell Ive ever seen has been maple. I knew everyone else did mahogany under wraps... but Gretsch? Its a Renoun model bty Any Gretsch experts have any thoughts?
  18. E

    Gretsch 14" x 10" USA Custom tom, Dark Walnut

    Gretsch 14" x 10" tom in Dark Walnut Great drum for a jungle kit project; drilled for 3x floor tom leg brackets $240 OBO
  19. ScottGunshore

    SOLD: Gretsch USA Custom Tom 8X12 Ribbon Mahogany

    I was building a Gretsch progressive jazz set of out orphans and picked this up recently. I have since found a full setup to meet my needs. It is pristine, and, well, a Gretsch jazz tom. Virgin shell. The finish is a stunning satin ribbon mahogany with a classy center lug setup. It will...
  20. ScottGunshore

    SOLD: Gretsch Broadkasters 24, 13, 16 - Peacock Satin Flame

    2/13/19: I'm putting these fantastic drums back on the market. I bought these in early 2017; I think they are 2016 manufacture given the recent (re-)introduction of the amazing Peacock Satin Flame. I cannot say enough about the sweet tone of each drum. I love the Broadkaster sound so much, I...