1. F

    Easy Funk

    Hello again guys! Here's my new video. Me, on my YAMAHA DTXtreme III (my baby), playing a super funky backing track written by Andres Forbes of Hope you enjoy
  2. F

    Brooklyn Phunk

    Hey guys! This is me giving it a try on the funky "Brooklyn Phunk", from Pat Petrillo's drumeo's video. Check it and let me know what you think ;) ???????
  3. F

    "Give Me That Funk" - BACKING TRAX SESSIONS - Francesco Azzariti

    Just give me that funk!!! Back to what I love playing. And this track it's just groovy! Please comment and share if you like. And a good feedback is always appreciated Big shoutout to Free Drumless Tracks for a fun funky tune Check their website for more tracks ;)
  4. scottpep

    Hi-hat variations and ideas

    This is a lesson on hi hat variations and adding some flare to your hats. I received a request for this video. I am making them a bit more frequently now working on mixing techniques
  5. scottpep

    Tom groove YouTube lesson

    Here is a quick video I made on tom grooves... Still playing around with mixing techniques and figured it would be a good way to hit them lots. I also have a new push to talk button for my mic which will save me a ton of time in future videos. Nothing too advanced here but a fun way to...
  6. scottpep

    Beginner implied metric modulation

    And another quick one for beginner implied metric modulation. It's a beginner lesson, but an intermediate - advanced topic. I love working on this stuff as it's challenging and also a great way to work on subdivisions. It's also a great way throw your water off your band and throw them for a...
  7. scottpep

    video on groove and fill displacement

    Here is a video on beat/groove displacement. This one is a bit long but I go over a few different beats, grooves and fills in the concept you can apply to anything. . It makes for some cool sounding grooves and gives your fills some new life. I also find once you get these down it really builds...
  8. scottpep

    Using paradiddles as triplets in fills and grooves

    I finally got my camera back from the repair shop. Canon apparently have pretty decent customer service considering I was off warranty. I had to pay but it was only a few hundred. I was expecting double. I just started playing around with this and figured I'd make a video to test the camera...
  9. tylerdrummer

    What are you guys practicing?

    Hey guys! Here's a clip of a little practice session of mine. I spend some time working on some tricky single pedal ideas and round out the video with some chop ideas I've been trying to clean up lately. What have you guys been working on?
  10. tylerdrummer

    Jamming Behind The Kit!

    Hey guys! One of my favorite things to do is just get behind the kit and play with no forethought and see what comes out. This is what I played the other day. I hope you guys enjoy and I'd love to read any feedback you might have for me. Instagram: @tpdrumsit
  11. tylerdrummer

    Drumming: Working on Some Different Things

    Hey Guys! In this clip I explore 7/4 (one of my favorite time signatures), work on some ghost note ideas, and try to push my hand speed and movement around the kit (see the last minute). I love drumming and wanted to share this clip with you guys! I hope you enjoy and would love to read any...
  12. L

    Linear Half-Time Shuffle Groove Lesson - Lindsay's Lessons

    Hi everyone! "Lindsay's Halftime Linear Shuffle #1" Want to learn how to learn how to play it? Let me know how you like the groove! Peace Lindsay
  13. Max Senitt

    A question of musical choices!

  14. Fernandogdrums

    Drum video for my original song "Subconscious"

    Hey guys here is a video I made of myself drumming along to my original composition "Subconscious". It is the first song on my album coming out in the summer! let me know what you think! -Fernando
  15. DrumItInAMinute

    Faux double bass groove lesson (and exercises)

    Even with only a single-pedal setup, we can create some cool double bass sounding patterns by using combinations between the bass drum and floor tom. I call these faux (or imitation) double bass grooves. Below is a short example. The right hand plays continuous 8th notes – alternating between...
  16. scottpep

    fun new groove I learnt today

    Here is a fun new groove I learnt today. I saw a guy playing it in a twitter video and had to learn it. I've really been enjoying getting away from playing the double kick metal stuff lately.
  17. Ben Corbitt

    Technical vs Musical Playing

    Technical vs Musical Playing To understand this range of playing i'm describing here, imagine the most overplayed, technical drum work. Then, the most simplistic servitude towards the music. How do YOU personally define each of these contrasts? and once defined, do you believe there is a happy...
  18. phfreq

    Pocket Songs

    Pocket songs you dig, jam, recommend.. Here's one from one of my favorite drummers
  19. S

    John Mayer - No such Thing (Drum Cover)

    Hi guys, it's a pleasure to participate in this forum. I take this opportunity to share a drum cover that I made recently of a song by John Mayer . I hope you like it!
  20. APSdrums

    ... Because Syncopated Grid Grooves Sound Cool

    This is a little exercise for helping students develop four syncopated rhythms... Could your students benefit from this???