1. Drummers & Dragons

    We made a custom guitar pedalboard from a broken record player.

    It was for my wife. She loves playing her guitars and organizing. Cords! Reminds me of my nightmare Roland days. But this was cool, and she can close it up and keep the cats out of it. They chew skinny cords like phone cords. It's our fault because we play with them with string.
  2. BBasiliskritik

    (High Quality production) Avenged Sevenfold - Critical Acclaim drum/guitar cover by DG PRODUCTIONS

    Hey guys this is a Really good quality production which I proudly participated with DG Productions and my Band's Guitarist. Avenged Sevenfold - Critical Acclaim (Guitar/Drum cover) Find me on social media: Youtube...
  3. TheBeachBoy

    *Gear stolen* Phoenix Area ***UPDATE*** GUITAR FOUND!!

    Our guitarist (Roger) found his guitar! The jackass that stole it tried to sell it at a local guitar shop. They either recognized it from Facebook or the serial was listed as stolen, or both. The shop called the cops then our guitarist to pick it up. Roger's not pressing charges since the guy...
  4. S

    Need help building a mini studio

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum. I'd greatly appreciate I could get some advice here on building a mini studio. What I'm trying to do is record a drum kit, vocals, and electric guitar. I just got a MacBook Pro today as step one for GarageBand. I'm thinking to get 3 drum microphones; one to go next...
  5. F

    Friday Jam #2 w/KODY

    Hello guys!!! Me and KODY are back at it again ;) In this video we're improvising on a backing track written by KODY himself ;) I changed the sound of my drumkit with a different MIDI pack from Logic. I still need to work on volumes and effects, but I love the sound of this one, whatcha think...
  6. F

    Improv Jam with KODY

    Hey guys! It's been awhile since I posted some of my playing... so here it is! Me and my buddy and long collaborator KODY improvising some riffs and grooves with no particular structure. Only looks and chemistry ;) Check it out guys and give us some feedback. Any criticism is welcome ;) Take...
  7. czarthedrummer

    Beautiful guitar chords?

    What are the best guitar chords you have heard? For me it's been a Gm11 It's so soothing to the ears.
  8. Ben Corbitt

    How did the understanding of another instrument affect your drumming?

    An ability to think melodically is the first that comes to mind. With that, come's a much more sympathetic approach to group composition and simply a more whole understanding of music. I'd love to hear others' experiences.
  9. Mattthorner


    I recently purchased an awesome fender baritone jag but when it arrived I was thoroughly disappointed. The eBay seller failed to mention that the neck needed work & that the guitar was not playable. Does anyone know of any place in florida that can supply fast and cheap guitar set ups?
  10. SteveDilksDrums

    My Metal band just released our first track!!

    Hey everyone! Yesterday my metal band Paradise Falls released our first song. Go check it out on Facebook and if you dig it give our page a like. I would greatly appreciate any support from fellow forum members! Cheers!
  11. SteveDilksDrums

    My Metal band just released our first song!

    Hey everyone! Stoked that my Metal band Paradise Falls from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada released our first song yesterday. We've been working super hard to put some music out and will be releasing more very soon. Hope you all enjoy! Also if you like this...
  12. Animal Shelter - Live at the Casbah - Hamilton, ON

    Animal Shelter - Live at the Casbah - Hamilton, ON

  13. SteveDilksDrums

    Brand new Canadian Pop Punk Band - Academy Killer

    Hey everyone! If you like pop/punk/rock and roll music like Blink 182, Hedley, Alkaline Trio and the like you should check out my new pop/punk band Academy Killer. Here are some tunes. Enjoy!
  14. Cauldronics

    OT - Other Ming (seller) instruments

    I'm enjoying getting to know my Ming Pure snare and it has proven to be very high quality for (almost) any money. For about 6 years, I played guitar semi-seriously, and would like to take it up again, but I've sold all my guitar equipment. I used to write music on guitar. I see on ebay...
  15. Bongo John

    Triplicity - Album Release Teaser - studio footage

  16. B

    Drum Off 2014!

    So I had decided to compete in the drum-off, though for me it was for more of a learning experience as I've played for Youth Groups, but in my opinion when its all focused on me to go crazy and just play what I want, it's a very hard thing to do! So i'll leve a link please watch and share what...
  17. sillyilly

    Mombasa Lisa

    This is a happy little tune I wrote for my lovely wife. Hope it brightens up your day!
  18. G

    Nero - Promises (Metal Remix)

    A brand new video from drummer Gregory Grif Sokolov and guitarist Igor Ovchinnikov - remix of the previous year dubstep hit Promises by Nero.