1. bongomania

    “Minimalist” stand for one tom and one cymbal boom arm?

    I have a bunch of stands cobbled together from accessory brackets and whatnot; they work fine, but I’d like a cleaner, more minimal look, and a little less weight. Each stand needs one ball socket tom mount and one (short) cymbal boom. No giant multi-post mounts with tons of extra piping. Do...
  2. D

    Looking for 1 Gretsch roundbadge leg

    On the hunt for a Gretsch leg from roundbadge era for a progressive jazz kit. I actually need one but I’m open to buying a set as I expected that’s what I’d out there! This would be the style the very slightly flares out at the bottom for a 14 inch floor. PayPal ready. Thanks!
  3. W

    DW 5000 or DW 9000 Double Pedal???

    Those of you that own or have played both, do you have a favorite of one over the other? Please share your thoughts! Thanks!
  4. Kcmcc

    Like New Pearl Mounting Hardware

    recently bought a decade maple kit in the 13/16/24 sizes (open box, so more or less new.) Decided immediately that I do not like the hanging 13 on a cymbal stand with a 24" combination (the kit comes with a virgin bass) and am using a snare stand instead: so here is the included tom mounting...
  5. J

    Best quality brands???

    Hey guys was wondering if any of you have tried to drum wraps, planned on stripping some extra shells I have and starting a little project. What wrap companies do y’all know of that are best quality and are most visually appealing? Also what companies have the largest variety of parts (hoops...
  6. D

    Light-weight aluminum brackets and bass drum lugs wanted

    I'm an "ancient" drummer 84 years old with back problems and need to lighten my drum kit. I especially would like to get some aluminum tom leg or tom mount brackets to lighten my "load." I prefer the clam-shell type of brackets, but let me know what you've got. I would even accept damaged...
  7. Big Beat

    SOLD: vintage Rogers swan leg hi-hat stand w/ orig. clutch

    Vintage c. 1960s Rogers "swan leg" hi-hat stand. Excellent condition, nice and clean with some typical wear due to age. Original clutch. $200 INCLUDING SHIPPING.
  8. Big Beat

    For Sale: vintage Ludwig Spur Lok Atlas Hi-Hat stand

    Vintage 1960s - 1970s Ludwig Spur Lok Atlas Hi Hat stand. Excellent condition, nice and clean with some typical wear due to age. $150 INCLUDING SHIPPING.
  9. Big Beat

    For Sale: Sonor 1960s vintage hardware - hi-hat stand, bass pedal, snare drum stand

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Set of original Sonor teardrop era, made-in-Germany hardware that came with a 1966 Sonor set. Includes hi-hat stand, bass pedal and snare stand. Hi-hat has original ball feet and clutch, snare stand original ball feet. Pedal is missing the plastic end-caps, like all of them, has...
  10. blikum

    Ludwig red label single braced stands

    I'm in search of Ludwig single braced 800 series hardware, straights, booms, hi hat and snare stands. I've attached a pic so you know which ones. Please let me know if you have anything. Thanks.
  11. popiomodena

    DW 9000 Series Hardware **TRADED**

    I have a DW double cymbal stand and DW double tom stand that I want to trade. Ill trade for a DW snare stand, DW flat base hardware, or Zildjian cymbals depending on what you have.
  12. croomz

    (4) Yamaha CS865 Boom Cymbal Stands - $375

    Selling (4) excellent condition Yamaha CS865 cymbal stands. Only one stand pictured, can provide pictures of the others by request. All 4 stands are alike and in same condition, very solid stands. These have the toothless tilter. Will trade for DW 5000 HiHat Stand (red label) , DW 5000 or...
  13. croomz

    Make An Offer - Yamaha DFP9500C Double Pedal - $325

    Selling a mint Yamaha DFP9500C Double Pedal. I recently purchased a DW pedal, so this one needs to go to a good home It has been in my home ever since purchase and seen light use on a few gigs. Includes carrying case and nylon straps to convert to strap drive. Pedals are very smooth, they...
  14. croomz

    Make An Offer - Yamaha HS1200T Hi Hat Stand - $225

    Selling a mint Yamaha HS1200T hi hat stand. It has been in my home ever and a couple gigs since purchase, lightly used. This is one of the smoothest hihat stands I have used and a really overlooked hihat stand on the market. Will trade for DW 5000 HiHat Stand (red label) , DW 5000 or 7000...
  15. Vanhalen1984

    SOLD Ludwig Bag

    SOLD Thanks
  16. dunnenrb


    Just got this awesome hardware pack a few weeks ago from Sam Ash thinking I'd need it for a specific gig but haven't used it once. Set up once in my home studio and has sat in the bag since then. Will upload pics later if anyone wants, but I think most people know what they're getting...
  17. croomz

    Make An Offer - Pearl B-1000 Cymbal Stand - $100

    I have a used Pearl B-1000 cymbal stand that needs to go. This is the older model, not the current 1030 series. Asking $100 shipped or best offer. Stand is in excellent shape. I took great care of this stand. Thanks, Brandon
  18. dwdave

    Hardware case suggestions

    Hey folks, I've been using the older style SKB hardware case for 12+ years. The one with the lift out section for a kick pedal. I may need to replace it soon, the case itself is wearing out where the axles go through. I need to check and see if SKB will replace (heck it's got a lifetime...
  19. Kcmcc

    For Sale: Ludwig Double Tom Mount

    This is from the 80s or early 90s Heavy duty Long tube Memory lock Some pitting, scratching, corrosion Wingnuts on multi-clamp probably aren't original $20 plus actual shipping (will pack, measure and weigh in next couple days - probably between $15 and $20) Paypal only buyer pays fees.
  20. Sticks and Brass

    What's The Skinny?

    OK. It's becoming more clear to me that if I'm gonna have a lot of transport, set up and teardown of my gear, I need to consider much lighter hardware. Multiple manufacturers now offer their versions of vintage-like light and ultra light, skinny, flat based stands. But which to choose...