1. Ddrummer23

    SOLD: Sabian AA 16” extra thin crash $55/reduced price

    Very good condition Sabian AA extra thin crash 16"...some fingerprints and fading on the ink but otherwise there are no cracks or keyholing. If you look close you can see the Canada stamp. If you have any questions or would like more pics just let me know. I will ship at buys cost. Thx for...
  2. M

    Cymbals for Hi-Hat + Crash/Ride setup.

    I'm looking for cymbals for a 2-cymbal Hi-Hat Crash/Ride setup for playing mid-volume rock stuff. My previous setup wasn't glamorous, but I can't say it didn't work for me: 13" ZBT hats and a Sabian XS20 Medium Ride. I don't have those anymore, and I'm looking for something that's a little...
  3. K

    Strange Paiste 2002 Hats...

    Thanks in advance for any insight anyone may have to offer. I recently picked up a set of vintage Paiste 2002 hi-hats and they are vastly different from any I have seen. They are not Sound-Edge and the bottom hat is drilled with 4 holes in a Zildjian Quick Beat-esque fashion. While they sound...
  4. Heartbeat

    WTB: 15" Paiste 2002 Heavy/Rock hi-hats

    I'm looking for a relatively nice pair of 15" Paiste 2002 Heavy (sometimes labeled "Rock") hi-hats. No cracks, major dings, or keyholes. Thanks.
  5. Reality_Check

    ***SOLD*** - Please Delete - 13” Sabian XS20 Hi-Hats - $55 Shipped

    For sale is a set of 13" Sabian XS20 Hi-Hats. These hats sound like much more expensive cymbals than they really are. Weighing 810 grams and 1195 grams on the top and bottom, respectively, they have thinner edges that give a sizzle that can be applied to many styles of music. This makes them a...
  6. bongomania

    SOLD 15" Istanbul Agop OM hihats

    SOLD, a sweet set of 15" OM hats. Beautiful shape--just stick marks on the top hat, no other nicks or dings or anything. 1020 over 1135 gm. Super smooooth tone. $385 shipped in the US, PM me for shipping elsewhere. Open to trades for snares or other Agop cymbals (prefer Jazz, Fusion, Sig...
  7. drumrtommy

    Agop Signature 15" hats *SOLD*

    Love these hats, bought them because my buddy wouldn't sell his mantras to me, well now I have his mantras and need to let these go. Great hats, fat, articulate and more articulate with a Kepler ring. Heavier than the usual batch so they have more cut. Weights are: 1081/1112 Asking $310...
  8. Agop Xist 15" Mixed Hats

    Agop Xist 15" Mixed Hats

  9. dunnenrb


    I have here some hard to find, custom order only, Istanbul Agop 15" Pasha Hats that I got from my man Dean one here a while back. They are Med/Heavy, with great stick definition and a slight dry-ness due to the unlathed bottom. Weights are 1140g top and 1340g bottom. These are great hats, I just...
  10. Tilter

    - SOLD - K. Custom 13" Special Dry Hi Hats

    Up for consideration is a lovely pair of 13" K. Custom Special Dry Hi Hats, flawless in every regard. Smoke free, climate controlled environment and stored in a Cymbal case at all times. Top: 783g Bottom: 1113g Date of manufacture is 2007 Gone. Kindly move to SOLD thread. Thanks. Trade...
  11. The Whale


    All gone
  12. drumrtommy

    14" Sabian HHX Evolution Hats *sold*

    Selling this off, dont have weights. The bottom is pretty heavy, using my new beats a heck of a lot more. askinf 200 shipped paypal gift!
  13. dunnenrb


    I have some beautiful Istanbul Agop 16" Traditional Light Hats here. These are in great condition, no chips, dings, keyholes, do-dads, hoo-has, what have you. Weighing in at 1156 top and 1340 bottom. I love these but they are just as light as some other hats I've been using more often. Looking...
  14. Ben Corbitt

    Meinl Byzance Series Appreciation / Review Thread

    This thread is to post your experiences with Meinl's Byzance series. I find the Byzance series to have some of the most characteristic sounds of any cymbals i've ever played. Here's my review of one. Please post yours! Meinl Byzance 22" Dark Ride. After looking around for a very versatile...
  15. clubdate

    SOLD Old and Newer Zildjians

    EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SOLD First up… •1960s (I think, I’m not an expert)??? 22” Avedis Ride, 2490 grams, clean edges. Here’s the deal…I’m a little puzzled with the stand mount hole on this one. It measures roughly 5/8 inch diameter which is fairly large even by today’s standards which are about...
  16. swarfrat

    Gibraltar Hat stand (JZ Liquid Drive)

    I'm a new drummer, picked up a used Gibraltar hat stand of unknown model/vintage. I can't seem to find anything similar to it on the web site, including in the discontinued models. It has a sliding linkage on the bottom of the rod, and this seems to yield two different regions of travel, one...
  17. bongomania

    Best design of hihat clutch?

    I've seen a few comments here and there like "I didn't like the clutch that comes with this stand, so I will replace it with this other model that works better", or "this clutch has a unique feature I really like". Not that there's anything wrong with what I already have exactly, but I'm just...
  18. bongomania

    hihat advice--more chick w/out losing smooth slosh?

    I have a lovely old (maybe 50's) pair of 15" paper thin Zildjian hats, and they provide the BEST smooth white-noise slosh and half-closed sounds when sticked. I love these hats to pieces, for jazz, Latin, and old school funk. However they make only a very quiet sound when closing them sharply...
  19. ChrisSpencer

    Thinking of trying some 18" Hats...

    I've been trying to find a different hi hat sound that I like and I can't seem to get it out of anything in the 13", 14", or even 15" range. I was watching some Steve Jordan videos and I liked his 16" hats, but then I watched some Ronnie Vannucci and I really dug his 18" hats. I have an 18"...