heavy 2-piece ludwig shell

  1. NewVintage

    SOLD Ludwig 20’s 2-Piece Brass 4x14” 8 Lug Snare Drum

    Here’s a beautiful playing workhorse of mine for sale. The classic 20’s Ludwig 2-piece heavy brass shell snare. 8 Lugs. Top hoop is NOB and appears to be original. The throw-off works great and holds. Tunes easily and plays great! Things to note: T-rods, clips and bottom hoop are not original...
  2. digovii

    Ludwig 1920's Theatre Model 5x15 NOB 2-Piece Snare Drum - SOLD

    This is a 5"x15" 6-lug Theatre Model from the early 1920s. This is a heavy 2-piece shell that is definitely players grade. Most notably the throw-off has been replaced with a P-83 which required two small holes in the shell. This was done professionally and, in my opinion, is an upgrade from...
  3. dontfeartheringo

    Help me help a dying man

    My wife is an actress and acting teacher. She's run her own theater company for nine years. She has a mentor- a really thoughtful and gentle man who has, for 18 years, run one of the best theaters in the country. Her mentor announced his retirement last summer, then went to the doctor for a...