1. S

    DW Pro-Hat review

    So I just picked up this DW Auxiliary hi-hat clamp arm and I tell you what, the clutch on this thing is AWESOME! Check out the incremental clutch by DW
  2. MelvinJones

    Help with stamps - 15" Zildjian Hi-Hats

    Hi y'all, Just picked up a nice set of Zildjian 15" hi-hats. The seller was estimating them as 70's era hats. I'm looking at the stamps and they look like they might be two different styles. I'm thinking they might be a pair that was "matched-up" by a drummer later on. Probably New Beats? One...
  3. Nate

    HH200 hi-hat stand

    Hello. I am new to acoustic drum kits and I recently bought my first one but I face the 3 following issues with the HH200 hi-hat stand: 1.) I found a nut threaded onto my hi-hat rod within the upper hi-hat tube. What is the purpose of this nut? Thanks. 2.) A hi-hat seat consists of a plastic...
  4. sixplymaple

    USED Paiste Signature/2002/RUDE Bottom Hats or Mint Condition Top Hats

    Most of my current hi-hat pairs are made up of 2 different models for top & bottom. Some pairs are even from different types of bronze, but go together well. I usually buy based on certain weights and combinations of top/bottom weights. I am always on the look out for Paiste Signature/2002/RUDE...
  5. sixplymaple

    Poll - Type of Main Hi-Hat Stand?

    What type of hi-hat stand does everybody use for their main hats? I use a remote cable hi-hat as my main stand. I play a lot of double pedal and like having my left foot slightly set back from my hi-hat. I know it’s odd, but that’s what I prefer. Here is a picture...
  6. Burps

    Listening to that "Mystery Hi-Hat"

    I went to a local hall to hear a community band in which my niece plays a bassoon. It's a large group with over 30 members. Lots of various types of horns, guitar, bass, and 3 percussionists, etc. One played a full drum kit. They did a great job. Being the hi-hat freak that I am, I always...
  7. Big Beat

    SOLD: Camco Oaklawn c. 1961 hi-hat stand

    For sale: fairly rare Camco Oaklawn flush base hi-hat stand from the early 1960s (the last pic shows this stand pictured in a 1961 Camco ad). Excellent condition with some typical wear due to age. Perfect addition to your vintage Camco set! $100 + $25 shipping.
  8. topher465

    Zildjian A Custom 13" Hi Hats $125 SOLD

    Zildjian A Custom Hi-Hats 13". Could use a cleaning but in otherwise great shape. Absolutely no cracks keyholing or flea-bites. $125 plus ship
  9. B

    In need of hi-hat upgrade (for studio recording)

    hey, bit of a newbie when it comes to cymbal talk, but I'm in dire need of some new hats. I'm using 14" zht's and they're way too harsh and tinny (especially with any drummers that hit hard). I have a K custom dark crash and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some nice mid range / hi end...
  10. L

    Yamaha DTX400K Hi-Hat Volume Question

    Considering my ability and circumstances, I'm considering the Yamaha DTX400K. I purchased this kit one year ago but was forced to return it with major hi-hat/volume problems. Now I may be giving it a second try. Are there known issues with hi-hat volume control on this kit? Are they...
  11. Noah Nsane

    NPedal - DIY USB Hi-Hat variable CC midi controller

    Hello friends! Here's a quick DIY USB variable CC hi-hat controller using a strap-on joystick. No tools required and the only wiring is twisting a wire. Thanks to Hellfire (and jmanword and talented others) for inspiration and for the innovative, beautiful and elegant controllers that you've...
  12. We're_All_Doomed

    Should I get a new hi-hat stand?

    I've been playing drums for like 3 years and the hi-hat stand keeps coming undone. I'm not sure what you would call that. But the hi hat stand will always come loose. Is it a stand I need to buy or just a completely new hi-hat? I've upgraded most of my equipment ( Drumheads, Cymbals, zero-rings...