hi hat

  1. lemonslush

    Gold Dw 9000 hi hat and double pedal

    Selling a like new with still original packaging on both hi-hat and pedal 24k gold plated 2 leg 9000 hi hat stand and 9002 double pedal. Item located in MA willing to ship. DM me if you want a video of either item. Hi hat - 900$ Pedal $2000
  2. G

    Hi hat Clutch setting

    Hey everyone!! Wanted to know how you guys setup the top hi hat. Is it supposed to be extremely tight or quite loose. What are the pros and cons of both the settings. I've been experimenting a lot on this and can't figure out which suits me yet. Let me know yaalll Thanks
  3. codydee12

    16” Agop Signature Crash As A Hihat Top?

    Has anyone tried the 16 agop signature crash as a hihat top? Any thoughts? I miss living near an agop dealer so I can just try ideas for myself but figured this would be a good spot to ask around. I have 16” 30th hats and am contemplating also getting a 16 signature crash as an alternative hi...
  4. bconrad

    Tama The Classic Series, flat-base Hi-hat Stand, lightweight 2019 Chrome

    Asking $55 plus shipping and Paypal fees. Good condition overall, minus some scuffs on the foot plate.
  5. A

    (Wanted) Zildjian A custom hi hats

    Probably a long shot, but would someone be willing to sell me a pair of used zildjian a custom hi hats for not too much, don't really care about condition provided it isn't cracked. I'm 17 and definitely can't afford to pay full price for them with uni coming up :).
  6. bconrad


    Asking $89 plus shipping https://rvrb.io/double-braced-two-qe0l4x
  7. S

    Converting a no-brand hi hat controller to a Roland one

    Hey guys. I got given a Medeli DD501 electronic drum kit as it wasn't working. The module would turn on but wouldn't output any sound. I've since replaced the module with a Roland TD-2. The Medeli frame/kit came with: - Crash - Ride - Toms (3) - Snare - Hi Hat - Hi Hat Controller (Not sure if...
  8. D

    SOLD OFF SITE 14" Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats

    Dirty and patina showing. Top weight is 1066 g and bottom weight is 1358 g Top hat has a scratch as pictured. Not deep and seems to be a surface scratch. Can’t feel it if I run my finger over it, but can if I use my finger nail. Still in good shape and aging nicely. Pictures try to show some of...
  9. bconrad

    Gretsch Drums G3 Hardware Pack, 2 cymbals stands, hi hat and snare

    Good setup here. In great condition, hardly used. I slop-chopped the hihat stand's top tube to lower it by about an inch, but it's still plenty tall. Asking $199 plus shipping.
  10. bconrad


    Used but in good working order. Asking 70 plus shipping and fees. https://reverb.com/item/35309547-ludwig-lac16hh-atlas-classic-flat-based-hi-hat-stand
  11. bconrad


    Used but in good working order. Asking $70 plus shipping and PayPal in the lower 48.
  12. SaranacJack

    ALL SOLD 50s, 60s, 70s & 90s Various Zildjian Rides (Jazz, Rock & Flat Top) - Sound files

    Changing the guard from old A's to buy a Noble & Cooley piccolo snare. Owned most of these for decades, ready to pass them on. Prices + actual shipping from Baltimore, MD area. Make an offer for multiple cymbals! Sound files below for these cymbals: * 1960s 22" Ride, 3,031g ($115) SOLD...
  13. Ddrummer23

    Zildjian crash 14” or hi hat - SOLD

    Vintage Zildjian crash 14” in VG condition physically. Cosmetically there are some marks on the underside which may come off if cleaned, I have not tried. This cymbal can also be used as bottom hi hat cymbal. If you look closely at the pics you can see the ink mark “Crash”.. This is a 60’s 3 dot...
  14. Peterk256

    SOLD - Paiste Pre-Serial Formula 602 15" Hi Hat Pair

    These don't come up very often. Paiste Pre-Serial Formula 602 15" Hi Hat Pair, 1013/1125g for sale. Holes are perfect. There are a few minor rough spots on the edge of each cymbal, I never noticed them until I just checked. 1013g cymbal has some ghosted writing on the bottom from a magic marker...
  15. danpetersdesign

    SOLD: Istanbul Agop 16" Traditional Light Hi-Hats

    16" Istanbul Agop Traditional Light Hi-Hats. I don't have weights on these, but they feel and sound great. No problems with these at all. I just play my 30th anniversaries a lot more. $400 shipped CONUS. 16" Agop Traditional Light Hihats by danpetersdesign posted Mar 3, 2019 at 4:24 AM
  16. Leamordor

    Hi hat makes a weird sound

    Hey guys! I just started drumming and I bought a used kit from craigslist. My hi hat does a weird 'boing' sound. Pictures and video bellow. I tried putting them closer or appart but it still does it.. ? What can I do it's annoying af. Video ...
  17. brya0125

    My 2000’s A 14” Mastersounds for your Zildjian hats...

    I have a pair of 14 A Mastersound hi hats that I bought used. They are in great condition. I am looking for a pair of Zildjian 15 or 16 K light hi hats or a pair of K Custom Dark hi hats 14. Willing to pay a little cash to make the trade as well. Im also interested in other Zildjian A and K...
  18. S

    Istanbul Agop Cymbals - Traditional, Mel Lewis

    Hi all - for sale are some Istanbul Agop cymbals ... moving a few to purchase a few more :) All are in great condition! Paypal gift or add 3% for fees - buyer to pay actual shipping. 22" Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Crash - 2023 grams - $225 22" Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Crash - 1993...
  19. dsart64

    ***SOLD***14” UFIP NATURAL HATS MEDIUM $300 obo

    The Natural Series have been sensitively updated and fine tuned with the purpose of getting back to the main features that have defined this range since its conception. The New Natural are darker, richer and warmer, they are faster in response and considerably more versatile.
  20. drumrtommy

    Paiste Signature Traditional *SOLD*

    All prices include shipping, these are all excellent condition, etched models show some usage but not beat up. Here are the pictures:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c5c0oebev0tsz1e/AADPXECJauraz1q63zT7JDuba?dl=0 16" Paiste traditional Thin crash- $160 Paiste 16 RUDE crash Ride used as bottom hat...