1. S

    Standard vs X-Celerator hi-hats - Sabian

    I swapped out my standard hats for some x-celerators and someone asked me why and what's the difference. So I put this video together showing and playing the differences between the standard hi-hats and the x-celerators What do you guys prefer and why?!
  2. C

    SOLD)) Vintage K Zildjian Istanbul 14" hi-hat cymbals

    SOLD Hello to my old Cymbalholic friends who might still lurk about... I'm selling a special pair of 14” old K Zildjian Istanbul cymbals. Handmade in Turkey. 60’s era. Signatures and some ink still visible on undersides of both cymbals. Usual wear from years of use. Handformed bells - like many...
  3. INeedDrumLessons


  4. Iristone

    Thin Hi-hats Recommendation?

    Hello, Now I'm looking for a pair of hi-hat cymbals that are thin, articulate, washy when open (yeah both articulate and washy... ie. like a medium-thin ride cymbal), responsive, wide dynamic range (so probably thin), not too much body or fundamental pitch (is that called 'trashy'?). I'm...
  5. RustyNails

    Name That Cymbal! Ty Segall of Fuzz Edition

    Anybody know what hi-hats these are?
  6. Demonslayer

    Mystery Zildjian (?) Hi Hats

    [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:1089] 14 in diameter No discernible logos No scale, so do not know weights; one IS discernibly heavier Lathed top, totally unlathed bottoms
  7. F

    Arbiter Formuler 602

    When i first began playing i had some Hi-Hats that were "15ins Arbiter Formula 602",and i loved the sound of them,unfortunatley 10 years ago i broke the top Cymbal,I've been looking for the same sounding Hats eversince,and i've not been able to find any,does anyone know of any Hats that would...
  8. Reality_Check

    SOLD - 13" Hi-Hats - Zildjian A Custom Top AND Sabian AAX Stage Hats Bottom

    Hello Fellow DFO members, As we approach this Holiday Season, it's time to clean out my drum inventory... So, first up is a very beautiful set of hi-hats! For sale is a set of mismatched 13" hats that make a great pair! The top is a 13" Zildjian A Custom and the bottom is a 13" Sabian AAX...
  9. oneeyedcat

    What Can You Tell Me About These Vintage A Zildjian Hi-Hats?

    Hey guys, just found these in my storage unit. Don't even remember how or where I got them. They look to be in great shape and I'm curious how old you think they might be based on the logos. What do I have here? Thanks in advance for any and all help. Rick
  10. oneeyedcat

    *SOLD* Paiste 2002 15" Sound Edge Hi-Hats *SOLD*

    Up for grabs is a nice pair of Paiste 2002 Sound edge hi-hats. Bought these about a year ago when I went all Paiste 2002. I've played them about 7-8 times and for whatever reason, they're just not the sound I'm looking for. Condition is just a hair under mint. No cracks, fleabites or keyholes...
  11. B

    Looking for a light, bright hi-hat pair

    I currently own a pair of sabian AAX metal hi-hats (14in) and theyre too heavy for me. I want some suggestions for a lighter pair of hi-hats, good for fast action and are very responsive
  12. ScottGunshore

    Anyone excited about the Paiste Masters crash and hats?

    MASTERS EXPAND THE DARK SIDE Now I'll just need the patience to find a used 18... It took several months for me to find a used Masters Dark Crisp ride at a reasonable price, but I was surprised that it came up as early as it did!