1. S

    Standard vs X-Celerator hi-hats - Sabian

    I swapped out my standard hats for some x-celerators and someone asked me why and what's the difference. So I put this video together showing and playing the differences between the standard hi-hats and the x-celerators What do you guys prefer and why?!
  2. T

    Seperate HI Hat audio and route to DAW

    Hi Everyone! I have been playing an ekit for the last 5 years. I play in a busy party band this seems to be the most efficient and convienient set up! I have also played an acoustic kit for many many years and still do... Only gripe with eKits is the hi hats...as I am playing live, there is of...
  3. INeedDrumLessons


  4. Z

    Jazz Beginner and Hi Hat Size and Weight?

    Hello Community, I am brand new to drumming. I am interested in learning to play drums for jazz fusion and folk rock. With jazz fusion being top of mind at the moment, I am trying to hone in on the right hi hat size and weight. My drum set is quite small: a Tama Club Jam Mini--just a bass drum...
  5. Sammybear

    SOLD!!! Zildjian 15" K Light Hi Hats - *REDUCed*

    For Sale: SOLD!!! Zildjian 15" K Light Hi Hats 1,039g/1,405g - Excellent condition. $299 plus shipping
  6. S

    shootout: Zildjian K Light 15" hats vs. Mehmet Dark Origin 15" hats

    Well - here's a thing I've been meaning to do for a while. I scored some Mehmet Dark Origin 15" hihats on one of those crazy Amazon blowout prices late last year - I think I paid $168 for the pair new. I liked them fine - but then hanging on this forum, surfing the net, and generally obsessing...
  7. 0

    Cymbals on a budget

    Greetings, I’m looking for a budget cymbals set for recording and live performances. 1. It must consist of hi-hat, crash and ride. 2. Under $200 3. I’m looking for a bright and thin hi-hat like the first one in this video What are your suggestions? Thanks.
  8. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Percussion Inspired Paintings!

    What's up? My name is Kiana and I paint original percussion-inspired paintings using oilpastels. All of my original paintings as well as my art prints are hand signed by me and come with my certificate of authenticty (to protect my work as an artist). My art prints are limited edition and I...
  9. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Last Hihat Art Print Available!

    I have 1 more limited edition art print of "2 & 4" from my series of percussion inspired paintings. 15" x 9" - $150 All my original paintings as well as my art prints are hand signed by me and come with my certificate of authenticty (to protect my work as an artist). I actually have a few...
  10. Peterk256

    SOLD - 14" A. Zildjian Quick Beat Hi-Hat Pair, Hollow Logo, REDUCED - $110 shipped

    14" A. Zildjian Quick Beat Hi-Hat Pair, Hollow Logo for sale. Holes and edges are as good as it gets for a 40 year old cymbal pair. Ink stamps are faint but still visible. If you choose to polish them you may quickly lose whatever ink is left. Top is 1317g, bottom is 1444g. REDUCED $110 shipped.
  11. BCautsDrum

    1960s Pre-Serial Paiste Formula 602 14" Hi - Hats and 20" Thin Crash

    1960s Paiste Pre-Serial Forumula 602 cymbals for sale. 1960s 14 Paiste Pre-Serial 602 Hi Hats - $300 No Keyholes present No cracks Red stamps still visible Top Hat Weight: 860 Bottom Hat Weight: 920 Great stick definition with tons of wash 1960s 20 Paiste Pre Serial Thin Crash - $150 Red...
  12. WGMitch

    SOLD - Sabian 14" HHX Evolution Dave Weckl Hi Hats

    SOLD - Sabian 14" HHX Evolution Dave Weckl Hi Hats They are in great physical condition. I just don't play them. $225 $200 $150 shipped - lower 48 states. PayPal as a gift.
  13. Sammybear

    Zildjian K 15" Light Hihats-Mint SOLD!

    SOLD! For sale mint condition 2015 Zildjian K 15" Light Hihats. Very lightly used, like new! Don't know the weight. $320 plus shipping.
  14. SteveDilksDrums

    Saluda Cymbals - What's your experience/opinion?

    Hey Everyone! I just inquired on the Saluda Cymbal website about their trade-in program. I'm looking at trading my collection of Zildjian A and A customs for a brand new set of custom Saluda Cymbals. What is everyone's experience with Saluda? Your opinion on the sound and quality? I know they...
  15. bongomania

    hihat advice--more chick w/out losing smooth slosh?

    I have a lovely old (maybe 50's) pair of 15" paper thin Zildjian hats, and they provide the BEST smooth white-noise slosh and half-closed sounds when sticked. I love these hats to pieces, for jazz, Latin, and old school funk. However they make only a very quiet sound when closing them sharply...