1. popiomodena

    **SOLD**1960s Rogers 12x22,6x16 Black Diamond Pearl Drum Kit

    1960s Rogers Black Diamond Pearl Drum kit with 12”x22” kick drum, 8”x12” rack Tom, and 16”x16” floor tom. Super punchy! The finish on several areas of the kit is slightly discolored from sunlight. The interiors were painted white by the original owner at some point. They either painted over or...
  2. M

    Wanted Rogers Drum Mufflers & Collet

    I'm looking for 3 Rogers mufflers for a vintage Holiday kit. I'm also looking for a collet for the tom holder and 1 floor tom leg. Please let me know if you have any. Thanks!
  3. scaramanga

    Dating a Rogers Holiday...

    Asking for a friend, no really. He writes: "Wondered if anyone could tell me what year a Rogers Holiday model kit with serial numbers around 82000 and 61000 might be from? I'm told 1965, but I wanted to confirm. Shells are 20, 16, 12. Thank you for any info!" Thanks!
  4. indedrum

    INDe Black Friday!

    OK, so DFO gets the low-down on the INDe Holiday promos FIRST! Here are the deals: DOORBUSTER SNARE DRUMS; Bascially killer deals on some snare drums rotating daily. Friday will be all sizes of Stainless Steel Snares...
  5. DKmusic

    Vintage Rogers question - does this look normal?

    I can't tell if this line/seam has always been there or if this is new or more pronounced. See dark line on top of kick drum ('69 Holiday)
  6. E

    SOLD Rogers Holiday 1960's Pink Champagne Pearl Sparkle 12/13/16/22

    Rogers Holiday drum set in Pink Champagne Pearl Asking $1800 obo The finish has 'ginger ale-d' quite nicely. 12x8, 13x9, 16x16, 22x14 Very Good condition, I would call this AAA Players Grade. Swivomatic Hardware all intact and working well All drums Rogers script badges are intact and in...
  7. markrocks68

    Needed: Roger's 18" hex rod for cymbal mount on bass drum

    For this 20" Holiday Swing Time kit bass drum.
  8. cs1422

    Value on rogers?

    Hey guys, new here, Im in the hunt for a swivomatic and found these guys ( not saying where :) ) was wondering if you saw any value in these guys. Im terrible at Lug ID'ing, and would rather not make a 3 hour drive if the swiv is the only thing of value here. he claims some are rogers, but I'm...
  9. FloydZKing


    Beautiful Ohio drum with no damage or extra holes. Has all heavy parts and looks to have never been taken apart. Yellowing is even and attractive, wrap is in excellent shape with great seam and very little scratching or scarring. Chrome is ok with light pitting, ugly hoops don't match, one...
  10. markhy

    Rogers Holiday Green Sparkle

    So I can't afford this, but I'm sure it would go to the good home of some member here. I don't know if you've all seen it, but this kit here is now under 1K for a cleveland holiday kit in green sparkle...
  11. DrumR69

    1957/58 Rogers Holiday Snare :To wrap or not to wrap?

    Hello Members Wanted to get some feedback on this snare. What would you do? Wrap or natural? Stripped it thinking of wrapping but kind of liked how it looked natural with outer ply. Just interested to see what DFO members would do if it was theirs. Wayne
  12. Rogers Kit and Black Beauty Snare - 180 Drums

    Rogers Kit and Black Beauty Snare - 180 Drums

    My old Rogers kit that I bought from Harry J. Cangany Jr.
  13. Rogers Kit and Black Beauty Snare - 180 Drums

    Rogers Kit and Black Beauty Snare - 180 Drums

    My old Rogers kit that I bought from Harry J. Cangany Jr.
  14. markhy

    Vintage drums - Modern Use

    So I wanted to share the most recent purchase(s) with you guys as I'm still a fairly new member. The Press War - Follow Me AJ Edwards Live at Copley Square Good Times Bad Times Cover by AJ Edwards Kit is a Rogers Cleveland Holiday in Champagne Sparkle 12 16 20 Snare for the Press War is a 7...
  15. markhy

    Rogers Champagne Sparkle Floor Tom

    Hey guys, I have a Cleveland Holiday kit and I want to add a second floor tom to it, be it 14" or 16" Let me know if anyone has any leads or a drum they're willing to sell. Thanks! - Mark
  16. dave.robertson

    SOLD: Rogers Fullerton Kit $495 shipped US48

    SOLD. For sale is a really nice Rogers Koa shell pack: 13 inch ride tom, 22 inch bass, and 16 inch floor tom. I bought these from forum member DanC, who restored these to “player” condition and then used them on his gigs. The bass drum and floor tom are Fullerton Power Tones with close...
  17. romegio

    my rogers black onyx set- should I sell

    I have had this set now since the early 70s, and am considering selling them, but I am torn, so I just ordered new heads and will see how they sound. here is a link to pics on photobucket.. let me know what you think about these...