1. olmanbenny

    ‘68 Ludwig Psychadelic Red shell pack Hollywood

    Vintage ‘68 Ludwig Hollywood shell pack in rare Psychadelic Red. 12/13/16/22. For sale are the shells only…I’ll include the remaining lugs on the rack tom and the muffler on the floor tom because I’m lazy. In great shape, except for the bottom of the interior of the bass drum, which has some...
  2. D

    Serial numbers on a Ludwig Hollywood configuration

    Hello, this is my first post. I wanted to know if someone could give me their opinion on my kit. This is a Ludwig Hollywood pink champagne sparks kit with B/O badges. I have read in a few places where ludwigs 1969 serial numbers are slightly different. I believe my kit is a 1969 dues to the...
  3. popiomodena

    **SOLD** 1968 Ludwig Hollywood Silver Sparkle

    1968 Ludwig Hollywood Silver Sparkle 14”x22” kick, 8”x12” rack tom, 9”x13” rack tom, 16”x16” floor tom date stamped May 2 1968 These are all clear interior drums. The serial numbers are close together. All original with exception to heads and the resonant bass drum hoop. 12” rack Tom...
  4. David Hunter

    SOLD: George Way Hollywood Snare Drum COB 5.5"x14"

    George Way Hollywood in excellent condition. 5.5"x14" COB shell. Mirror-like finish shows no marks of any kind that I can see. Very heavy brass shell: 10.5 lbs. Original heads/snare wires in excellent condition. This drum sounds superb. $440 $400 shipped, lower 48.