imagine dragons

  1. N

    Demons of Imagine Dragons - drums cover by Dima

    Hello everyone! Happy to present you next job of my son! Dima is a beginning drummer and in each new song he uses new and slightly more complicated elements. On his YouTube channel you can find all his works that he posted online! Thanks a lot for your feedback! :)
  2. N

    Radioactive of Imagine Dragons - drums cover

    Hello, I would like to present you last job of my son! Thanks for your feedback!
  3. N

    Whatever it takes, Imagine Dragons - cover by Dimka

    Hello! Couple month ago my kid started to learn drums! in fact he play drums every day. Also he started making covers! Please, watch and give your feedback under his video! For him it is important for motivation and for understanding what he have to improve! Thanks a lot! P.S. YouTube...
  4. Micky Poole

    Imagine Dragons - Bleeding Out [Cover]

    Enjoy I am intending on uploading more videos this weekend! Stay tuned! So far all feedback is amazing!