1. bconrad


    Minty condition. $50 shipped.
  2. D

    What type of tom mount should I install?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some opinions on what type of tom mount I should install on my Pearl Wood Fiberglass kit (2015 reissue) in a 20,10,12,14 configuration. If you are familiar with this line, you'll know that the bass drums have no tom mounting hardware and the toms come with Pearl's...
  3. S

    My INDe Drum Lab Story

    Hey guys! Here's a quick little story about a drum company. One day I was on Reverb and saw the coolest looking snare I'd seen in a long time. It was an INDe Kalamazoo Bronze "Quarantine" special. It just looked like it would sound amazing. So, despite needing another snare like needing another...
  4. Ray Dee Oh King

    New mics new heads have a listen

    Hi all, recently picked up all new heads as well as a new mic system for my INDes. I'm loving these Focus Xs with power dots. Voice your opinion on the sound! Groovy Drumless track recorded on Tracktion Waveform 8. INDe Drum Labs shells, Aquarian Focus X batter heads w/Power Dots and Texture...
  5. Mcjnic

    INDe Mounts and the Power They Yield Over the Sphincter

    I love the INDe tom mounts. They work ... very well. But, when you have to drill a brand new tom ... you second guess the value as you deal with the stress of wielding a powertool over your pristine tom. I didn't lose much sleep over the PDP Concept Classic tom drilling. I figured, if I...
  6. fun2drum

    Two-up INDe action last night

    I took the extra 10" tom to the gig last night for a 10, 12, 14, 22 configuration - something I haven't done in a long time. I have done it messing around the drum room but not at a gig. This won't be the last time because i loved it. The snare is my '59 Ludwig Barrett Deems Jazz Festival.
  7. Mcjnic

    PDP Concept Classic Review

    PDP Concept Classic Review I had been playing a cool old Premier Resonator kit in this spot and decided to make a change. The Premier Kit has been sold and shipped ... something had to replace it. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when these arrived. I have been playing vintage kits for...
  8. indedrum

    Huge Demo Sale @ INDE! Lots of Snares and Kits

    We are working on clearing out some Demo inventory- like-new drums that were displayed at a show and may have been lightly played. A few stick marks on the head will save you a lot of dollars! Brass, Stainless, Aluminum and Maple snares, and kits available. Limited quantities, first come...
  9. PressRoll

    INDe Limited Edition Brass 6.5 x 14 Snare

    Received my limited edition INDe brass snare today! Josh is trying a little something new by making a limited run of some polished lacquered brass snare drums. The shell and rims are brass and the hardware is all brass plated. Sounds absolutely phenomenal and looks magnificent!
  10. Hater

    Dilemma: Retrofitting an INDE throwoff where the existing holes are HUGE…

    Backstory: I purchased a Tempus snare drum a while ago. I havent used it at all because the throwoff that came on it (A Dunnett model I believe, dont remember which one off hand) was installed so low on the shell that you couldnt get proper snare tension. The straps (or cords) that hold the...
  11. PressRoll

    New Design INDe Mounting Bracket

    I texted Josh last night to see how prep for the Chicago show was going. Lo and behold he sent me this picture and said he's got a lot of good stuff coming down the pike. Still in the prototype stage but full production will be coming soon. Looks like an improvement over the Ludwig Atlas lug...
  12. Inde 2

    Inde 2

  13. Inde 1

    Inde 1

  14. Hater

    Question for Josh @ INDE…

    In addition to purchasing directly from you, I noticed that your wares are for sale in multiple locations now. (Drum Factory Direct and Lone Star Percussion are just two of several places.) If a drummer, much like myself, were in the market for a few of your proprietary products, is there a...
  15. dboomer

    WTB: Inde bop kit

    Looking for 18,14,12. Please let me know if youve outgrown yours.
  16. indedrum

    XL INDe BR2 Brackets, fits larger hole spacings

    This started as a request from members here, and now is a new product! Our BR2 suspension bracket now comes in 2 sizes, accommodating hole spacings up to 80mm/3.2". This opens the door to new mounting options for some Gretsch, and Slingerland drums, even ones with the diamond plate/spade style...
  17. zenghost

    Jenkins-Martin and INDe - a fantastic combination

    I took delivery of this kit today. I had high expectations for it based on my previous experiences with INDe drums (and service), and the stellar reputation Jenkins-Martin holds for it unique, high-quality and sonically satisfying shells. I was not disappointed. Sizes: 20x13 (yes, 13"...
  18. PressRoll

    New Kit On The Way!

    Finally sold and saved enough to buy a new kit. Shipping out Monday! 20/12/14
  19. & You Dont Stop

    Gee! I Wonder Who's Been Influencing My Purchases Over the Past Three Years?

  20. Sir Hills

    Custom INDe "Concert" Kit

    Hey Folks, I want to share some info and images as well as praise Josh from INDe. I heard about INDe by way of this forum and spent the last few months researching Josh and his designs. I just don't think there's anyone out there that's taken tone preservation this far, not to mention looks and...