1. thesteve

    Sold Istanbul TW Jazz ride 22" 2584g $250

    I am unloading everything I have $250 shipped
  2. Medellin

    WANTED: Istanbul Agop

    Hi all! I am interested in buying a used Istanbul agop rid I am interested especially in 30th anniversary cymbals. If you have anything for sale feel free to PM me. Thanks!
  3. C

    SOLD: 14” Hi-Hats

    Sold thanks.
  4. F

    Rare, vintage, prototype, and special cymbals

    Open to reasonable offers. Paiste 22” Sound Creation Dark Ride. Rivets drilled by Paiste. No cracks, chips, or keyhole. Sounds like Paul Motian’s later era ride. 3243 grams. $850 Zildjian 1960s 20” Istanbul K Old K ride. @2281 grams. No issues. $1250 Zildjian 1960s 18”...
  5. dunnenrb


    Hello all! I have here a beautiful Istanbul Agop 22" 30th Anniversary Ride weighing in at 2006g. Can you say paper!? It is extremely full and warm for something this light and has an amazing crash. It can stand alone as a crash. It has never been played out - only in my home studio. Asking...
  6. Sammybear

    *Sold* Istanbul Agop 20" 30th Anniversary Ride 1898g-Mint *Sold*

    For Sale: Istanbul Agop 20" 30th Anniversary Ride in mint condition. Acquired this cymbal in 2018 directly from The Drum Shop. In perfect shape. There may be a few stick marks and/or fingerprints due to some light playing and handling. This is a beautiful, musical cymbal at a great weight...
  7. O

    Recommendations for an acoustic ride with woody stick definition but capable of wash

    Greetings and Salutations, I'm in a frustrated search for the ride described in the subject line and will appreciate recommendations. By "acoustic ride" I ideally mean one capable of being played in a low volume jazz combo without overpowering the other instruments, although that degree of...
  8. beatsmith8

    Blind Recording - Paiste v Ist Mehmet

    I bought a whole bunch of Istanbul cymbals on amazon blowout pricing. Tried to set up somewhat equivalent setups between my existing Paiste and the new Mehmet. 15" hats for both, 2x18" crashes for both, a 19" crash in Ist setup vs 20" crash in paiste, and similar weight rides (21" in paiste vs...
  9. dunnenrb


    I got this recently on Reverb (it might have been a forum member?) but I bills have come up and need to let it go. Here I have a wonderful Istanbul Agop 22" Medium Ride at just about 2560 grams. The cymbal has a stick that will never wash out and a fundamentally low pitch but it has just a few...
  10. G

    Can you ID this Agop Flat Ride?

    Hi, I just picked up this Agop 18" flat ride from Guitar Center's used site (for 99 bucks). They had it listed as a "Signature" series ... I'm pretty sure it's not that as there's no "signature" series -- but there's no Traditional, Turk, or other marking. There's Does anyone have an idea...
  11. RobJoanisse


    Here's a nice dry one weighing in at 1846 g. It currently has two rivets installed and has no issues. Asking $275 USD plus shipping from Canada.
  12. jndittmar

    SOLD Istanbul Agop 24" Joey Waronker Ride

    Hey everyone, I'm selling my Istanbul Agop 24" Joey Waronker Ride. This thing is in great condition. It weighs in at 3130g. I'm selling it because I don't really use it anymore and I'd rather someone play it than it just sit and collect dust. Let me know if you're interested. Asking $450 +...
  13. brya0125

    DELETE/SOLD My Heartbeat Cymbals for your Zildjian

    I have a set of Heartbeat Cymbals that I have for sale over in the for sale section. i'm interested in trades for any newer Zildjian cymbals. Let me know what you have. Here's the link to the for sale ad...
  14. brya0125

    SOLD!!! HEARTBEAT CYMBALS—Handmade in Turkey

    I have a bunch of Heartbeat Cymbals Ive collected over the years. I wanna trade for Zildjians, but Id thought Id put these out here in case anyone wanted them. These will be up on in a week. 10 Rock Splash - $50 16 Custom Medium Crash - $150 SOLD! 20 Custom Rock Medium Crash...
  15. Sammybear

    SOLD!!!!!! Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Ride 22" (2290g)

    SOLD!!!!!!!!! For Sale: (1) Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Ride 22" (2290g). Lightly used. $375 + Shipping (+3% PayPal fee)
  16. Sammybear

    SOLD!!! REDUCED...Istanbul Agop Signature 19" Ride (1512g)

    For Sale: (1) Beautiful Istanbul Agop Signature 19" Ride (1512g). Purchased in 2018 (2017 model), Mint condition/like new. Very lightly used. $199 + shipping (lower 48 only). SOLD...
  17. brya0125

    SOLD! Mint Istanbul Xist 24" Medium Brilliant Ride

    I'm selling my mint condition Istanbul Agop Xist 24" Brilliant Medium Ride. I bought it new in November and only used it a little. It has some fingerprints and stick marks, but it's mostly clean as a whistle. It weighs 3,878 grams. I've got it for sale on, but message me if you want...
  18. Chicago.Drum.Exchange

    20 - 25% off cymbals @ CDE!

    Hey gang! Diego here from the Chicago Drum Exchange! Just want to give you a heads up that we are doing a pretty massive cymbal blow out sale. We really need to move some inventory to get some new stuff in here so the discounts range between 20-25% off select cymbals. Shoot me an email or give...
  19. RobJoanisse


    Asking $340 shipped from Canada for this cymbal. Weight is 2290 grams.
  20. RobJoanisse

    Istanbul Pre-Split 21" Mel Lewis Ride 2170 g

    SOLD Weight is 2170 grams.