1. RustyNails

    Affordable Jazz Cymbals? Zildjian K Alternatives?

    Hi there, I'm new to jazz drumming and I'm looking to get some cymbals, mainly hi-hats and a ride to practice some bebop and swing grooves at home. I love the sound of Zildjian K cymbals, but they're super expensive, even used. I'm not gigging, just playing alone in my room, so I don't need...
  2. bconrad


    Excellent condition. Only selling to be an all-Sabian snob. This ride has a a great stick response and is very fun and dynamic to play. Asking $300 plus shipping. Check out the video. Will have a 20" Traditional up for sale soon, too.
  3. J

    Which ride for which Jazz?

    Two good threads this week made me question something: “which jazz?” The threads were about best Zildjain rides and Paiste for jazz. Both mentioned a particular cymbal being good for jazz. Which jazz? “Big band jazz” ala Buddy Rich is a very different medium than “small group jazz” such as John...
  4. ScottGunshore

    SOLD: Gretsch Broadkaster 3pc Bop, Vintage Build, Anniversary Sparkle

    SOLD 18-14-12 configuration with the vintage build out. Finished in Anniversary Sparkle this instrument sings and is inspiring to play. Features the classic 3 ply shell with reverse round over edges and 302 hoops. 14x18 bass drum: Pratt muffler on reso, vintage spurs, rail console, and...
  5. Jordan Zimmerman

    Me playing with a fantastic local sax player

    We have a few well known musicians from Panamá but this guy should be better know. Jahaziel Arrocha. The band messes up the form a bit but I still think we're swinging (especially given that it was a jam and we'd never played together before) and Jahaziel sounds amazing.
  6. D

    Looking for 1 Gretsch roundbadge leg

    On the hunt for a Gretsch leg from roundbadge era for a progressive jazz kit. I actually need one but I’m open to buying a set as I expected that’s what I’d out there! This would be the style the very slightly flares out at the bottom for a 14 inch floor. PayPal ready. Thanks!
  7. IJR

    Achieving "Click Grip" or "Click Technique" on the Ride Cymbal

    Hi! I just joined the forum. I am a big fan of Bill Stewart's drumming. I saw him live in Little Rock last month- it was awesome! There is a distinctive "woody"/"clicky" sound when he strikes his cymbals. I've noticed it in some other players as well. I have seen very few mentions of the...
  8. tradrad

    ALL GONE..mods, please delete

    :laughing3: ...like the title says: these are text book versions of some pretty great cymbals. they were procured with specific uses in mind, and those reasons have since gone by...time to move them on. 14" AGOP SE 'jazz' hats TRADED ONLY SELLING ONE SET OF THESE 13" HATS...whichever sells...
  9. markrocks68

    1961/62 Slingerland Modern Jazz Outfit in Capri Pearl

    Hi all Well here is a kit I've been hunting quite some time for. I'm happy to say it's officially "off" the bucket list and that list is winding down. These drums are in incredible shape with almost no issues. Almost all of the Capri Pearl kits I've found in the past (which were NOT many) have...
  10. sillyilly

    Monthly jazz jam starting up

    I'll be hosting a monthly jazz jam in Toronto on the last Wednesday of the month, the first one is June 27th. Just extending the invitation to anyone, if you live here or if you are just passing through, come and join us!
  11. sillyilly

    I'm in Modern Drummer

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here in a while. There is a very favourable review of my album in the June 2018 issue of Modern Drummer. What an honour to be included! Please click the link below to check it out, and the rest of this awesome issue with Stewart Copeland on the cover...
  12. tradrad

    this IS the last chance, for now :: UBER rare 24" agop TURK FLAT RIDE

    i'm kinda uncomfortable with this to start with...never intended or thought that i'd sell ANY of these flats (i have a slew of these 24's, all different!) but something came up that required immediate attention, so this one is similar enough to it's sister (w/rivets) to be released in the wild...
  13. justensen

    For Sale: Remo Gold Crown kit

    For sale is a used Remo Gold Crown bop kit, sizes are 18x14, 12x8, and 14x14. These are Remo's Advanced Acousticon shells, a prefabricated wood with a pitch that falls between maple and birch. 45-degree bearing edges. The shells are pretty thick for these sizes, which adds a solid weight and...
  14. drumrtommy

    Zildjian 13" K Constantinople Hi Hats

    These bad boys are dirty. Top is 998 and bottom is 1361. Someone at one point buried them before I acquired them. Dark and trashy, here are some videos and a sound file. askin $180 paypal gift shipped because of condition. sound file https://www.dropbox.com/s/w5e91gxsksqr0xj/STE-001.wav?dl=0...
  15. indedrum

    New INDe video w/ DFO Member Jeff Shoup!

    I had the pleasure of DFO member Jeff Shoup stop by to pick up his new kit this week, and managed to take some video. This is a 20/12/13/14 kit with a whitewash finish with mahogany stained hoops, and a 5x14 Aluminum INDe snare. Recorded with a Zoom Q8, no effects or EQ. Jeff is a killer...
  16. J

    20 K Con medium thin high thoughts

    Hi drummers, I am a mostly Jazz drummer and I am still trying to find "my" cymbal set-up. I was into thevintage 50's Avedis line, but now bought a 20" K Con medium thin high. It is a wonderful cymbal! To my opinion it makes a perfect left-side ride. So now I am looking for a nice right-side...
  17. C

    Breathing Underwater Transcription Drum Cover

    So I transcribed and recorded this tune by Hiatus Kaiyote (an awesome Australian band), let me know what you think! Thanks, Alistair
  18. Liberty Drums - 4pc Jazz Bob Series Whiskey/Natural Inlay

    Liberty Drums - 4pc Jazz Bob Series Whiskey/Natural Inlay

    Liberty DeVitto NEW Liberty Drums Rock Series kits -> https://www.libertydrums.com/pages/artist-liberty-devitto Inspired by the Avant-Garde Jazz era which began way back in the 1950s with Artists such as Miles Davis & John Coltrane. Such music inspired innovative improvisation, which...
  19. markrocks68

    Jazz & Country Music in Sun Diego CA. December Nights in Balboa Park

    Hi all If anyone is in San Diego this weekend, I'll be playing 3 gigs with 2 of my bands. My jazz band Liz Grace & The Swing Thing play songs from The Great American Songbooks (Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Ella, etc) Thursday Dec 1 at The Riviera Supper Club in La Mesa CA. 6:30-9:30 pm...
  20. drumrtommy

    22" Agop 30th Anniversary Ride *Traded*

    Picked this ride up from a friend and like my signatures better. I don't have exact weight yet but I have a sound file, it is a WAV file so it could take a bit to load on mobile devices. Open to trades from audio gear to more Agops. Weight is 2449 grams Asking $375 shipped...